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At what temp is pork butt done? (stall at 190 degree internal temp)

FireTowerFireTower Posts: 69
edited June 2013 in EggHead Forum
My pork butt has been at 190 degrees internal temp for the past 2.5 hours.

It's a 8.3lb butt that's been on the egg for the past 13 hours at 244 grate temperature.

This is my second pork butt. Thanks to the help I've received from this forum I decided to try again after a not so succesful first attempt. So far everything is great! Just need to know if this butt is done.

The egg has been holding a steady 244 degrees for the past 13 hours and I don't want to open the lid and ruin that unless it is necessary.

image.jpg 1.5M


  • cortguitarmancortguitarman Posts: 2,030
    Mark Annville, PA
  • shtgunal3shtgunal3 Posts: 2,902
    Sounds like you have hit the dreaded 2nd stall. It happens. It's done when you can stick a temp probe in like buttah. Be patient you will get there.



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  • lousubcaplousubcap Posts: 7,252
    Amen to the secnd stall- I have seen this crawl into the mid 190's take 4-5 hours. In addition to the temp probe indications if this is bone-in, when the bone pulls clean you are finished and it could be the low 200's.  Regardless, it's gonna be great eats.  You have demonstrated great patience so far-hang in there.
    Louisville   L & S BGEs 
  • Charlie tunaCharlie tuna Posts: 2,191
    At 244 grid this can easily happen.  Also , have you checked the calibration of your grid stat?  I would bump the temperature up 30+ degrees and push it thhru this stall.  This is just another reason to consider turbo cooking butts, there is no stall period.
  • FireTowerFireTower Posts: 69
    At 16 hours in the egg the butt temp dropped a couple degrees because my egg dropped to 220. I pulled it and wrapped in foil and a towel and put in a cooler until lunch time. I think it'll be okay. The highest it got was 195 internal. But when I poked it with temp probe it was very soft and tender. Hopefully it tastes good.

    There were a lot of coals left over. Maybe the ashes started to smother the airflow resulting in temperature drop after 15 hours?

    Anyway, I stirred the coals around and added more applewood. Getting ready to cook buttermilk jalapeño cornbread in cast iron skillet.
  • dweebs0rdweebs0r Posts: 507
    Great looking cook.  Let us know how it turned out.  Looks perfect.
    -Jody Newell (LBGE & a mini BGE!)
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  • Black_BadgerBlack_Badger Posts: 1,111
    Never seen this second stall, but it sounds like it's not unique.

    Looks great though, and that cornbread is going to be excellent as well! Did you use a rub on this cook? Nice bark, and great mahogany color.

    Cheers -
    Finally back in the Badger State!

    Middleton, WI
  • cortguitarmancortguitarman Posts: 2,030
    The temps sometimes drop toward the end of a long cook, but usually come back up when more of the outer coals light.
    Mark Annville, PA
  • calikingcaliking Posts: 7,235
    edited June 2013
    Ramping up the temp to about 300-325°F would get you through that stall easily. If its probe tender, then you should be okay. Usually I cook to about 200-205°F IT and then FTC. The hot n fast turbo method has its utility, but the bark from a lo n slo cook is what I prefer.  

    And can you share the cornbread recipe? It sounds good.

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  • FireTowerFireTower Posts: 69
    The pork was amazing. I purchased the butt pre-marinated from a local cajun meat shop. 

    The corn bread is one of my favorites on the egg. Use this recipe, and add two jalapeños (including the seeds), the kernels from one grilled ear of corn, and about 10 ounces of cubed queso blanco cheese. I cook it in cast iron on the egg with applewood smoke. It is amazing. 
  • FireTowerFireTower Posts: 69
    Forgot to mention, I cook the corn bread indirect at 350 
  • Doc_EggertonDoc_Eggerton Posts: 4,537
    Power through.  At this point you don't need to be fussy about low and slow.

    XLBGE X 2, LBGE, MBGE and lots of toys

  • FireTowerFireTower Posts: 69
    Here's the finished cornbread. Everyone loved it
    IMG_4458.jpg 427.5K
  • ThatgrimguyThatgrimguy Posts: 1,549
    That cornbread looks pretty amazing!

    Great cook all around! I can't wait to do my first butts this weekend!
    Biloxi, MS
    XL / Small

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  • DenaSmokerDenaSmoker Posts: 42
    @FireTower about how long does the cornbread take at 350?

    Great looking cook

  • FireTowerFireTower Posts: 69
    @DenaSmoker 20-25 minutes or so. I go until a tooth pick stuck in the center come out clean
  • MickeyMickey Posts: 16,523
    I was at 203 Sunday and it was fine. I was shooting for 200.
    Salado TX Egg Family: 2 Large and a very well used Mini, just added a Mini Max (I'm good for now). 

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