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Anyone own the gamesaver model of foodsaver?

Looking at getting the current model of the foodsaver gamesaver deluxe. It has 5 great reviews on amazon and nothing on the website. I like the ability to operate of a cig lighter, that is the prime reason i'm considering this particular one. Would love some encouragment to pull the trigger from someone that has it.


  • @Mwraulst, I recall someone bought the Gamesaver - do a search, it was @bettysnephew

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  • nolaeggheadnolaegghead Posts: 12,415
    Little Steven has one also.
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  • KokemanKokeman Posts: 815
    I got one as a replacement for a cheaper model I had. When my  old ones latch broke I called ther custumor service to get a part. They didn't sell the part put sent me the Gamesaver free of charge. There customer service is only second to BGE.   It works good and I have had no problems with it in the few years I have had it.
  • We are very happy with ours. It does everything we expected and seems to be well made.
    Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  • bettysnephewbettysnephew Posts: 839
    edited December 2012
    I was short of time when I posted the previous reply.  Would I buy this model again,  YES.  Is it perfect .  NO, but it does what I wanted well enough.  I am not a hunter but we go into larger cities and make meat purchases at times.  The ability to bag and seal fresh meat before putting it in the cooler for a long ride home has been worthwhile.  The new expandable bags have been handy as the wife likes tea smoked duck from a place in Chicago's Chinatown and it keeps them dry when in the cooler.  ( BTW I have tried several recipes for this and it's just not the same, might be the way the birds are processed before smoking or the type of duck)  If you found my original comments in the first string, I was told by a guy in the Food Saver service department that this is their most reliable unit in regards to repairs and returns.  Very few issues with this model.  That is likely because it is simple and straight forward in its functions.  No auto cut auto length or anti liquid suck modes just a plain vacuum sealer that you have to control yourself if doing something out of the ordinary.  For being made of plastic it seems to be rugged enough to do its intended job.  I would purchase a spare vacuum seal ring or two while it is current production as it seems from my looking at other models repair parts lists that is the item that becomes unavailable later on.  Again all in all we are pleased with our unit.
      One small issue:
    For some reason, my unit does not like to draw enough vacuum on the portion control bags (with the perforation down the middle) if they are left attached to each other, but if you separate them and seal individually or even seal both with a gap between them all is well.  I assume the perforation leaks enough to not allow full vacuum.
    Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  • It shouldn't have a problem with smaller bags. Maybe the gasket?


    Caledon, ON


  • I am assuming the gasket is good, it happened the second time I used it and every time since, but only with the portion control bags.  It only happens when the bags are still joined at the perforations.  If I tear them apart, it will evacuate and seal both bags at once without problem.  I don't find it to be a problem really, maybe just a peculiarity of my machine or possibly the roll of bags I got has raised or deeper perforations causing a vacuum leak.  Maybe the next roll will work better.

    Out of curiosity, I went and examined the portion control roll I have and the perforation line does seem rather pronounced.  I'll have to see if the next roll I purchase is the same way.  Either way, not an issue to me as I can seal them if I separate them.
    Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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