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Big Green Disappointment (EGGtobefest Shock) at BGE Store with Terry

To all,

I attended my 6th EGGtoberfest this year and really had a good time. My son and I camped out and attended both Friday night and Saturday.

As I always do when I attend an EGGtobegest, I go check out what is available in the BGE store and saw the BGE version of the Thermapin. At $99, I was a bit skeptical, but my Thermapin recently went out. Therefore, I thought I would support BGE. However when I brought it home, the LEDS did nto work and the temperature reading was off. I called the Mothership and since it was purchased at the EGGtoberfest and not through the retail store, I was directed to a voicemail system. I never received a call back.

Therefore, I decided to go to the store (about an hour away) to talk to someone in person. They told me that they could exchange it. I asked about the warrantee and was told that it was 1 year. While the Thermometer was sitting at the counter, I looked around for other gadgets that I could buy for my BGE. After complete, I went to check out, but prior to leaving the store, I tried out the BGE instant read thermometer. It did not read fast at all. I went outside the store with it and it took over 30 seconds to notice the change and was still dropping when I returned to the store. My Thermapin would have read the outside temp within a couple of seconds.

I came back in and stated that I did not want it. They said they could give me a store credit, which is fine. However, they would not give this to me on what I had just bought. In addition, the BGE instant read thermometer was marked UP at the EGGtobefest by $10. Therefore, I did not even get credit for all of my money.

I even asked if I could return what I just bought and re-buy it with the store credit. The answer was "No".

I returned to the store to tell Terry that I was disappointed in how they handled this, and he stated that he thought it was handled fairly.

I remember a time when the EGGtoberfest offered a 15% discount on merchandise purchased at the event.

I remember a time, when BGE stood behind everything that they sold.

I guess those days are lost.

From a loyal BGE consumer, owner of 2 BGEs and seller of many through recommendations, and one that has spent buckets of money in that store, I am DISAPPOINTED. I don't know if it is wise to recommend the BGE to my friends in the future. I love the product, but if this is the new philosophy, I am DISAPPOINTED.




  • nolaeggheadnolaegghead Posts: 17,993
    edited October 2012
    FYI - A Thermapen will read a temperature in about 3 seconds, provided you put the probe in a solid or liquid (you have good heat transfer).  Just like jumping in a bathtub of ice you get colder much faster than stepping out of your house in 32F weather.

    A Thermapen isn't going to measure a big change in air temperature in 3 seconds.  The tip of the probe has mass that needs to change temp, and while it happens in 3 seconds in a glass of ice or boiling water, it takes a minute or two with air.
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  • SmokeyPittSmokeyPitt Posts: 7,877
    edited October 2012
    Well, that sucks man.  I would be disappointed as well. 

    Is it this one?

    I think that is a re-branded Maverick PT100.  

    It was $49 extra for the big green egg sticker.  

    There is at least one reviewer who hole-heatedly agrees with you.  ""Crappiest crap in Crapville"

    I do agree with NOLA...the thermapen is much slower when measuring air vs liquid or a hunk o' meat.  I believe the term is thermal conductivity.   :-B...that being said, it based on the reviews it aint no themapen. 

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  • Understood, Nola, but I have used my Thermapin outside and it works much fast that this.

    This new instant read BGE thermometer is not a Thermapin and is more money.

    I am just more shocked at how they handled it and the fact that they charged more $$ for it at the EGGtoberfest.

    Yes, Smokey.  That is the one.  It looks cool but not a Thermapin and I believe it is a re-branded Maverick by looking at the pic.  $49 is a nice up-charge.



  • nolaeggheadnolaegghead Posts: 17,993
    Yeah, I heard it wasn't as fast.  I don't understand why BGE didn't work out an agreement with Thermoworks.
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  • MickeyMickey Posts: 16,894
    Yeah, I heard it wasn't as fast.  I don't understand why BGE didn't work out an agreement with Thermoworks.
    That my friend would be a $169 price tag if branded BGE / Thermoworks.
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  • GriffinGriffin Posts: 7,308
    Don't think I've heard one positive review of the BGE thermapen clone. Course I haven't heard much, but its all been negative about how slow it is. Bummer that they didn't work out anything with you.

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  • It's an item we refuse to stock in our store.  Many options better IMO.



    from SANTA CLARA, CA

  • LitLit Posts: 5,049
    Eggtoberfest was put on by the distributor not BGE. I have never left the tucker store even slightly unhappy they have always been more than helpful. Essentially you bought something from someone else and they still allowed you to get store credit for it which is as much as i would expect.
  • gerhardkgerhardk Posts: 855
    You bought something, it failed not to obey the laws of nature and now you are pissed. Mmmm? Gerhard
  • Thermapen.  There is no substitute.


    Flint, Michigan.  If the lead bullets don't kill you, the leaded water will.

  • Lit, however, they would not allow me to use the store credit on the merchandise I just bought.
  • It would seem to me that the issue is with that particular dealer, not BGE, correct?  Not sure why you wouldn't recommend the egg to a friend just because you feel you had a bad experience with one dealer.

    Maybe complain to the mothership about the dealer?
    XL BGE
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