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Do you worry about too much BBQ ?

Since getting the Egg some few weeks ago, I find we are cooking on it rather often With all that you read about the health risks of BBQ, do you wonder how much is too much ?


  • Black_BadgerBlack_Badger Posts: 1,104
    Nope! I've got plenty of other things to worry about. Everything in moderation (cooking, eating, drinking, exercise, work, play, etc).

    Aside from that there are many things I can do with the Egg aside from BBQ.

    Cheers -
    Finally back in the Badger State!

    Middleton, WI
  • Charlie tunaCharlie tuna Posts: 2,191
    You can cook near anything on the egg, full meals,both healthy and some unhealthy.  Can't label the cooking device "a health risk" - it just depends on what you are cooking!
  • cazzycazzy Posts: 8,417
    Please don't get banned by suggesting one would get tired of BBQ.
    Just a hack that makes some $hitty BBQ....
  • egger aveegger ave Posts: 580
    No, IMHO eating processed foods and a sedentary lifestyle will kill you long before grilled foods will. You can cook healthy with some effort. We love grilled veggies and fruit and meat of all kinds. Just go easy on the carbs and check out everything you can cook on the BGE. And have fun!
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  • SmokinDAWG82SmokinDAWG82 Posts: 1,704
    I don't cook pork butts every weekend, there are plenty of healthy things. I don't worry a bit about it!
    Go Dawgs! - Marietta, GA
  • Little StevenLittle Steven Posts: 27,494
    I think what you are talking about is the long high heat sears creating carcinogens. We don't do either.


    Caledon, ON


  • horsefleshhorseflesh Posts: 204
    You gotta die from something. I'm gonna die from this, maybe, but I'll die happy.
  • SkiddymarkerSkiddymarker Posts: 7,214
    The key is cook it don't incinerate it - watch out for the burnt outside - not barked, burnt. 
    Delta B.C. - Vee-Gan: old Indian word for poor hunter. 
  • rsmith193rsmith193 Posts: 219
    Too much BBQ? 7 years ago I had 2 heart attacks, and was not in the best of health. I have been doing competition BBQ for 2 1/2 years now, and feel great. Doc says all is good. I feel like I can take on the world, well at least a small part of it.  Now for the big picture, there really isn't anything you can't cook on your egg. I cook on 1 or more of my eggs everynight. In fact that thing in the kitchen(stove) is a great place for doing the prep-work on.
  • MrCookingNurseMrCookingNurse Posts: 4,381
    I'm with LS and assuming your talking about carcinogens? How just meat cholesterol and stuff??

    My wife worries about carcinogens, but read up on it and its easy to avoid, but it takes a whole lot more than seared steak or burnt burger to give you cancer. Read up on that too. About mis sense mutations, tumor markers and how many hits you need to change a cell to malignant trouble.

    As for as eating unhealthy, I cooked everything in bacon yesterday, but the majority of meals can't get much healthier. Lightly seasoned chicken breast, asparagus and zucchini?? Doesn't get much better than that.

    Overall, my philosophy is your gonna die from something with prolly an average age of 75, try to be smart, but I enjoy my food and currently I'm 6' 3" 190 so no worries there.


  • Village IdiotVillage Idiot Posts: 6,951
    One word answer.  No.

    Dripping Springs, Texas.
    Just west of Austintatious

  • gdenbygdenby Posts: 4,696
    edited May 2013
    After getting the Egg, our family was eating a lot more meat, and often in larger quantities. We've gotten a lot better w. portion control.

    BBQ, if done right, is really pretty safe. The meat is not charred. Much of the fat has rendered. The collagen has converted to gel, which some people claim is a big plus to protein balance in the diet. The herbs and spices used in the rubs often have strong anti-carcinogenic properties. But, lots of calories, particularly if the meat gets drowned in a sweet sauce.

    FWIW, the same carcinogens that end up on meats bathed in the smoke from dripping fat occur in many baked goods that are brown and crispy. The is a popular ginger snap made in Europe that is more hazardous than a poorly grilled burger.
  • CajunEggHeadCajunEggHead Posts: 189
    If you are worrying about that Egg making you sick please by all means send it to me, I'll die from a BBQ overdose.........
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  • egzillaegzilla Posts: 43
    I have no choice. I live in Texas, we have to eat BBQ, its the law.  If you don't...the State BBQ police (SBBQP) will come after you.
  • StreetgliderStreetglider Posts: 104
    To quote my boss, "everything in moderation, including moderation".


    LBGE, Grill Extender, 5 burner Char-Broil gasser that hold my eggessories
  • EggRacerEggRacer Posts: 400
    edited May 2013
    I don't worry at all. We have to eat and I have to cook our meals since my wife has early onset Alz and can't cook anymore. If I try to cook in the kitchen she wants to get involved, tries to help and just gets upset/frustrated. Cooking on the egg is my territory and things go smoothly... well relatively smooth. 
    North Richland Hills, TX
  • FoghornFoghorn Posts: 2,768
    egzilla said:

    I have no choice. I live in Texas, we have to eat BBQ, its the law.  If you don't...the State BBQ police (SBBQP) will come after you.

    I have a colleague who is vegetarian except for the occasional BBQ'd brisket or ribs that he can't resist so he makes an exception from time to time. He got off with just a warning.

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  • lewisj82lewisj82 Posts: 88
    Wait, too much BBQ is a thing? Why would that ever be a thing? If anything, I don't BBQ enough! 

    BGE XL- Tomball, TX
  • Fred19FlintstoneFred19Flintstone Posts: 5,730
    lewisj82 said:

    Wait, too much BBQ is a thing? Why would that ever be a thing? If anything, I don't BBQ enough! 

    Good first post. Welcome!


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  • lewisj82lewisj82 Posts: 88

    Wait, too much BBQ is a thing? Why would that ever be a thing? If anything, I don't BBQ enough! 

    Good first post. Welcome!
    Thanks! Been reading since I upgraded to a BGE in March, getting tips here and there. This place is a great spot for information!

    BGE XL- Tomball, TX
  • milesbrown4milesbrown4 Posts: 314
    BBQ is a way to cook and when done right maximizes the ability to cook whole foods.  Which is the most natural and healthiest way to cook.  If I had my druthers I would cook on it three times a day with food I raise and grow on my own.  Add to that using only natural wood lump and it doesn't get any better.  Taste good and good for you.  
  • henapplehenapple Posts: 14,802
    Everything in moderation... Including moderation.
    Green egg, dead animal and alcohol. The "Boro".. TN 
  • JerkChickenJerkChicken Posts: 551
    Humans have been eating dead meat over fire for centuries. I think we'll be okay...
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  • KennyLeeKennyLee Posts: 713

    I honestly think it is a much more healthy choice overall to prepare fresh food at home on the Egg than either eating (a) processed foods or (b) restaurant foods where for example sodium is used far and away more than what we use at home and the calorie count is much higher also.  Of course there are choices to be made on the Egg too.  While we do some shoulders and brisket, we also grill/smoke a TON of other lean options including lots of chicken, all types of seafood, lean pizzas with chicken and/orveggies and generally the leanest cuts of steak when we do steak.


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  • fletcherfamfletcherfam Posts: 879
    I don't BBQ enough. Reason to me is BBQ is not a food, it is a lifestyle, one focused on good quality tasty food, friends, family, memories, the occasional adult beverage for relaxation, and jut an overall laid back lifestyle. I need more of all that :)

    In terms of carcinogens, fat, and red meat, eh, I think candy is worse for ya than some pulled pork on a Friday night.

    Love the question!
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