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1st Brisket Flat...need help

I am going to do my first brisket flat this weekend. I want to experiment with a flat before cooking a whole one. Plus I don't have a need for that much meat this weekend. I have never done one and I'm looking for suggestions on cooking time, type of wood, do you pan it at a certain temp (like a butt), ect. ect. I haven't purchased it yet. Therefore, I'm not including a weight. Don't assume I know anything...because I don't. Thanks in advance!!!


  • Cook at 300 dome. Expect 1.5hr per pound. I like mesquite wood. Choose any rub you like, more is better than less. 

    Its that simple. 

    Post Script, Cooking a flat will in no way resemble cooking a whole packer. They are apples and grapes. 
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  • Thanks Travis. What internal temp am I looking for?
  • 195'ish. You are looking for a texture and tenderness, not temp. Start checking at 190, a thermo probe or fork should slide in like buttah when its done. 
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  • Snausages01Snausages01 Posts: 5
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    I just did my first one two weeks ago and it was excellent.  I used the Jack Daniels oak; it was the only oak I could find.  I layered it throughout and then on top.  I cooked at about 250 and 1.75 hours per pound for ~6.5 pounder.  Pulled it off when it was tender (somewhere over 195).

    I used this recipe with no mustard or injection:

    1 cup coarse sea or kosher salt
    ¼ cup granulated garlic
    ¼ cup granulated onion
    1/8 cup ground thyme
    1/8 cup ground bay
    1/8 cup black pepper
    1/8 cup celery seed
    1/8 cup Hungarian paprika


    I'd probably use about half the amount of salt and use a finer grind on my next cook.  I am not a big salt fan it found it a little over powering on the smaller end pieces; on the large pieces it was great.

  • 275 - 300 Dome, cook to 195-200 IT, I like hickory or oak for brisket. Just doing a flat keep it simple. Be prepared for the stall. You can wrap it with some beef broth or not.
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  • Try to get the thickest flat you can find. The real thin ones don't cook anything like a "normal" brisket (and I find them easy to dry out). On the flipside, I've gotten some extra thick flats at Sam's that were like cooking a packer. And something to keep in mind when talking temps: Lower is slower, but not necessarily better.
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  • Thanks for all the feedback.
  • DonWWDonWW Posts: 268
    B&Q, there are lots of threads for brisket with many different cooking methods and varieties.  If you are just cooking a flat, buy the one that bends the most.  It's a head start on a tender cut of meat.

    Regardless of temp and time you ultimately decide on, the rule of thumb is "it's done when it's done."  Travis is spot on - flats are different than whole briskets.  And, flats are different than other flats.  Once the internal temp hits around 190 - 195, start poking and twisting.  Don't get nervous and pull it off early. 

    Personally, I love brisket that has a nice layer of mustard and rub on it.  Creates a wonderful bark!

    Have fun, and be sure to post a follow up pic or two.  Would like to hear how it turns out.
    XL BGE.  Dallas, Texas.
  • Thanks Don!  Will do.
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