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Here are some of our new favorite non-beef burgers: Italian Turkey Burger, Grilled Tuna Burger and Goat Cheese Portobello Burger. You’ll want to perfect these before football season starts up in a few weeks! It's time to think about getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here

New Egghead

Hello Everyone, 

I just purchased the Large BGE.  I'm really excited to begin this culinary journey with you guys and gals!  I believe a broke a primary rule for first timers but I had to go with burgers.  The plan is Ribeyes tomorrow and I'll let you guys know how they go.  I will stress again to burp your egg and/or invest in gloves.  After reading this 1000 times, the egg was up to 500 and when I lifted the grate....BAM, there goes my knuckle hair!!!!  Needless to say I will be getting gloves tomorrow.  I hope I can eventually contribute to this forum as I have been lurking until I made the purchase.  Thanks again!


Charlotte, NC


  • Welcome Jamie!

    Don't worry, knuckle hair is way over-rated!  Have some fun and post some pix!


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    Yikes Mickey, that gives me a headache just looking at it let alone reading it.  Welcome to the forum Jamie and don't sweat it, I haven't had arm hair for almost three years now! :D


    I'm ashamed what I did for a Klondike Bar!!

    Omaha, NE
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  • MickeyMickey Posts: 13,971
    BOWHUNR said:
    Yikes Mickey, that gives me a headache just looking at it let alone reading it.  Welcome to the forum Jamie and don't sweat it, I haven't had arm hair for almost three years now! :D


    You are right. I was going to go the one by Tjcoley but no periods in it and like the one above it just ran together.
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    Welcome and happy egging.
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  • ScottborasjrScottborasjr Posts: 1,926
    Welcome to the cult, get some good meat, take some pictures and enjoy the ride.
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    Welcome aboard Jamie.
    Well, "spa-Peggy" is kind of like spaghetti. I'm not sure what Peggy does different, if anything. But it's the one dish she's kind of made her own.
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    Love the post Mickey, haven't read that one before, yes, this is my 1st post also, egging for 3 months, lurking on this forum before that (GREATLY helping with my purchase and start-up accessories), absorbing all the knowledge and wisdom, recently registered after getting in on the extender group buy, got it already, can't wait to try with a big batch of corn on the cob...
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    Welcome Jamie - @Mickey you always know how to say "welcome" in a proper manner! Well Done Sir!  That is why you are the Godfather.....
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    I am new as well, and have managed to work our BGE in at LEAST every other day into a meal. 

    Try 3/1/1 ribs soon, its a fun low n slow true barbecue recipe that is hard to jack up!
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  • SmokinDAWG82SmokinDAWG82 Posts: 1,704
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    Thanks for the warm welcome.  I promise I'll post, good or bad, whatever I cook on the BGE!!

    Thanks again,


    Charlotte, NC
  • Welcome! 

    [Northern] Virginia is for [meat] lovers.
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