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brisket and it's cooking time...

I have a 6+lb brisket I need to make for dinner tomorrow night 6pm, problem is we have to leave for the party 2:30pm

It'll need 8-10 hrs cooking time I guess, so I see three options:

#1 Put it in around midnight when I go to bed, take it out in the morning when done, wrap in foil and towels, put in cooler
#2 Put it in 4am, take out before we leave, wrap etc
#3 Put in 7am or so when I get up, if not done (likely) wrap, take with, finish in oven

I like #1 best, but is it safe/possible to keep it wrapped for what might be 10 hours?

#2 is brutal, I doubt I'd be able to go back to sleep after making a fire at 3:30 am

#3, is that even possible? We'll get there by 3:30 or 4pm, stick it in the oven for an other hour or two?

Ideas? Suggestions? Experiences?




  • WolfpackWolfpack Posts: 1,657
    I would go with a hybrid- make the fire and get temp balanced before bed. Then wake up and put on at 3-4am. That way not up as long- I would feel comfortable in cooler for maybe 6 hrs? But let so e of the texas guys weigh in.
    Greensboro, NC
  • Little StevenLittle Steven Posts: 27,885
    Go with Travis's method


    Caledon, ON


  • lousubcaplousubcap Posts: 8,245
    Not from Texas and not from the GWN but I would fire up the BGE around now (timely , I know) and get things stabilized (~250*F)  for a good hour (no changes in vent settings for at least an hour (or more)) then toss on the brisket (flat I would guess).  That would put it on around 1:30- 2 AM (EDT) and let it run all night.  Chances are it won't arrive into the promised land til around 1-2 PM Sat-then FTC and away you go.  YMMV-
    Louisville;  L & S BGEs 
    Pit Barrel Cooker
  • OliverBOliverB Posts: 22
    Yeah, either I'll to what Wolfpack suggests, or if I'm not too tired I might watch a movie from 11pm on, start the fire, then put the meat in around 1/1:30, see what happens.

    My nice's soccer team did well and are in some playoff or endgame or what (sorry, not a sports person) that got scheduled for 3pm after we made the plans for the party.

    Oh well, I'll live. Meat is in the fridge now, I guess if I put it in at around 1am from the fridge on low, it'll get a nice smoke, come up to temp a bit slower.

    thanks for all the input!


  • OliverBOliverB Posts: 22
    waited till 1am to put it in cold from the fridge, we'll see what happens :-)

  • lousubcaplousubcap Posts: 8,245
    As long as you were stable then you should be fine-depending on where the internal temp is and your dome temp now, you may want to dial the BGE up to around 280-290*F on the dome to ensure you get to the finish-line.  And remember to only slice when ready to eat (dries out quickly) and slice against the grain.
    Louisville;  L & S BGEs 
    Pit Barrel Cooker
  • OliverBOliverB Posts: 22
    9:40 am now, going along nicely. Probably done in an hour, a bit earlier than I like, but what can you do, I'll wrap it tightly and put it in the cooler. If too cool by dinner time I'll warm it in the oven. All not ideal, but I had to go ahead with it. An egg-speriment :-)
    At about 160 degree internal I wrapped it in foil with some broth, also injected a bit in the thinner parts. At a bit over 200 degree internal I'll take it off, wrap it some more and pack it warm in blanket and a cooler. then it's wait and see :-)

    Either we'll have a decent brisket tonight, or I'll order some pizzas, LOL

    Thanks for the input!

    Also found this interesting article with interesting info and links, worth a read.

    Thanks all!

  • OliverBOliverB Posts: 22
    last update for now, too it off at 1pm when it hit 203 internal temp. Added some of the fat/juices from the foil dish (well, self made from heavy duty foil) underneath and a bit of beef broth, wrapped 3 or 4 times in foil, in a blanket, in the cooler. Almost 100 degree outside, this will not cool down anytime soon. Hopefully will be just fine for dinner.

    But next time I'll opt for grilling some chicken once we're there and everybody arrived, come to my house for 12 hr cooks, 5hrs of sleep is a tad on the low side for a weekend, LOL

  • OliverBOliverB Posts: 22
    well, while I can't compare it to any award winning brisket, never ordered it anywhere, this one turned out quite nice. Super tender, falling apart and juicy, full of flavor, very tiny left overs. I'll have to find a bbq place here and try a "professional" version, so I have a better idea, but I'd pay for this one happily, and everybody seemed to like it.

    Dizzy Pig Dizzy rub, 12 hours on the BGE at 210-280 degree, fluctuating a bit since we changed from below 70 to 104 degree today outside. About 4-5 hours wrapped in foil and a blanket in the cooler, came out almost too hot to touch w/o gloves to my surprise. All juices ( a bit of beef broth and some of the drippings) soaked up while resting, moist and tender, a winner in my book.

    Thanks for the input I got here on rather short notice!


  • lousubcaplousubcap Posts: 8,245
    Congrats and it sounds like it behaved as guesstimated.  Sometimes you can get lucky with the planning and cook time.  Don't count on it :)
    Louisville;  L & S BGEs 
    Pit Barrel Cooker
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