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Mini Egg? Yes or No? All commentary/opinions wanted



  • ZippylipZippylip Posts: 4,305
    SkinnyV said:
    Please post pics of indirect cooks on smokey Joe, briskets and butts and how the lump performed. Some pizzas and going from indirect to sear on it also..... Once those come in I'm sold!
    Skinny, for some reason this site no longer allows me to post pictures, not sure what's going on there.  Anyway, Kettles work differently than eggs.  By their design eggs are primarily bottom up cookers (especially the mini), their fireboxes are deeper as opposed to wider.  As a result most indirect cooking requires a baffle of some sort to protect the food from direct heat.  The joe (& all kettles) needs no baffle, its size & far broader fire grate allow you to bank coals leaving up to 3/4 of the grid as a 'cool zone', by positioning the exhaust opposite the fire you draw the heat & smoke over the food resulting in true indirect cooking.  If/when I want to add a sear I simply spin the grid a quarter turn & my food is now over the hot fire; when I cooked on the mini I did what you do, I took the food off, removed the grid, removed the baffle, replaced the grid & food & sometimes waited for the fire to get hotter to get a sear all to achieve what the joe does with a simple spin...  The 14.5 inch grid is substantially larger than the mini so even with no food over the quarter where the fire is you still have more grid space.  This doesn't mean you can't use a baffle in the joe & completely load the grid, it's simply not needed.  As for briskets & butts, I'd echo Gary's comment above and add this, speaking on behalf of the dedicated weber crowd, they typically use the Minion Method to achieve low & slow temps with no need to add fule during long smokes.  If you're really interested visit either the weber forum or the bbq brethren, both excellent sites - you may be surprised at what can be done on those cookers.  I suppose if I didn't have large eggs I'd follow those methods on my kettle & joe, & more than likely build a nice UDS, but I choose to use the best cooker I have for any given job.  Same with pizza, while I can cook a pizza on the mini or the joe, I never do, rather I use the large as it's far superior for that cook.  Kind of like saying I could pick up a load of minure with my mini cooper to show it's possible but I'd rather use my pickup truck...
  • Austin  EggheadAustin Egghead Posts: 3,238
    We all have valid opinions about the mini and I might as well air mine.  I have used the mini to feed the two of us and I have used the mini to feed 12 people with no problems.  The menu was potato salad, rajas, 4 pork tenderloins and a buttermilk pie.  Granted the cook was done in stages, no different than most Thanksgiving dinners, but the family did sit down and eat at the same time.  
    Is the mini worth what I paid for?  For me yes, for you..that is your decision to make.  
    Eggin in SW "Keep it Weird" TX
  • Cymbaline65Cymbaline65 Posts: 779
    My opinion will be unpopular.  I have a large and a mini.  I love the large and wouldn't trade it for any cooker, no matter what the price.

    The mini is also very good on grilling.  I have not used it much at all for indirect or low and slow.  So, for me, I think a much cheaper Weber would do just as good as a mini.

    I know Mickey will have me banned from the forum for my blasphemy, but I really don't see the "added advantage" of the mini.
    I'm another blasphemer and would go for the Smokey Joe. I use mine a lot and it's a lot lighter than the mini. Plus, dirt cheap and I did a thanksgiving turkey breast on mine at the beach and it turned out great. I love my BGE but I also like to have additional tools in my arsenal.
    In the  Hinterlands between Cumming and Gainesville, GA
    Med BGE, Weber Kettle, Weber Smokey Joe, Brinkman Dual Zone, Weber Genesis Gas Grill and portable gasser for boating
  • bonedaddybonedaddy Posts: 5
    Holy crap Mr. powder hound. Nice discussion you started. I think a mini will be in the back of my truck.
  • bonedaddybonedaddy Posts: 5
    Get that mini and cook a tri tip. Everyone will be happy!
  • bonedaddy said:
    Get that mini and cook a tri tip. Everyone will be happy!
    I know just the place to get me one!!  :-bd
    Large, Medium, and Mini BGE, a few accessories, 2 kids, 1 dog, and original wife.  Lover of winter and powdery snow. 
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