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Reverse sear convert

Tried my first standing rib roast. Pushed it a bit and cooked at 260-270. Is that still low and slow? On the border I guess. Spot on at 25 min per lb. Pulled it at 120 and rested while the egg fired up to 550. That is a bit too high, so I will try 500 next time. Paste rub of Kosher salt, pepper, and rosemary ground up in the mortar and pestle, then added about 6-7 cloves of pressed garlic and 2 Tbs butter. Just about perfect. No photos, every body wanted to eat.

Merry Christmas everybody.


  • Doing two Prime Rib tomorrow, going to try the reverse sear! Any tips or tricks, or is it really as simple as pull it, get the egg to 500 and let her rip?
    Thanks, Mike "Live in such a way that if anyone should speak badly of you, no one will believe it."
  • It really
  • It really is that simple. I did one for dinner tonite that was my best ever. Bought it three weeks ago, While Foods stored it in their aging locker for me for free. It weighed 6 lbs when I bought it and 5 lbs 2 oz. when I got it home. Hit it with some Mrs McCreays cow rub and on the egg at 250 for 3 hrs. Let it rest for 45 minutes and then seared all six sides at 500 for 4 minutes a side. Best thing I ever ate.
  • SkiddymarkerSkiddymarker Posts: 7,363
    edited December 2012
    I've been a champion of this for some time, I get a commission you know - trust your checks are in the mail.... For PR reverse sear is the ticket. Did a 1-1/2" rib eye steak reverse last night....awesome. 

    The rage lately is sous vide, basically a low cook followed by a sear, in the case of steaks, chicken breasts etc... Reverse sear is sort of the same thing, a low cook allows the meat to take some smoke and SWMBO claims the rub is somehow more flavorful. 

    Bring the internal to about 7-10 degrees below finish. pull it, rest it while the egg heats and then sear. Rest before carve is optional as you have already had a rest - unless you need another adult beverage. 
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  • gte1gte1 Posts: 376
    Do you guys do your initial cook raised. Direct or indirect?
  • GezrGezr Posts: 153
    Indirect. Also, when you are rotating the roast to get a sear on all sides wear long hi-temp gloves if you value your forearm hair.
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  • +1 on Gezr's comment about the glove. I did a Prime Rib yesterday in this reverse sear method and everyone agreed that it was the best meat they had ever eaten. However i now have a bare right arm from the searing, but i let my egg get around 650 for that part, maybe i should have went with 500
  • henapplehenapple Posts: 15,183
    I do the rs on virtually everything...burgers, chops, steaks.
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  • As the OP, I guess I should add yes, it is really was that easy; yes it is up there with the best thing I ever ate; yes indirect on the initial cook; yes, 7-10 deg below final temp (I went to 120); and yes watch the safety while doing the sear - my family loved the "flame-on" light show through the window.
  • Great post Doc....
    Delta B.C. - Vee-Gan: old Indian word for poor hunter. 
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