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Beef back ribs?

mountaindewbassmountaindewbass Posts: 1,698
edited October 2012 in EggHead Forum
Cook the same as st. Louis pork ribs? 3-2-1 method? Or is it all different


  • Little StevenLittle Steven Posts: 26,904
    edited October 2012
    You can. I dont foil pork ribs either. If you have a good paring knife it's great to "free up" the cartilege and meat on the thinner end. Everything slides up the bone and you end up with a beef lollipop


    Caledon, ON


  • Alrighty cool. My grocery store was out of pork ribs.. So plan b for me
  • U_tardedU_tarded Posts: 1,237
    I like to season like a steak (salt pepper garlic) indirect about 275-300 3-4 hours. They are done when the bone wiggles freely (think if you give it a good firm tug it would pop out). We serve ours with 57 sauce for a nice change.
  • Has anyone cooked beef back ribs for six hours at 250? Im thinking of doing 3-2-1 method?
  • gdenbygdenby Posts: 4,351
    Are the back ribs being sold as a slab, or as single pieces?

    The slabs are usually what is left after rib-eyes are trimmed out. Often there is not a whole lot of meat left on, and they are well cooked thru in 4 hours, w/o foil. The singles are usually nice and thick. They can be done as quickly as 3 hours. I usually let them go till there is a good bit of draw-back showing the bones.

    The back ribs, which are also sometimes called short ribs, are not tough like the chuck and plate short ribs. The meat is pretty much steak, and so doesn't need to be cooked any longer than it takes to get them heated thru, and nice and brown.

    Pull the membrane, which is much thicker than pork membrane, and stays very tough.
  • Thanks gdenby, yeah there just a slab of meat.  I assumed it would take 6 hours, so how should i go about pulling them in four hours? Wrap in a towel-into a cooler for two hours?
  • gdenbygdenby Posts: 4,351
    mountaindewbass said:
    Thanks gdenby, yeah there just a slab of meat.  I assumed it would take 6 hours, so how should i go about pulling them in four hours? Wrap in a towel-into a cooler for two hours?
    They do not need any cooler time. Eat them straight from the grill.

    Do them over a drip pan, dome around 250F, just like pork ribs. Rub as you like, but S&P alone works well. Maybe a little garlic and onion powder.

    The meat will pull back some, like pork ribs, and the rack will start to bend. Because there is often not a lot of meat, it is easy to over cook portions. Once the outside is a dark brown, and the bones are showing more, I cut a small slice off to make sure the inside well done, but the outside is not charred.

    I don't sauce them on the grill. Because they are beef, the melted fat tends to feel a little greasy. I want as much of that to crisp the outside as possible while dripping off. When I serve, I have a warm vinegary sauce on the side (Stubb's Original works pretty well) to cut the grease.
  • Were eating at 2pm..hence wanting to use a cooler
  • gdenbygdenby Posts: 4,351

    Were eating at 2pm..hence wanting to use a cooler
    i haven't cooler'd any, but I suppose it would work. I have reheated them after a day in the fridge. Brushed w. sauce, and into a 350 oven for maybe 10 minutes. Not bad. Texture not as good, but flavor strong.
  • Sm62577Sm62577 Posts: 26
    I love beef back ribs also but kinda hard to find in the local stores around here, usually I find them in with 4 ribs on a rack,not very meaty so I just buy xtra rack or 2. Cookem just like a rack of BB ribs but little less time, also trying to get membrane off them is a lot harder then BB's , very tasty when done right...
  • I have a local store that always has them.  I prep them almost like steak, but instead of using Balsamic Vinaigrette I use either plain yellow mustard or a gourmet horseradish flavored mustard.  I only season with spicy Montreal and regular Montreal on both sides after removing the membrane and extra fat. The rack I have on now are cooked and have been on for 2.5 hours.  I will leave them at 225-250 until they meat pulls back all the way down the rack.  If yo don't it will be tough.  Leave them too long and they will dry out too.   After they start pulling back, I check them every 20 or so minutes.  Internal meat temp seems to vary way too much with slight probe placement variations. I take them off and let them rest for 5 or more minutes or if I need to transport I take a microwave warming back and warm my cooler and towel and after triple wraping ribs I put them in the grill and they are amazing when you open them.  I have stored all sorts of low and slow cooked meat for up to 3 hours this way.
    LBGE replaced a 22.5 Weber Kettle and Weber Gas grill.
  • yeah...we wont be having beef ribs again.  They were way to greasy for us....we tossed them.
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