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How do I make soup with leftover turkey?

So I have a little left over turkey including the bones and pieces meat still stuck to it. I've never made soup from scratch. Looking forward to it.


  • BotchBotch Posts: 2,734
    Pull as much of the edible chunks of meat off the bones, but you don't have to be perfect; chop that meat to spoon-size and set aside.  Simmer the bones along with a quartered, non-peeled onion, 2 or 3 carrots and celery stalks broken into quarters, and a few peppercorns slowly for a couple hours; strain and toss the bones/spent veggies.
    Taste the broth, if it tastes weak you can boil it for a bit to reduce.  Meanwhile, saute fresh, chopped onion until slightly browned, and add a couple minced garlic cloves towards the end.  You can also saute some/all of the veggies you add if you want some browning on them, I usually don't.
    Add whatever veggies you wish (more carrots, celery, beans, stringbeans, egg noodles, parsnips, even chopped kale).  A recent Cook's Illustrated trick that has really improved my soups:  add a couple teaspoons each of dried mushroom powder, and fish sauce!  Sounds weird, but you can't taste either but they boost the umami/savoriness of the soup.  
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  • And also, if you have some decent chicken broth you can use some instead of water. If you have gravy leftover it will add body as well.


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  • JohnMcJohnMc Posts: 75
    Forget the soup, cook it up and use the broth to make chili. I took my turkey carcass, boiled it, used the stock to make chili with left over turkey, pulled pork, brisket. Best chili I've had in years! Don't dare add beans unless you're north of the Mason Dixon line.
  • You could probably follow a chicken rice soup recipe and use the Turkey
  • We had turkey pot pie tonight.

  • And also, if you have some decent chicken broth you can use some instead of water. If you have gravy leftover it will add body as well.
    Turkey soup is easy, and will be greatly enhanced by chicken broth and leftovers. Just about everything goes. Get off as much meat as you can chop into bite size, then boil the carcass, peel off any remaining meat discard the bones. I strain the turkey broth, then add chicken broth. Throw everything into a pot, leftover potatoes, veggies, celery, gravy, leftover stuffing, a handful of frozen corn or a can of niblets, leftover wine (any color but not too much no more than 10% of total volume)  - it is all good. Go easy on the spice until it sits for a day or so. Chill, skim off the fat, heat up your soup, bake some fresh bread and away you go.....
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  • Awesome tips guys. Thanks.
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