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What DONT you like about your BGE

Hello, I'm thinking about moving over (or up) to a BGE and I'd like to know what you do not like about it? Please be honest. I have a weber charcoal grill and a summit gold gas and a lhur/jensen smoker. I used to have an old metal fridge convered into a smoker but sold it a while back. I'm thinking of getting the extra large size egg


  • mollysharkmollyshark Posts: 1,519
    Michael Lumia,[p]I don't like having to clean it myself. Of course I don't like cleaning anything (except my cars) myself and generally, I don't. Beyond that? I have 3 eggs. What can I say.[p]mShark
  • EdEd Posts: 123
    Michael Lumia,[p]I've had my egg for 3 weeks. I've cooked:
    The best steaks I've ever made
    Pork chops that we so-so (have to work on that)
    A turkey that everone thought was incredible
    Beer in the butt chicken that was excellent
    ABT's -- awesome
    Steaks again, and again -- the best - gotta love that 750 degree sear!
    Elder Ward's brisket with beans -- the best (only the second) I've ever made, and the best beans many had ever had. This brisket disappeared and everyone was very complimentary and very full.
    Pastrami. Pastrami!!!?? Never dreamed about making pastrami - unbelievably good.
    Crap stuffed shrimp - moist with great flavor. perfect.[p]I've had it three weeks and am already seeing the logic in buying a small or medium to compiment my large.[p]It's the best BBQ I've ever owned. The food coming off of it is incredible. I'm cooking things that I have never cooked and it's coming out great the first time.[p]So... nothing negative 'cause I'm still on my honeymoon.[p]Ed

  • Michael Lumia,
    I have had my large egg for about 7 years and can't think of a thing.... except it is heavy to move. Since I wheel it around in its nest, this is usually not a problem. I love making turkeys that are juicy and flavorful instead of dry as paper. [p]Barbara

  • EdEd Posts: 123
    Michael Lumia,[p]Okay, I thought of something. The nest doesn't have locking casters. This is a worry for me because I don't want my egg rolling off the patio in a Texas thunderstorm. Don't know why they don't have locking casters, but they should. I may swap them out.[p]Ed[p]
  • RRPRRP Posts: 17,382
    I hear you, but let me tell you why that might not be a good idea...even if one of the four caster locks caught then that would provide a drag which depending on the wheel might mean your nest could grab and tip over. A nest is top heavy. My helpful hint is ALWAYS pull your nested BGE toward you. NEVER PUSH IT!

    Dunlap, IL
  • Michael Lumia,[p]I think whatever negatives you see posted are outweighed by the main advantages of the egg which are that you can cook anything on one grill and get great tasting food. You can slo cook, grill at oven temps like 350 degrees, sear at 700 degees and up, etc. You can cook anything from meat, to veggies, to bread, to pizza, deserts, etc.[p]My only negative is the lack of room. Need to build layers of grids to cook large amounts of food or buy more than one egg which is way out of my price range[p]Howard
  • Michael Lumia, there are MANY reasons you would NOT like an EGG. First, it will require that you give up the current lifestyle you now enjoy. No more evenings dining out at fine restaurants as EGG food is so much better than you can find elsewhere. You will find that your neighbors want you to cook their food... they will be over to "VISIT" at mealtime...not to mention your in-laws will ask YOU to do ALL the COOKING at EVERY holiday.Do you want ALL this added responsibility??? You will no longer enjoy or consume beverages in quantity with your meals as you will be eating moist Egg dishes rather than the dry food you have become accustomed to consuming.Do you really want to give up beverages of your choice at meals because your food is SOOO MUCH MORE MOIST ??? Since I bought my EGGS my self esteem has plunged. I used to like being seen in public with a beatiful woman , (my wife). She refuses to go out with me now. Restaurant food is below the quality she now accepts. Everything now MUST be EGGED. This thing is an addiction...BEWARE, BEWARE

  • dhuffjrdhuffjr Posts: 3,182
    If there is one negative it is weight. Of course some of the other smokers out there that one could want (see the OLN BBQ series) look pretty heavy too.[p]Great grill. Go ceramic and you'll never go back.

  • EdEd Posts: 123
    I see a table in my future!! Besides, my neighbors keep dropping food off for me to cook, so I need more prep room.[p]Ribs tomorrow!![p]Ed

  • dhuffjrdhuffjr Posts: 3,182
    That positive could be a negative if you are a collector of stuff. One grill doing it all makes it hard to justify multiple Q-toys, of course plan B is "I need another size".[p]For the negative point, there is the extra large, these things weigh a ton anyway so why not a BGE trough style pit. Imagine it with a built in steel underbelly with holes for a fork lift to move it around about 8 feet wide, and 3 feet deep, and piston style hinges 4 inches in diameter.

  • Mornin' Michael Lumia,
    tn slagamater is right about going to restaurants. We used to be big restaurant goers, no more.
    Having 2 large eggs for a year, I was so impressed with the first I bought the second.
    The only drawback I can see is the cracked firebox issue. I consider this to be a minor problem as the mother ship has a free replacement policy, shipping excluded. Most folks here use cracked fireboxes for quite a while before replacing.
    Other than that it's all good. Best food you'll ever eat.

  • tn slagamater,[p]I hear you and second these points. I also have noticed that I don't contribute to the economy is ways that I used to in the past. I drive the family to restaurants less frequently these days which result in less money spent going out to eat, less money spent on fuel, less money spent on vehicle maintenance. Also, since we are not out-and-about near as much, those "Oh, as long as we are in the area" trips to the store have reduced many of those spur of the moment shopping trips.[p]Another downside to owning the egg is spending more time at the meat and vegetable counters at the grocery store. I have learned a lot more about what really good cuts of meat are and I am less likely to just buy the cheapest cut, although the egg does make even the cheaper cuts come out much better.[p]I also find myself wanting to cook things on the egg that I never considered cooking on any other outside grill. All kinds of fruits and vegetables can be cooked on the egg. I often look at any food that we normally cook indoors and see if those same foods can be prepared on the egg. Most can and are, at least once.[p]That durn egg has just gotten me ALL confused!![p]:)

  • Michael Lumia,
    I've been Eging for 7 years and currently cook on 2 large Eggs. They've seen more action this past summer than in any 2 years before. I've travelled with them to 3 competitions and one catering gig, plus BBQ'ing and grilling at home 3 or 4 times per week. You'd think that my complaint would be that they are heavy and difficult to move back and forth, but that is not the case, I find them extremely easy to move. [p]My complaint is this, the accumulation of grease and smoke on the Eggs and accessories from excessive use combined with the extreme heat and humidity of this past summer has left a distinctively unpleasant odor eminating from the patio in my backyard when in direct afternoon sun. It's given me a strong suspicion that Rich Decker of Lost Nation stashed a bag of dirty diapers somewhere in my gear at Harpoon back in July, but I haven't been able to locate it yet. The odor has subsided with the changing weather and my wife swears that she never noticed it to begin with, but, when I can make some time, I'll soak the entire area in baking soda and hit it with the pressure washer. [p]Other than that, the only other thing is that when I forget to lock the band on my older Egg when cleaning it out, the lid hurts alot when it slams down on my fingers.[p]Cheers,

  • dhuffjr,
    I have had my egg for 7 years, and will never go back. Not only is the food great, so is the "cult"[p]Barbara

  • dhuffjrdhuffjr Posts: 3,182
    Same here. Got mine in 98.[p]Dennis

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