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Taking ribs to the next level.

I have two slabs of Saint Louis cut spare ribs chillin in the fridge. I have done plenty of slabs low slow (3-2-1) and they have been great, but i am looking for something new. I am looking for a new process, maybe take it to the next level. Any suggestions?
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  • TexanOfTheNorthTexanOfTheNorth Posts: 2,750
    @Fred19Flintstone boils his... not sure if they even hit the egg?  :))

    Not sure what the "next level" would be but, you might want to try just a straight cook with no foiling or spritzing. I usually just put some rub on mine and do them indirect at around 250*; takes around 4 hours. I do not sauce them at all.
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  • SkiddymarkerSkiddymarker Posts: 6,062
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    Agree with my friend from Aurora, dry ribs, the next step. SWMBO likes her ribs overcooked, slathered in sauce. Foil was always part of the cook. St Louis are best done dry, IMO. Lets you really taste the rub, no spritz, no sauce. I plan for five hours (Swift/Costco ribs - btw, membrane attached) egg at 225-250 grid. I still sauce hers for the last 1/2 hour and she is a happy camper. 
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  • GreenhawKGreenhawK Posts: 398
    Another one for no foiling.  If you're wrapping, your wrong.  That's been our team philosophy for years now.
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  • henapplehenapple Posts: 12,390
    Rub, 300 dome for 90 minutes, glaze with honey, double foil 60 minutes, unwrap, 30 minutes smother with sauce... Slap your mom. 300 dome straight through.
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  • TonyATonyA Posts: 549
    If you're just looking for some diversity, Chinese marinade is fun. Serve with some white rice and stir fry vegetables. Maybe make or grab some pot stickers.

    I agree with just putting traditionally prepares ribs on with no foil. That's how these got here ....
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  • gdenbygdenby Posts: 4,300
    Yet another for no foiling. Really, no need. Just give 'em a nice long bath in the smoke, they'll be fine.

    2 things I've been doing, well, 2 1/2 I guess.

    I noticed some flavors seem to cook away. Instead of saucing at the end, toward the end, last or so, I add a 2nd dusting of rub w. black pepper, paprika, garlic, and a little more sugar. I've noticed that even rubs w. lots of black pepper loose most of their pungency during the cook.

    I came across a tip a few years ago mentioning that oil worked well to hold the rub, instead of the standard mustard. I started doing that, and it seemed to me that the moisture retention improved some. After several tries, in stead of spritzing (which I no longer do at all), I brushed a little more oil on towards the end, before the 2nd rub dusting.

    The 1/2. A few months ago, I bought some peanut oil at an Asian grocery. It has a distinct roasted peanut aroma. I like the way it goes w. pork, so I use that now for my last oiling. I also have in mind a late baste w. browned butter.
  • Richard FlRichard Fl Posts: 7,690
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