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Cause of Cracked Fire Boxes???

Anthony Up NorthAnthony Up North Posts: 205
edited 10:56AM in EggHead Forum
I read with great interest the conversation about trivets vs. the standard grate. Two questions:[p]1. If trivets don't cause cracked fire-boxes - are there any theories why they do crack? (Too hot a fire??? Too much lump??? Inadequate firing of the material when making up the fire box??? Dampness??? Inferior materials???) I know nothing about any of these possibilities, as you all can probably tell.[p]2. What happens when a fire box cracks? Must it be replaced? Can it be glued together? Can one ignore it and continue Egging? Will it blow up? (Just kidding on the latter). [p]I'd appreciate your wisdom on these two questions. Thanks.[p]Anthony[p]


  • sprintersprinter Posts: 1,188
    Anthony Up North,[p]My firebox cracked after about 2 months of egging, I was making calzones with quite a bit of ceramic mass in the egg. I got the dome temp up to about 500, heaven knows how hot the firebox actually was. During this cook I heard an audible pop and when I checked the egg (after it cooled) the firebox was cracked. Since then its gotten more hairline cracks in it. I've gotten a replacement from the place I got my egg, no problem, but I've still been using the cracked one. Since the first crack my fire ring has actually gotten a crack in it as well. I'll probably get a replacement for that as well, just to have one, but I'm still using the old one. Nothing is different about the way it cooks, I look at the cracks as battle scars or proof of use. I've kinda come to like them.[p]I can only attribute the cracks to the high heat that was developed during that cook. I think that CW said one time that it was the high heat combined with opening the lid and a rush of cold air in through the bottom vent that caused the cracking. Good theory but nothing I've ever proven. Since the initial cracks no more have shown up, maybe the stress has been relieved and it's stable now.[p]BGE will stand behind the product 110%, if you want/need a replacement, give them a call. I also think CW said that there is some investigation and development in that area from BGE, when he shows up maybe he'll be able to help us with this.[p]Troy
  • GfwGfw Posts: 1,598
    Anthony Up North, my guess is that it is the materials or the construction, but I'm not an ceramic engineer - when mine cracked, I merely disregarded and kept on egging. [p]However, after replacing 2 grates and having the 3rd crack all in less than 6 months, it started to be a little expensive - that's why I switched to the floor drain. When I started with the floor drain, I used a wheela and rounded the edges to make sure that the metal drain wouldn't catch, merly slide.

    [ul][li]Gfw's BBQ[/ul]
  • Anthony Up North,
    The firebox on my Lg BGE has been cracked since Jan or Feb. I'm still cooking with it! The grate cracked and broke in early April. I bought a new one 'cause of my dealer. that one cracked in early June and broke into 4 pieces soon after and I just pieced it together and went on using it till this past weekend. This time my dealer replaced it! He said he's never heard of it breaking! Bull puckey! I know of 3 others that buy from the same dealer and theirs have had to be replaced too! ALL DEALERS ARE NOT EQUAL! NOR DO THEY TREAT THEIR CUSTOMERS THE SAME! Of the Mediums I bought in early May (5 to be exact), 2 have cracked fireboxes, but only one has a cracked grate. This is a problem that I have been assured BGE is working on! I believe them! Once they get it solved, they will make it right! Again, I believe them! It hasn't stopped me from cooking, nor will it. I cook at least 3 to 7 times a week, with 1,2 & 3 Eggs going at the same time. It depends on the circumstances and what I'm cooking and how many people I'm cooking for. I'm convinced that the Egg is the best cooker I've ever used and possibly the best on the market. You have problems with anything. That's life! Why?, is anybody's guess. I'm not going to stop cooking though just because of the problem.[p]I'll keep cooking with the cracked fireboxes, until they break and I can't cook with them! Then I'll go get another one and start cooking again! Luck has been with me, in the fact that the cracks or breaks have not stopped me or any of the family from enjoying the Egg.[p]Oh yeah! I bought "green shorts" the other day! :-))))[p]Have a great day![p]
    Dr. Chicken

  • Anthony Up North,
    Cracked firboxes are not a problem until they break to the point that they arn't able to stay together. If they break go to Home Depot or local hardware store and get some High temp furnace cement or call Rutland Products as they sell a great cement to glue firboxes back together. The cement is stronger than the original ceremic casting. It will save you having to send and receive replacement parts from BGE Atlanta. However, BGE in Atlanta Will Replace The cracked fireboxes.[p]Grilin bill

  • KennyGKennyG Posts: 949
    Anthony Up North,[p]I always attributed my cracked fireboxes to the extreme temp experiments I conducted with both my own homebrew coal grate and a couple of prototypes that Char-Woody built for me. None of these cracks have cost me even a minute of cooking time. [p]I know that the good folks at BGE will solve this annoyance in due time. Many hybrid ceramic formulations are available and the one that is used in the burner design of my gasser seems to be able to withstand in excess of 1500* every time I turn it on.[p]In the mean time, not to worry, crack open another cold one and keep on cooking. I'm convinced that hairline firebox cracks are some of the few things in life that will go away if you ignore them.[p]K~G
  • ST1SSDVST1SSDV Posts: 25
    Anthony Up North,
    I think it's something that just happens to Eggs occasionally.
    I just discovered a hairline crack on the fire ring on my 7 year-old large Egg..
    Mine has had a very low-stress existence. 
    All starting has been done with starter squares and a closed lid and most of my cooking is done at 350-400F.
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