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First BBQ with BGE

First off, I'm surprised there isn't a forum specifically for newbies.  Is there one and I missed it?

I read somewhere that the first few times you cook with the BGE that you should keep the temperatures low to help the seal seat properly.  But I can't find any such information in the Operating Manual.  Is it correct information?  Is there anything else that one should be aware of, other than safety measures and burping the egg, the first few uses?

Thanks, Steve


  • fletcherfamfletcherfam Posts: 805
    The only thing is to enjoy the process! You'll love it!
  • MickeyMickey Posts: 14,620
    Just cook, it will be fine
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  • lousubcaplousubcap Posts: 5,260
    @swilson317-welcome aboard.  BGE is a game changer-and if you spend much time here you may need another job.  The after-market accessories are plentiful and come with some $$.  But you can get by on the cheap for a while until you have a better feel for the BGE and what you mainly cook.  As mentioned, ask away and you will get many answers- there are many routes to the promised land.  Enjoy the journey!
  • r270bar270ba Posts: 763
    This is the newbie forum.  We are ALL always learning from each other.  Welcome.
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  • chris123stockchris123stock Posts: 664
    Sounds like you're on track,  I don't think there is a break in process, just the experience s that people have had.  You just don't want to blow out your gasket first time out.  :D other than that,  your best bet is your best. Have fun and whatever works for you is what you do. Thats what I think anyway. 
  • JRWhiteeJRWhitee Posts: 2,150
    +1 on @eggcelsior comments and we are all newbies. I have had my egg for about 7 years now and just learned from this forum how to do a spatchcock chicken btw they are eggcellent. Ask away.


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  • RV10FlyerRV10Flyer Posts: 135

    I setup my Egg a few weeks ago and it did have a statement in the manual about keeping the first few cooks below either 350 or 400 (don't remember which). 

    North Texas

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  • Egghead_DaronEgghead_Daron Posts: 624
    I was encouraged by my dealer to keep the first handful of cooks below 400. But there are lots of folks on here that cook without a gasket at all. My best advice is to ration your time on here. SWMBO is threatening intervention with me. You can find answers to any question you might have plus answers to thousands and thousands you never had but now will be intrigued by.
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  • SteveWPBFLSteveWPBFL Posts: 1,262
    If BGE is still delivering with wimpy gaskets don't be alarmed you will probably need one someday. Lord, I apologize for saying that BGEs come / came with wimpy gaskets!
  • RV10FlyerRV10Flyer Posts: 135

    This is from the mother ship's website.  I thougth I saw it in the manual but could not find it but I knew I read it somewhere. 

    DO NOT cook at high temperatures on your first use

    This may damage the gasket before it can properly seat itself. Keep the temperature on your first few cooks under 350°F / 177°C to allow the gasket adhesive to fully cure and adhere to the EGG. If you do happen to damage the gasket, you can replace it with another one available from any BGE dealer.

    North Texas

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  • r270ba said:
    This is the newbie forum.  We are ALL always learning from each other.  Welcome.
    Exactly...each of us started new at some point and time.  Read, read, search and ask questions.  I think everyone is here to enjoy, share, learn from each other and help the next new guy produce some great food from the BGE.

    Welcome to the Swamp.....GO GATORS!!!!
  • MrCookingNurseMrCookingNurse Posts: 3,742
    r270ba said:

    This is the newbie forum.  We are ALL always learning from each other.  Welcome.

    What he said. And eggcelsior as well.

    Welcome aboard!!!

    Fwiw I babied my gasket on my large for a long time prolly 10 cooks under 400. It went up in smokes after just a hand full of steaks and pizzas. I'm partially gasket less now and have zero issues.

    When I bought my second egg, a small, I cooked the first three cooks around 600 :)

    The gasket is overrated and easily replaceable


    LBGE & SBGE (big momma and pat)
  • SoCal_GrillerSoCal_Griller Posts: 397
    edited May 2013
    Welcome to the board.  Hold on, its a great ride.  My first cook (about a year ago) was hamburgers using the dwell method and egg at 600.  I still have my SOME gasket left.  Keep reading the posts and askin questions, its amazing how much your cooking skills will increase. There are LOTS of good people here with a lot of knowledge that are willing to help.

    Simi Valley, California
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