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My Pizza came out pretty bad

Ok, not bad..but very average. I was making a margherita pizza and made my own crust. The crust felt very much like a boboli. The bottom was not very crisp or browned. I did not oil the bottom at the recommendation of my BGE dealer where I got the platesetter and pizza stone. Any recommendations to get what looks, tastes and feels like a brick oven crust and bottom?


  • dhuffjrdhuffjr Posts: 3,182
    Hi, I use the original BGE Pizza master (my memory at least) Spins recipe for dough to start.[p][p]My Pizza making escapades have led me to believe that thinner is better. When I get too much of the good stuff on top and/or get the crust too thick it is breadier and not very crisp, almost raw sometimes. Then there was the first time I used firebricks and arranged them basically like a chimney which I set the stone on......nice burnt spot right in the middle of my pizza. Not your question but it is a good idea to avoid that mistake. :>)[p]Dennis

  • dhuffjr,[p]Thanks! I will try that recipe, as well as firebircks instead of my placesetter. I wanted it thinner than it came out.
  • QJoeQJoe Posts: 16
    spincycle,[p]I've made pizza a few times. I've had one pizza that was awesome! The rest were just ok...[p]I started out making my own dough, but it always came out a bit tough. Then I picked up some fresh dough from the local grocery store, Giant, (they have it in the deli section). This was definitely easier to work with to make the pizza base. I plan to try Alton Brown's dough recipe from Good Eats soon, it looked easy and very tasty.[p]When I made that 'perfect' pizza, I had a pretty good fire going in the egg, and the pizza stone on top of the plate setter, and I made a chunky pizza sauce - ie not too much liquid in the sauce - I also used fresh mozzarella, and left about an inch of crust around the edge. Put the cheese on first, then some sauce, then some pepperoni.[p]The dome temp was about 450, and it took about 10 mins to get a nice light brown crust and bubbly topping.[p]We then ate the pizza, and about an hour later made another one. Same method as before but this time the pizza stone must have heated up too much, because the base was burned pretty good! (Of course, nothing to do with the bottle of wine consumed with the first pizza!!).[p]I guess it just takes practice, but don't give up, the best ever homemade pizza is out there waiting for you....[p]Joe.
  • dhuffjrdhuffjr Posts: 3,182
    I used to use a place setter before one of the legs broke. I have not got around to fixing it using high temp furnace adhessive. I picked the firebricks up when I put in a patio. I did not have the burnt crust problem with the platesetter. :>) I don't with the firebricks either now that I reconfigured them.

  • spincycle,[p]I've made several pizzas on my BGE with reasonably good success......I get my dough from our local Publix grocery store's bakery......and roll it thin.....we've found that the MOST important thing is temperature......Pizza baking temp is 500 t0 525 degrees......this is crucial....[p]eddiemac
    Port St. Lucie, FL[p]

  • dhuffjrdhuffjr Posts: 3,182
    Sauce tip is good. I make mine with a can of tomato sauce and a can of tomato paste to thicken it up with lots of spices added in. I've found for the fire fill the firebox all the way up because it is not fun adding it with all those firebricks in there. I have the vent all the way open and no cap on it. The bricks and stone reduce air flow and the highest I've seen was somewhere around 500.
    I've never done pizzas for just the nuclear family so I do 5-6 or more. The last one usually takes 20+ minutes because the fire is dying.

  • spincycle,
    I've made several pizzas and they have turned out really well. I use a platesetter with legs down and place the pizza stone on top. This should give you a surface that is equal to the height of the rim so you can easily slide the pizza onto and off the stone with a pizza peel. I use a dough recipe with olive oil in it. Make sure you sprinkle corn meal on the surface of the peel so that the pizza will slide easily and will not stick to the pizza stone. The other trick is to make sure your stone is good and hot. I regulate the temperture at 500 degrees for at least 20 minutes before putting the pizza on. My crusts are thin to medium thickness. In about 7 minutes your pizza should be done, crisp and browned.

  • dhuffjrdhuffjr Posts: 3,182
    I used to do the corn meal trick too. My mother-in-law suggested salt the last time I did them. Worked great. I liked the salt that stuck to the bottom of the crust. Reminded me of a local pizza companies pizzas. It also does not burn like the cornmeal does.

  • eddiemac,[p]
    Ahh..I think the egg recipe I found was 325.that must be the problem. Thanks! We have no publix here, I need to find out who sells dough.

  • QJoe,[p]
    Thanks, I will try that. This was my first, so it can only get better!

  • dhuffjr, appears my temp was WAY too low, I think it was 325 to 350. I hear people saying over 500 is best. Thanks!

  • spincycle,
    Here's a link to my web page on Pizza Hints and Tips. Experiment and you'll get it!

    [ul][li]Pizza Hints and Tips[/ul]
    The Naked Whiz
  • spincycle,[p]I like to build the pizza on a pizza screen, and then transfer both to a preheated pizza stone on a plate setter (I shoot for about 550). I check after about 7 minutes, and if the bottom is not cooking as fast as the top, just pull the screen out and cook the pie right on the pizza stone.[p]Hear is a link the dough recipe that I use:[p]
    [ul][li]pizza dough[/ul]
  • dhuffjrdhuffjr Posts: 3,182
    Pizza screens now thats one I need to look into. I always discover when I'm cooking that two pizza peels are a must and I have one :>(

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