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Mad Max B.E.: Eggs on the Egg

The Naked WhizThe Naked Whiz Posts: 7,780
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Well, I tried the "souffle" you posted. Very tasty. However, I had a little fun in making it. Seems my dish was probably narrower and deeper that yours and it took an hour to get done, and even then I would have let it go another 10 minutes if I'd known the center was still a bit soft. But, definitely a keeper![p]TNW
The Naked Whiz


  • The Naked Whiz,
    hmmmm, i'm not sure about the chemestry or physics of a souffle, but something tells me a souffle dish is the exact dimensions it is for a reason....think about all the different souffle dishes you've ever seen over the years, regardless of size, they tend to be of identical dimensions +/- . .. i gotta think that deeper dish had an impact on you. .. glad you tried it and liked it though. . .

  • TheHulkTheHulk Posts: 157
    MMBE,[p]I have plans set to try this as soon as I find time to get me a dish I can devote to the egg. Thanks for posting and looking forward to giving it a try.[p]BTW, congrats on the health report. Your inspiration got me up to do a light run this morning...
  • EggcredibleHulk,
    thanks for the support, and glad you are up and running. ..that's the one thing i need to really get doing and fit into my schedule. ..exercise. .. i try to do a little, like parking my car at the far end of the parking lot at work to force me to walk more, but i really need to do more, like consistently take the dog for a long evening walk, or better, hit the gym here at work. .. .i'll get there. . [p]as far as dishes in the egg, don't be afraid to use anything you would normally use in your oven. ..i use my 'french white', my le creuset, my cast iron, etc. long as it has smooth surfaces, clean-up is pretty easy with a good soak and lots of sudsy water. . .go for it. .. .

  • mad max beyond eggdome,
    Get a good pedometer and set a minimum goal of 10,000 steps a day. Getting the feedback is very motivating to add exercise to your day. The one I like is NL-2000 by New Lifestyles. It is pricey (about $50) but easy to use, and actually works unlike the cheapo ones you get at Sports Authority. Check them out at[p]I find cooking on the egg adds lots of steps as I go back and forth from the kitchen.[p]Barbara

  • TheHulkTheHulk Posts: 157
    luvmyegg,[p]Sometimes you have to walk a few extra steps depending on what you are taking off that egg and eating. ha. [p]Kind of hard to eat in moderation when the food taste so freakin' good.
  • mad max beyond eggdome,
    I've made real souffle's in this dish before without problem. I wonder if the denser nature of this one is what got me. I was trying to stick to the notion of a country dish in a rustic wood oven, etc. I have a wonderful disk that was made in France with brown ceramic glaze on it. I haven't used it or my copper bowl in eons, so it was great to get them out. Like meeting old friends...[p]TNW

    The Naked Whiz
  • The Naked Whiz,
    hmmmm not sure then. . .maybe try an extra 25 - 50 degrees on the egg dome temp next time. ...glad you liked it though. . .and i know what you mean about pots/dishes you haven't used for a long time. . ..i've got a beautiful oval copper pan as a wedding gift. ...i'll bet i havent' used it in over 15 years though. ...its great for things like fish or veal scallopini, etc. ...not sure how copper would be in the egg, its one thing i've never heard anyone mention (this may result in a fresh posting on the forum). ..may be a **** to clean up afterwards. . ..hmmm, food for thought :)[p]

  • eggoreggor Posts: 777
    mad max beyond eggdome,[p]just got back from a little hunting trip and seen this post. I'm not into souffle's but i may give it a try just for grins. I did post that i used copper wire to tie my cracked fire box together and it seems to be holding up quite well.[p]The fact that i used copper really started up a thread on the potential risks. With all the research i did afterwords i could not find anything that would put me or anyone at risk. Brass, however, has a bunch of other stuff alloyed into the copper that would make me a little concerned(not much).[p]If you use copper in the egg it'll be fine. I just wouldn't mention it.[p]Scott[p]
  • fishlessmanfishlessman Posts: 18,446
    mad max beyond eggdome,
    if you dont mind it turning excessively black, the pan would probably be fine. my soapstone griddle has a copper band around it. initially i thought i could keep it clean because it looked so nice, i quickly gave up on that idea. way to hard to keep cleaned and polished.

  • The Naked Whiz,[p]Does your souffle dish have the lines on the side? It's possible it did and that could be why his got done and yours didn't. The lines on the side were developed to direct the heat to the center of the ramekin. Thus cooking frm the center out. I love making Souffle's. Generally even if they don't turn out they taste good. In case you're wondering, I am a pastry chef for a living.[p]I hope this helps put some insight to your problem. Just trying to help.[p]phillip
  • bbqwizard,
    you mean, just the lines like in this picture make a difference??[p]DSCN1400.jpg[p]wow, i never knew this. .. see this is why this forum is so great. .. . [p]question. a pastry chef, have you been baking stuff on the egg yet??. . .if not, it will open a whole new window for you . .[p]thanks[p]max

  • mad max beyond eggdome,[p]
    Yes, those are the lines I was referring to. They help promote even heating.[p]To answer your question about baking on the egg, I was thinking of some bread this weekend. I love artisan hearth oven bread, so I can't wait to try it out.[p]phillip[p]p.s. that souffle looks yummy!

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