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Majority of your cooks-direct, raised direct or indirect?

Majority of mine (based on number of cooks-not hours per cook:)) are now raised direct; moving past the indirect low&slow.  Weekends low&slow is the winner, hands down.  Others?

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  • nemonemo Posts: 105
    Almost all are raised direct.....
    Fairview, Texas
  • During the Weekend...indirect.
  • ratcheerratcheer Posts: 189
    Mostly direct - steaks, chops, wings, other chicken pieces.

  • 90% indirect and 10% direct here....(retired) lots of spatchcocks and butts!!
  • AltonAlton Posts: 445
    PROUD MEMBER OF THE WHO DAT NATION!!!!! Stuck in Dallas.......
  • pgprescottpgprescott Posts: 3,712
    Indirect 75%.
  • More direct. Pizza once a week for sure, so that would be the indirect side of things. Subject to taste bud cravings. :-bd
    Large, small, and a mini
  • FockerFocker Posts: 2,376
    Indirect 75% here as well.  Don't like to hover and flip, interferes alcohol intake.  More of a Ronco set it and forget it style. :))
    Quad Cities
    "We say grace, and we say ma'am.  If you ain't into that, we don't give a damn."  Bocephus
  • KempyKempy Posts: 188
    I like to go indirect most of time when I can.  Takes longer to cook and it makes SWMBO think I'm really working hard putting the meal together. #world'sbesthusband 
  • flemsterflemster Posts: 260
    75% indirect, 25% direct.  I am addicted to brisket and pork shoulder.  Although just got my Spider and vast iron grill for hot that may change.

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  • I'm probably an 80/20 guy ... indirect to direct raised. I'll often combine for steaks using the Finney Method.
  • SteveWPBFLSteveWPBFL Posts: 1,302
    Yep  . . . weekdays, get 'er done . . . weekends, let 'er run . . . 
  • CANMAN1976CANMAN1976 Posts: 1,570
    Directly in the oven egg yet but i'm almost ready to bite the bullet!
    Hows ya gettin' on, me ol ****

    Kippens.Newfoundland and Labrador. (Canada).
  • DeckhandDeckhand Posts: 318
    Raised direct for chicken parts and burgers.  Direct and close to the coals for steaks.  Indirect for brisket, butts and ribs.
  • MickeyMickey Posts: 16,894
    Most all my cooks direct / raised (the adj rig stays in both Larges and the Mini Woo stays in Mini).
    Salado TX Egg Family: 2 Large and a very well used Mini, just added a Mini Max (I'm good for now). 

  • REMtxREMtx Posts: 16
    Most are raised direct (chicken and sausage mostly) but also throw in indirects (wings, ribs) from time to time.
  • Great question. 80% indirect, 15% direct on the fire ring, 5% raised direct.
    Delta B.C. - Vee-Gan: old Indian word for poor hunter. 
  • gerhardkgerhardk Posts: 855
    Probably 70% indirect. Gerhard
  • bo_mullbo_mull Posts: 350
    70% indirect, But I just got my pswoo2, so that number can change at random.

    Cleveland, TN.

    LG BGE, PSWOO2, Stoker WIFI.

  • nolaeggheadnolaegghead Posts: 18,048
    Depends on what I'm cooking and what the fire looks like.    If I'm cooking something large that needs even heat searing, I might just go direct raised with a super hot fire if my fire is asymmetrical.  Otherwise I'll go regular level direct.  Other direct mode is putting a small 13" grate right on the hot coals and cooking (almost) cave-man style.  Lots of dripping fat will make me go indirect, so I can mitigate burning fat. 

    I can't even estimate - probably more direct cooks since I've been doing sous vide.
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    New Orleans, LA - we know how to eat 

  • I only bought my egg to smoke low & slow and for pizzas. Being able to smoke in sub zero temps was my driving force. I have yet to cook direct, but since everything has been great so far, I'll never say never.
    XLBGE- Napa, CA by way of ATX

  • GezrGezr Posts: 153
    Probably half and half, direct/indirect. I need to work on doing more raised direct and explore the possibilities.
    If you don't think too good, don't think too much.

    Afton, VA
  • All over the place but probably 60, 40 direct
    Go Dawgs! - Marietta, GA
  • ChubbsChubbs Posts: 6,177
    I just use my oven/range combo. I don't even have an egg. :^o
    Columbia, SC --- LBGE 2011 -- MINI BGE 2013
  • BrownieBrownie Posts: 1,023
    I lean towards raised with a hot Cast iron grid when doing direct cooks.I use the cast iron because I think it helps cook a bit faster. I find it easier to finish with a sear if needed. (it beats burning your seasonings) I'm with you Cap on  the direct/indirect ratio. Most cooks during the week are fast direct cooks, and weekends are for indirects with the exception of pizzas and wings.
  • Solson005Solson005 Posts: 1,911
    Direct raised, my woo lives in my small and I have yet to cook without it. 

    For my large its been Indirect more lately both with pizzas and long cooks. 
    Large & Small BGE, CGW Two-Tier Swing Rack for BOTH EGGS, Spider for the Wok, eggCARTen & and Cedar Pergola my Eggs call home in Edmond, OK. 
  • I'm probably 60% direct, 35% indirect and 5% raised indirect.
    Knoxville, TN
  • EggRacerEggRacer Posts: 400
    raised direct
    North Richland Hills, TX
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