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Favorite BBQ Sauce



  • JayHawkEyeJayHawkEye Posts: 195
    I keep a big squeeze bottle of a mixture of sauces in the fridge: jar of blues hog, half bottle of gates, half bottle of either sweet baby rays or if masterpiece. I use Tennessee red on salads as a dressing (and on my pulled pork).
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  • Blues Hog Original 50/50 mix with Sonny's Sweet Sauce
    Blues Hog Original 50/50 mix with Blues Hog TN. Red.
    Uncle Kenny's Original
    Uncle Kenny's Mustard Sauce


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  • Crispix49Crispix49 Posts: 190
    For a little extra kick in my BBQ sauce, I stumbled upon Fighting **** that is awesome...very good when combining with a sweeter sauce like Bone Sucking.
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  • FockerFocker Posts: 2,376

    Making your own with fresh ingredients trumps anything out of a bottle.

    Quad Cities
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  • Hi54puttyHi54putty Posts: 1,741
    Same as Mickey
    Winston-Salem, NC 
  • We like Bone Sucking Sauce and Sweet Baby Rays too.  Since we're on Atkins, we found a recipe from bowulf on YouTube that ain't too bad.  It's tangy and not spicy which appeals to Wilma who is a spice wimp.

    Low Carb BBQ Sauce

    1C Tomato Sauce (no sugar added)

    1C Low Sugar Ketchup

    1/2 C White Distilled Vinegar

    1/2 C Splenda or liquid equivalent

    1/4 C Black Strap Molasses

    1/2 tsp Black Pepper

    1/2 tsp Salt

    2 tsp Liquid Smoke

    1/2 tsp Paprika

    1/4 tsp Garlic Powder

    1/4 tsp Onion Powder

    1/8 tsp Chili Powder

    Dash of Cayanne

    Dash of Cinnamon

    1 Tbs Butter

    Simmer 20 minutes.

    Yields 3 Cups or 48 1 Tbs servings, 2 grams net carbs each 



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  • Blue front - from south Fl
    Sonnys sweet - Fl
    Johnson's - southern IL
  • bigguy136bigguy136 Posts: 1,102
    Love sweet baby rays. I get it on sale for $1.00 for 18 oz bottle.

    Big Lake, Minnesota

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  • IrishDevlIrishDevl Posts: 1,390
    Anyone ever has this? I never gad before, but saw it somewhere today. Had to put the Jack Daniels Manhattan in the pic as well.
  • flemsterflemster Posts: 260
    home made....always tweaking it, never the same twice.... Have a sweet for pork/chicken and a tomato based spicier one for beef....
    I started with some of the basics in the sauce section of the forum...

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  • Que_n_BrewQue_n_Brew Posts: 577
    I'm not a big sauce guy (like dry rubs without saucing) but "Head Country - Spicy" is damn good. I make my own Carolina Gold for Pulled Pork.
  • DeckhandDeckhand Posts: 318
    Galaxy (original). Winner at the American Royal....

    Cowtown... (another Royal winner) ...

    and a 2nd for Ole Ray's Kentucky Gold Bourbon sauce.
  • beteezbeteez Posts: 421
    Southern Soul Sweet Ga Brown
  • gbngbn Posts: 1
    Franklins Espresso BBQ Sauce
  • Stubbs Spicy is pretty hard to beat!
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  • hondabbqhondabbq Posts: 1,419

    I like a local company where I live.

    Its called Bon Vivant!

    They stepped away from the "traditional" BBQ flavors. They have Citrus. Caribbean ( like a mild Jerk Sauce), Rootbeer (super on ribs), Chocolate Chili, Fire Roasted Jalapeno and Chive ( doubles up well as a pizza sauce), and a Korean BBQ glaze ( I use it for stirfry as well). They sell it at stores and also at the local Farmers Market in the summertime. They came out with 2 new flavors last summer, a Sweet Sticky Garlic, and a Smokehouse BBQ.

    These guys are different. Yeah its not for everyone, but the differnt flavors they make puts a twist on whats already out there. They are even lower in calories, carbs, sugar and sodium than the 4 leading BBQ sauce producers in Canada. Thats what thye tell me anyway. I think they post that on their site as well. They know their stuff for sure.  

    Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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  • GriffinGriffin Posts: 7,308

    Try some Salt Lick bbq sauce if you can find it.

    I don't get the Sweet Baby Ray thing. I thinks its way too sweet. I rank SBR one step up from Kraft BBQ sauce.

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  • EggcelsiorEggcelsior Posts: 12,082
    Griffin said:

    Try some Salt Lick bbq sauce if you can find it.

    I don't get the Sweet Baby Ray thing. I thinks its way too sweet. I rank SBR one step up from Kraft BBQ sauce.

    I only use it on BBQ'd chicken. It is very sweet so I thin it with some vinegar and usually use a spicy rub to counteract the sweetness.

    Usually it is used as my "everyone else" sauce. I have mine out, and I put that out for guests since that is the type of sauce people are used to. I wouldn't be surprised if many that don't grill much have a Kraft/KC Masterpiece-type bottle in their fridge at home. 
  • I was a Sweet Baby Rays fan...until I tried Head Country BBQ sauce out of Texas. I cannot find it in Indiana but I order it by the case in Hot and Regular. It is wonderful.
  • mangasbmangasb Posts: 14

    Tony Stewart's BBQ sauce is a good one with some tang.


    Also Everglades for a sweet onion taste.

  • billyraybillyray Posts: 1,136

    If you like garlic, try this.

    Felton, Ca. 2-LBGE, 1-Small and waiting on a mini
  • ratcheerratcheer Posts: 189
    I tried the John Boy and Billy's Grilling Sauce and was surprised at how much I liked it. They claim that they win a lot of barbecue contests with it, and I can see why.

  • TonyATonyA Posts: 566
    Sweet Baby Rays 
    I cut Bone Sucking with vinegar and some black pepper.
    I just bought a Blues Hog Package .. I haven't cooked yet, but i'm impressed w the sauce and the rub.  I haven't opened the red yet.
  • AviatorAviator Posts: 1,550

    Yabbadabbadoo! Where is the caveman cop? :D

    SBR and BSS are our favs. Stubs is good too. A lot of times we just do not sauce at all, as the rub and carmelization is so good, we are happy.


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  • I've been using Stubbs for a long time and was wondering if any of y'all could tell me a different BBQ sauce that I should try.Thanks for the help!
    I think Mike Elliott's BBQ & Grilling Sauce is the best on the market. 
  • Rock N Roll Ribs BBQ Sauce. In Boca Raton, Florida there is a BBQ joint owned by the drummer for Iron Maiden. There is just something about that sauce that makes it good. Its almost like a jelly based BBQ sauce.
  • Mickey said:
    @rbaldwin83 I am guessing you are inTexas.
    He can only hope but Stubbs is everywhere. We had it in WI years ago.

  • all the above mentioned are great but give this a try:

    get the white sauce for chicken and the red sauce for ribs. I may be partial because this is a local place for us.

    mccormicks pork rub on some ribs finished off with the bb red sauce is freakin awesome and I haven't found a better combination

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  • msloanmsloan Posts: 319
    For me right now I would say

    Jacks old south sweet and tangy

    Sonnys sweet

    Homemade based heavily on neelys recipe
    gettin lucky in kentucky!   2 XL eggs!
  • henapplehenapple Posts: 15,193
    Head Country... And rub... Cooking stl ribs tonight... Chubby. From Oklahoma. Just ordered 7 lbs of rub and a gallon of sauce.
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