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Pulled Pork Questions

I think I have cooking the meat down, but need some suggestions on good recipes for slaw and BBQ sauce. What is your recipe for great pulled pork sandwiches?
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  • EggcelsiorEggcelsior Posts: 9,936
    What type are you going for? East Carolina or Lexington style, SC mustard, KC?
  • Charlie tunaCharlie tuna Posts: 2,191
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    I serve pulled pork with two different types of hot sauce.  Seems like it is a waste of time to put BBQ sauce out, even at big parties, it never gets used???  One important item is the roll it is served on.  For about a year we have been serving pulled pork on ciabatta rolls.  There are a couple of different similar rolls on the market.  Sam's has one and Costco has a different name, but they have a thin crispy outside that holds the moisture of the pulled pork - slaw dressing and hot sauce  inside the roll while eating!!  Big box stores also have them, like Walmart..

    PS: Also these rolls freeze well, and should always be served toasted or buttered and grilled on a hot plate!!!  We keep a stock in the freezer and defrost themn as needed..

  • mb99zzmb99zz Posts: 182
    Charlie-T, do you put any BBQ sauce (or other sauce) at all in the pulled pork?  Or do you just put the PP in a serving dish and let folks add hot sauce as needed?  
  • EggucatorEggucator Posts: 184
    Look for Telera rolls at Kroger.  They are perfect.  I also like to put out Hawaiian sweet rolls to make pork slider with.  They do not hold up so you have to eat it quickly but MAN ARE THEY GOOD WITH PULLED PORK!
    Zionsville, IN
  • Charlie tunaCharlie tuna Posts: 2,191
    I have never put sauce on pulled pork.  I cook turbo style and the butt is wrapped in foil from 160 degrees to 210 degrees(i inject) so there is always(depending on the butt's fat content) a couple of cups or more of liquid in the foil surrounding the meat.  I pull or shred the butt them pour these juices back over the pulled pork.  I serve in a large shallow bowl with pinchers, so people can mix in the juices as they want, as they get their pork!! 
  • SpringramSpringram Posts: 417
    We have started serving pulled pork (not sandwiches) with small bowls of various sauces served on a Lazy Susan. I call it "Pull Pork Fondue" :<)  You pick up a piece of pork and dip it in the sauce of your choice. Currently the sauce choices are Blues Hog Original (sweet and funky), Blues Hog Tennessee Red (vinegar type), a 50/50 mix of both of the Blues Hog, and then a Texas style sauce.

    Served with cole slaw or whatever.

    Spring, Texas
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  • calikingcaliking Posts: 6,118
    + 1 for the Hawaiian sweet rolls. We make sliders and the sweetness of
    these rolls is just right.

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  • U_tardedU_tarded Posts: 1,237
    I usually get some bakery hamburger buns light and flaky typically (Kroger has the best around here) grilled up to toast them. Make a slaw using big bob gibsons northern alambama white BBQ sauce with extra hot sauce and cayenne in it, a head of cabbage and a few carrots pretty simple I make this the morning of so the flavors can meld together.
  • shtgunal3shtgunal3 Posts: 2,902
    I like the Hawaiian rolls too, very good. My slaw consist of an green cabbage with a few shredded carrots....mandarin oranges...pineapple tidbits....pecans...a little salt & pepper...and mayo. Nice little Hawaiian slaw. Make early and stick in the fridge so the flavors meld together.



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  • henapplehenapple Posts: 12,791
    a dirty diaper is good on Hawaiian rolls. I let everyone sauce their own also.
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  • MickeyMickey Posts: 15,435
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    HEB has this. I opened and tasted and bought 2 more for a cook later of pulled pork. The vinegar. image
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  • flemsterflemster Posts: 257
    I usually serve with soft hamburger buns like the cheap store brand or some potatoe rolls. Sauce in the side for people to eat. Brisket is always served with Bunny Bread

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  • yzziyzzi Posts: 1,782
    Serve on the cheapest piece of white bread or bun you can find. Don't want to cover up that good pork taste with fancy artisan bread. I prefer a good Carolina mustard sauce on my pork. There are good recipes on a thread by necessaryIndulg not too long ago.
    Dunedin, FL
  • yzzi said:
    Serve on the cheapest piece of white bread or bun you can find. Don't want to cover up that good pork taste with fancy artisan bread. I prefer a good Carolina mustard sauce on my pork. There are good recipes on a thread by necessaryIndulg not too long ago.

    :)) =D>
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