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An Apology and Open Letter to Focker

Village IdiotVillage Idiot Posts: 6,947
edited May 2013 in Off Topic

I posted a response on your forum, based on WPB's assertion that he had failed everyone for the failure of your forum.  In my mind, it looked like a death knoll of your forum, so I thought I was extending an olive branch for anyone who wanted to join our forum.  I thought it was prudent to point out the "very" different atmosphere here, knowing that some would not be inclined to come.  I had no other motive than to welcome new people.  Looking back, I see it was WPB's monthly whining that nobody loves him, or nobody contributes, etc. etc.  So, he was not throwing in the towel.  He just wants love.  Also, in your justification to LS, you said something about WKM (or whatever) stating about going forward and I had no right to post my post.  I had not seen that.

I am sorry that you took that wrong.  I will stand by the belief that some of you are very protective of your forum, and are militant against anyone who would extend an offer to, at least, join on a bi-forum basis, as you like to do.  Frankly, I was amazed at your viciousness of my post.  I don't believe that your statement that everybody knows about this forum is quite true.  I have read many threads that state that they have NEVER been to this forum, and never will.  With that in mind, I tried to outline the differences in the forum, which are large.  In this forum, we often get questions about where is the other forum, and everyone is more than happy to point them to your forum.

As you know, one of your statements bothered me, and you essentially repeated it on this forum.  It is your belief that the people there are a lot more experienced and better cooks since the forum has been online longer and we are all newbies.  I have to admit, I got a big chuckle out of that.  I challenged you to show some of your cooks, and I referenced some of mine on my website ... all of which I posted on the forum and gave recipes.  I never pretended to be the originator of the recipes, and always gave the link to where I found it (if I could recall).

It confuses me that you have not answered my request for you to post some of your cooks.  Being the experienced and innovative one, you could do us a great service by posting some of them.  However, I have never seen a cook you have done on either forum.  

Also, you like to quote Stike in one of his statements to me.  That was boggling (and creepy) in that I had forgotten that until you brought it up.  It troubles me that you either have a fixation on Stike or on me.  I didn't get along with Stike, but I give him the compliment of being intelligent and original.  Again, I have not seen that from you at all.

Please help me understand again where I've gone wrong.

P.S. I love your Bible quote.

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