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My Brisket Story - I feel Like a Pro

danv23danv23 Posts: 407

First off, I’ve cooked Brisket twice before the one I made this weekend, of which neither was worth discussion.  I decided I wanted to master the beast, so I watched Franklin on You Tube go through his complete process.  I was inspired.

Went to Kroger and bought an 18lb packer Angus Select.  I trimmed it as Franklin instructed.  When it came to the rub of salt and pepper, I didn't want to spend an eternity with the grinder or the mortar and pestle, so I combined ¼ cup kosher salt and ¼ cup peppercorns and threw them in the coffee grinder.  I pretty much pulverized it to a powder.  But after I tasted it, I loved it.  On it went.  After the rub I let it sit out for an hour.  I hooked up the Guru to the XL, mixed in about 8 chunks of Oak into the lump, set ‘er at 250 and let ‘er go.  In the egg I added 2 drip pans to cover the platesetter and filled them with hot water, placed the grid on and then an elevated grid.  I have learned that having meat too close to full drip pans makes the meat taste like ****.

About the time the hour was up for letting the beast warm up on the counter, the fire was burning nice and clean.  I put it on at 4:45pm fully expecting it to cook for ~ 20 hours.  We were set to eat at 6:30pm.  Please note, if the fire wasn’t clean, i.e., thick white smoke, I would not have put the beast on.  I would have waited. 

Woke up at 8am to find internal was 195.  Yikes.  I grabbed some butcher paper and wrapped it up, reinserted the probe, and scaled the egg down to 210.  The beast felt pretty dam good, as far as done goes.  I noted that the flat felt about the same raw as when it’s done.  I checked with a toothpick, yep, done, but I was a long way away from eating time.  So I figured the wrap was the best idea. 

At 10:30am I heated up a can of beef broth and took the beast off and unwrapped it.  I got some foil ready, put the beast on it, poured the broth on it and continued to wrap with 4 more pieces of foil.  I then put it in a cooler that luckily was the dam near the same diameter as the beast, and packed about 5 bath towels on top of it.  I then put the cooler outside in the sun.

I left it in there until 4:30pm and then placed the beast (still in the foil), which was still hot to the touch, in a 170 degree oven.  I removed it at 5:30 to rest on the counter.  At 6pm I removed the foil on the top and took a peek inside.  I couldn’t believe how perfect it looked and smelled!!!!

At 6:30pm I sliced into it to find one of the best and most moist briskets I’ve ever had the pleasure to carve.  I served it and people went nuts over it.  A proud papa I was.

So why this story?  Well, I was freaked out the entire day when I essentially found it done at 8am.  There were some helpful folks here on the forum and I figured in order to pay it back/forward, I would write about how perfect it turned out. 

Moral of the story is don’t freak out, ask for help here, and enjoy the fruits of your labor!!!!!

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