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Brisket Flat tips?

I am thinking about attempting my first brisket flat this weekend (if I can find one; this is Alabama you know...). I have found plenty of techniques for whole briskets, but not as much for flats. Any tips from ya'll Texas boys?
Birmingham, AL
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  • SpringramSpringram Posts: 417
    Get at least a Choice grade and perhaps inject it with some beef broth, butter and whatsthishere sauce. Flats can get more dry than packers so do all you can to keep it moist. Perhaps foil it after the stall and continue to cook.

    Most of all....have fun and enoy.

    Spring, Texas
    LBGE and Mini
  • Probably the best flat I have done.  They are very hit and miss.

    Also look at the Travis method posted on here.  It looks very good also.

    Welcome to the Swamp.....GO GATORS!!!!
  • tjvtjv Posts: 3,275
    As mentioned, choice grade.  Go at least 5.5 pounds, bigger better.  Try to find one that is even thickness. This insures there is some fatty point still on the flat, see pic below.  Make sure it has a fat cap (no pastrami trimmed meat) and fat cap down on the grid.  You can trim the very thin silver looking skin off the bare meat side.  For a rub, try equal parts minced roasted garlic, kosher salt and coarse fresh ground pepper.  I wet the brisket with Worcestershire before applying the rub.     


    Ok to foil once it gets into the plateau with little beef broth or similar on the bottom of the foil.  It needs an hour in the cooler to mellow.  Slice against the grain in 1/4" or so slices. It dries out fast, so slice right when needing to serve.

    You can always buy a packer and trim off the point.  The point makes great burgers, so nothing to waste.  Or make burnt ends out of the point.  The point is the fattier muscle, little to fatty for me


    Little recognizable fact but basics to brisket is similar to another meat:

    - indirect cook
    - trim excess fat but leave the fat cap
    - cook fat cap down
    - grid temp 250 +/- 25 degrees
    - long cook, 12+ hours
    - meat plateau, stall around 165
    - take to internal meat temp of 195 - 200
    - wrap with foil and put in cooker
    - for us backyard folk, it's the same cook as pork butt but maybe different smoking wood and instead of pulling, brisket is sliced against the grain or chopped.

    And as always, if it turns out chewy, it can always be chopped and mixed with bbq sauce....

    ACGP, Inc.
  • lousubcaplousubcap Posts: 5,509

    This post link has a lot of info for your consumption:

  • Ok, so I picked up the biggest brisket flat they had at Publix which was 4.5#. About how long will it take using Travis's method?

    Birmingham, AL
    XL, Small, and Mini BGEs
  • Solson005Solson005 Posts: 1,875
    Here is my post on a flat that turned out great.

    I haven't done the Travis method so I can't help you out there.
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