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Introduction & Rank your Eggcesseries



  • WolfpackWolfpack Posts: 1,279
    Dang autocorrect...weight and no apostrophe for you grammar police #:-S
    Greensboro, NC
  • SteveWPBFLSteveWPBFL Posts: 1,271
    1 - AR (raised, not raised, direct, indirect, extender, three rack, etc.)
    2 - 'pen (generally cook to IT)
    3 - temp controller (just because)
    4 - BGE Forum (for the how to's, why's, where's, etc....and the characters!)
    5 - IPA (the hoppier the betterer.....)
    6 - C-A-N-E-S, 'CANES! & LGRW!
  • EggcelsiorEggcelsior Posts: 10,472
    No mentioned the most important thing yet:

    A good sense of humor! It is imperative here. We are a collective bunch of 13 year olds full of toilet humor.
  • smbishopsmbishop Posts: 1,037
    Don't forget an ash scraper and a bucket..  :)
    Large, Small, and a LOT of Eggcessories!  Southlake, TX
  • smokinsoonersmokinsooner Posts: 161


    Fat Tire


    Adjustable Rig

    Plate Setter

    Fire wire

    Pizza Stone

  • SmokinDAWG82SmokinDAWG82 Posts: 1,704
    Go Dawgs! - Marietta, GA
  • Firemedic183Firemedic183 Posts: 171
    1. Thermapen (multiple uses besides just cooking on egg) 2. Plate setter (gotta have a way to cook indirect) 3. Baking Steel (google it, or look it up on forum) 4. HiQue grate (much better air flow, less chance of fire going out) 5. Woo2 (I have a medium. Gotta have a way to do raised direct cooks) 6. Digiq2 (This thing is extremely accurate and I have heard great things about customer service) Welcome to the forum. I hope this helps. Be careful. This quickly becomes an eggdiction.
    Persistence and determination are omnipotent!
  • 1) Thermapen 2) AR 3) Pizza stone 4) Platesetter/woo combo. 5) Bama football, RTR!!
    "If you have the means, I highly recommend it." - Ferris Bueller
  • Brianj5685Brianj5685 Posts: 57
    appreciate all the insight, now anyone wanna make any monetary donations to help me get started????
    "Live Fast, Die Fun"


    Roll Tide 
  • SeeingSpotsSeeingSpots Posts: 151

    I envy you man, you are at that point when you are like a kid in a candy store, wanting to gobble everything up.  

    Kinda like me in the pic below:

    Must haves:

    1.  Crimpson colored Thermapen
    2.  Toomers Oak Smoking Chips
    3.  Mangrates

    Roll Damn Tide.
    bammervt6.jpg 190.3K
    Flowery Branch, GA  LBGE
  • DeckhandDeckhand Posts: 318
    Adjustable Rig, Spider and Pizza Stone for indirect piece, Thermapen!
  • 70chevelle70chevelle Posts: 278

    1a)  Platesetter  1b)  probe thermometer  2-? other items that you want!  With the first two, you can virtually do all types of cooks successfully. 

  • tamu2009tamu2009 Posts: 240
    @Brianj5685 what do you want to wager? Johnny Football is going to pull a Tebow and win us a MNC this year. Who cares about another Heisman. 
    LBGE - Custom Table - CGW Swing Grate - Fastest Thermapen you can't see because it's camo- Been e-gging ever since 2013! - Fightin' Texas Aggie till I die - Gig 'Em - Located in the bright lights of Dallas
  • YEMTreyYEMTrey Posts: 2,096
    Must haves:
    2.  Toomers Oak Smoking Chips
    Okay, I'll admit, this got me laughing much more than it should.  Very well played sir!
    XL BGE and Mini Max in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • jimfastcarjimfastcar Posts: 88
    +100 Thermapen, food is cooked precisely. I must say at the risk of being flamed, that the Kamado Joe heat deflector is a very good value solution. Covers the opening better than the BGE Platesetter and also provides a means to raise the grid to felt level for direct cooking. Yes, there are other options, but not at this price. IMHO
  • Little StevenLittle Steven Posts: 27,063
    Where did you get that Jim?


    Caledon, ON


  • Z_EggineerZ_Eggineer Posts: 563

    1. Some way of starting the egg (heat gun in my case)

    2. Some way of holding the egg (nest in my case)

    3. Some way of cooking indirect (platesetter in my case)

    4. Some way of measuring temperature of food (thermapen in my case)

    5. Some way of cooking on a flat surface (cast iron pan w/o handle in my case)

  • flemsterflemster Posts: 258
    1) Platesetter
    2) Thermapen
    3) Looftlighter
    4) PSWOO2 from the CGS
    5) Bigger Pants

    Keywords: Gator, Nashvegas, LBGE, Looftlighter, Thermapen in Racing Green (faster than the red one!), PSWOO2, Spider with CI, IQ120
  • jimfastcarjimfastcar Posts: 88
    Where did you get that Jim?
    The big store on Langstaff, think called Ontario BBQ
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