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Some Things I have Learned....

Doc_EggertonDoc_Eggerton Posts: 4,057
edited October 2012 in EggHead Forum

I have been Egging for slightly less than a year, but I cook on them almost every day, and sometimes a couple of times a day.

Some things I have learned:


Eggheads generally value results more than post count.

BGE covers are useless if you cook a lot.

The need for gaskets is debatable.

BGE lump is expensive, Royal Oak works great, Best of the West is interesting, and Cowboy is crap.

Really huge chunks of lump actually create cool spots.

Stir the lump every time before lighting.

A HiQue makes a LBGE more reliable.

A remote thermometer is necessary for low and slow, but also handy every day to keep an eye on things while working in the kitchen.

Getting distracted during warm up leads to afterburner excitement.

Egging in the rain sucks, and I should have moved onto the porch months ago.

Vegetables take longer to cook than you expected.

For every success you are going to have some failures.

Higher in the dome helps a lot of cooks, especially pizza.

Your Egg will never be as clean and as pretty after the first cook.

Burn out really works, and remember to pile everything that will take the heat into it.

The garden likes the ash and small lump pieces.

Got to have a camera.

Remember to burp the dome, remember to burp the dome, remember to burp the dome….

You need a lot of foil and PAM.

A Woo is very handy.

A wok is a great change of pace.

I like vigorous marinating.

You will eventually know the finish internal temps for all sorts of meat by memory.

The cook zone by the pool, is not necessarily the clean zone by the pool.

No one believes it, until I cook for them.

Smoked turkey thighs rule.

Charcuterie is way cool.

It is hard to cook without an adult beverage.

You can lose weight and Egg.

Improvisation does not always work, but you get better with practice.

Hot smoked salmon, crackers, cream cheese, and cucumber….mmmmmm.

You may not have liked chicken legs before, but you will now.

You don’t have to fill an XL every time, and you can push the lump to one side for indirect.

Check those bolts every once in awhile.

It does not particularly pay off to spend several grand to upgrade major kitchen appliances the month before you buy your Eggs.

If you buy a LBGE you will end up owning a LBGE AND an XL.

Don’t look at Sur la Table or Williams Sonoma if you are short on cash.

Eggheads appreciate sharing fails as much as successes.

The Egg is hot.

Remember to burp the dome, remember to burp the dome, remember to burp the dome….

Raised grid works for everything except steak.

Holy cow, Egged hot dogs are better than boiled.

The longer you let the Egg heat and stabilize, the less you time you will spend chasing the temp.

Don’t believe everything you read on the forum.

What works for you won’t work for everyone.

It is worth your time to tolerate a strong personality in order to score a good recipe.

Get a notebook and record recipes, techniques, and results, or you will have a hard time repeating them.

Once you get some experience, get out of the way of the newbies who want to share basics with even newbier Eggheads.

Criticize gently if you want to help.

Every once in awhile you have to tell someone to bugger off.

With imagination you can do things like scrambled eggs with ham and potatoes in the wok.

Sometimes the fancy way to cook something gets no better results than the simple way, and is a lot more work.

Most people on the forum want to help.  Some want to help too much.  Some don’t want to help at all.

You can score some cool accessories for cheap at Ace Hardware or Walmart.

You need a Thermapen.

Multiple Eggs are good for lots of reasons.


And finally….


It is hard to find a spot to store 50 more bags of lump, without your wife realizing you already had 75 bags.


Pasquali Luciano
Buon appetito to all the BGE family
XLBGE, LBGE, MBGE and lots of toys



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