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XL BGE to buy or not

So I know asking here what the answer will be.  But...  Here goes.  I am going to the Porkopolis EggFest on July 13th and just looked at the prices for demo eggs.  I have a friend that I have converted and is getting a Large.  But I just almost can't pass up the XL price.  With everything that has happened in my house this year, this is the last thing that I need to be buying.  But... I want one so bad!!  I am designing the outdoor kitchen area for my patio and it would just be so much easier designing it with 2 eggs that I KNOW will eventually become the reality!! :)  So talk me down, off the ledge.  Do I really NEED the large.  YES of course I do.  HELP!! 


  • caneggercanegger Posts: 540
    If it was me i'd do it
  • bigphilbigphil Posts: 1,389
    edited June 2013
    I have a large and a XL love both the extra real estate is great go XL
    Large Big Green Egg , XL Big Green Egg . BBQ Guru, Weber Kettle, Weber Q grill for road trips.
  • SkinnyVSkinnyV Posts: 2,799
    edited June 2013
    Blew past a budget on my kitchen remodel, we are now wrapping up, even broke the glass top on a $2500 stove. Its been a busy couple months but found room for the demo large and $300 + in egg gear.

    Go for it!

    BTW I am questioning the induction range , since all I do is cook outside.

    When factoring in remodel costs... What's another $1500 in the grand scheme right.
    Seattle, WA
  • SmokeyPittSmokeyPitt Posts: 7,564
    What size egg do you have now? 

    Which came first the chicken or the egg?  I egged the chicken and then I ate his leg. 

  • dlk7dlk7 Posts: 1,029
    I have two XLs and love them.  Just me and the wife most of the time but we have neighbors and friends over at least twice each week.  The other weekend I was cooking 2 nine pound butts and a full packer brisket on one for over 22 hours.  I cooked steaks on the other that night and then did the appetizers for the party the next day on the second one.  The versatility and grate space is wonderful.

    Two XL BGEs - So Happy!!!!

    Waunakee, WI

    I too am contemplating my second egg and I have only had mine for 3 weeks. Im in love with the green creation!!! 
    XL BGE 
    Joe JR 
    Reisterstown, MD
  • AviatorAviator Posts: 1,548
    edited June 2013
    I respectfully reserve my opinion on this.


    Large and Small BGE, and a baby black Kub.

    And all the toys to make me look like a Gizmo Chef.


    Chattanooga, TN.


  • Doc_EggertonDoc_Eggerton Posts: 4,565
    Buy the biggest one you can afford.  Size provides all sorts of flexibility, and uses no more lump than you choose to load.  Portability, now that is another question.

    XLBGE X 2, LBGE, MBGE and lots of toys

  • travisstricktravisstrick Posts: 4,868

    Buy the biggest one you can afford.  Size provides all sorts of flexibility, and uses no more lump than you choose to load.  Portability, now that is another question.

    I couldn't agree more. Doc said it perfectly.
    Be careful, man! I've got a beverage here.
  • freddyjfreddyj Posts: 127
    The XL is a dream come true.
    Kamado Joe Big Joe, Classic & Junior
  • YEMTreyYEMTrey Posts: 2,868
    I bought my XL Egg at the Porkopolis event last year.  I'll be there again this year.

    And why should you do it, BECAUSE YOU CAN!
    XL and a Mini Max Egg in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • EggRacerEggRacer Posts: 400
    If I had only one it would be the XL.
    North Richland Hills, TX
  • hapsterhapster Posts: 7,267
    My second will likely be an XL... What price are you getting at the eggfest?
  • I have had 2 larges and loved that all of my tools worked in both Eggs (saved money from buying another size). However just sold one large to get the XL. There are times the extra real estate will come in handy. (also have a small too)
    2 Large Eggs and no chickens. How's that work? :)
  • cortguitarmancortguitarman Posts: 2,032
    Love my XL.
    Mark Annville, PA
  • LizzieSampsLizzieSamps Posts: 894
    I have a large now for just over 1 year! Cooked exclusively on it all summer and most of fall. Did not even use my oven or range. Reason I am looking at doing it is price $1075 and the savings of $465 and also having the ability to cook for our extended family and friends. We have recently remodeled the main floor and we are extending and remodeling the back patio area. I am thinking of doing a poured concrete counter for the egg and figured do it now with 2 eggs or have to reset when 2 come into the picture. Also it would be nice to cook at different temperatures. We don't travel but could see maybe when the boys get bigger to get a small one day.
  • JebpotJebpot Posts: 350
    Love my xl but thinking about getting a small to use and also to take with camping , other places.

    XL and Small

    Chattanooga, TN

  • onedbguruonedbguru Posts: 791
    LOVE my XL.  Even cooked steaks during Snowmagedon (winter 2010) and had to shovel a 2ft wide path in snow 4ft deep to get to it... 

  • KennyLeeKennyLee Posts: 713
    $1075 is the Eggfest price?  Perhaps it's the location, but seems high for a discounted rate.


    Cedar table w/granite top

    Ceramic Grillworks two-tier swing rack

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  • TerrebanditTerrebandit Posts: 1,534
    The large is plenty big for me and I have a family of three but have cooked for six. I am considering a mini to take one on the road from time to time.
    Dave - Austin, TX
  • lousubcaplousubcap Posts: 7,625
    It is late on a Friday night (EDT) but I have read your initial post a couple of times-it would appear that you are asking if you need to buy an XLBGE but then you mention a LBGE.  Given you have a LBGE then I would buy another LBGE if only to share the toys.  Just an opinion and we all know what those are worth-but at the end of the day you will do what you want., as it should be :)
    Louisville   L & S BGEs 
  • hapsterhapster Posts: 7,267
    onedbguru said:

    LOVE my XL.  Even cooked steaks during Snowmagedon (winter 2010) and had to shovel a 2ft wide path in snow 4ft deep to get to it... 

    Jealous!!! Can't wait to egg in a really big snow storm!
  • jaydub58jaydub58 Posts: 1,878

    After 3 years of my Large, I bought a mini, mainly for portability.

    Works great for 2-person cooks, and travels well to our hideaway on the Oregon Coast.

    Both are near-ideal sizes!

    John in the Willamette Valley of Oregon
  • You should definitely buy it. Just think of it this way. You are going to save money in the long run by not having to redo your outdoor kitchen setup.
  • MrCookingNurseMrCookingNurse Posts: 4,386
    Two eggs is amazing. Your gonna be mind blown having two set ups!

    2 larges share toys. I have a small/large combo and travel with my small.

    An extra large would be amazing!!!
    Your gonna love it!! If your thinking about it, your gonna buy it!

    Next extra grand I get is going toward a egg feat xl


  • XL is the next BGE on my list.

    Welcome to the Swamp.....GO GATORS!!!!
  • Charlie tunaCharlie tuna Posts: 2,191
    Sell your buddy your large, then just pay the difference -- you get a super deal!!  I have a large, with all the gizmos to cook on different levels, and cook for three adults, but have cooked for 150 people for family reunions.  I have been busy lately cooking complete meals, all on the same egg by just adding the sides at different times -- it's easy!  The only reason i might want an additional egg is for baking, and i don't do a lot of that!  I have friends who have multiple eggs, i have never seen them using both at the same time???
  • MrCookingNurseMrCookingNurse Posts: 4,386
    I'd never sell an egg I purchased new with warranty.


  • I have 3 eggs (Xl, small & mini) and I can tell you that multiple eggs humming at the same time ROCKS! It solves problems like different temps needed, direct/indirect adds real estate. Sure you may not NEED another egg, you want it because you enjoy egging. If need was the criteria, we could cook on cheaper utilitarian cookers (a.k.a. no frill grills).

    @Owossoegger said something related to this today. He said people NEED furniture, but to buy an egg, they gotta want it.

    I'm sorry for the ramble, Henapple's Elixir (PBR) seems to be working. Medicinal purposes only of course.


    Shangri la where life is beautiful and everybody's happy.

  • fasteddiemfasteddiem Posts: 212
    KennyLee said:
    $1075 is the Eggfest price?  Perhaps it's the location, but seems high for a discounted rate.
    The XL at the Eggfest comes with  a nest, platesetter, charcoal, ash tool, starter cubes. As good a deal as you'll find at Eggfests! I know...I checked out all of them and compared! 
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