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Take n bake pizza on egg

Hello all,
My wife brought home a take n bake style pizza from the store today and I want to cook it on the Egg. Any thoughts on how to do this? Should I follow the oven instructions or ramp the heat way up like a I would a pizza from scratch? I'm sure someone here has tried this before, so I'm curious what will work best.

Cheers all -
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  • MickeyMickey Posts: 12,824
    I would do as the package suggest. It will be so good.
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  • BotchBotch Posts: 2,139
    If its a Papa Murphy's, follow the directions for their regular and thick pies.  For the thin ones, I've raised the temps quite a bit and they've come out well.  
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  • nolaeggheadnolaegghead Posts: 9,002
    Badger of Blackness, you should consider the instructions temp as the minimum temp you need.  Above that temp is fine.  Probably says 400-450.  I'd shoot for 450-500, indirect, plate setter legs up.  Stone if you have one, otherwise should be fine on the grate if it holds together.  If that's a problem cookie sheet till it firms up then move it directly on the grate.
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  • rholtrholt Posts: 351
    What would one do for a frozen pizza like a digiorno? Thaw or cook it frozen?
  • Thanks guys, I have a pizza stone, but no PS. I'll plan on cooking directions or higher and just keep an eye on it. I'll post some pictures as well.

    It's not Papa Murphy's but it's that style.

    I'm batting about 0.500 on pizzas so far, so we'll see if this is a more forgiving route than the Trader Joe's dough that I find quite sticky.

    Any other thoughts or experiences much appreciated.
    Cheers -
    Badger at heart, living in SoCal

    Carlsbad, CA
  • @rholt I've done several digornos and I follow the directions. The egg makes a frozen pizza taste good. We recently got a papa Murphy's that I've been wanting to try.
  • @ Black Badger -   Check it more often.  When making a fresh or homemade dough, you can predict the results a little better - but when making non homemade pizzas on the BGE, I checked every couple minutes, only for a couple seconds, to make sure it was all moving according to plan.  I have some other thoughts on cooking previously frozen pizzas, which if done right can be fantastic on the BGE.  Good luck!  

  • td66snrftd66snrf Posts: 566

    Black Badger I get the costco take home all the time.  I get the pizza stone up to temp checking it with my infared thermometer and follow the instructions. I like to put cornmeal on the stone to keep it from sticking. You'll do fine.

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  • tazcrashtazcrash Posts: 1,747
    It may be too late but don't forget to turn it so it cools evenly.
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