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salmon - skin on or skin off



  • nolaeggheadnolaegghead Posts: 10,877
    One additional thing about salmon - health info - they grow really fast and they're not apex predators.  So they don't have the mercury, dioxin, endrin, ddt, and all the other toxins that fresh water fish and "old hunter" fish like tuna, swordfish and halibut have.  Salmon's good for ya.  The farm raised can have some of the dioxins/pesticides because the feed quality they get is so low, but still, they grow so fast it's not a big problem.
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  • SkinnyVSkinnyV Posts: 1,505
    Skin on it peels away from the skin when done anyway, skin stays on the grate. Wild only never farmed, was at salmon days here in WA that takes place @ hatchery in issaquah wa.  what an amazing fish.
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  • Little StevenLittle Steven Posts: 26,080
    There is a great sportfishing industry in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, mostly in the spawning rivers. Fish is brilliant


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  • Skin off for us, on a raised grid
  • Yeah, well there's no wild salmon (at least that I know that are legal to catch) in the Atlantic anymore.

    Salmon spawn in this little creek in front of our house. Fish and wildlife allow my parents 3 salmon every month leading up to the spawn. Nom nom nom
  • nolaeggheadnolaegghead Posts: 10,877
    You skin-off salmon're into Nihilism or somefin' ;)
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  • Fresh is soooo important!  I've been fortunate to have had 12 Alaskan fishing trips, all saltwater.  We typically bring home 150 pounds of fillets per person; salmon, halibut, ling cod and others.  The fish are cleaned, filleted, vac sealed and flash frozen within hours of being caught.  Processed this way it is just as good 12 months later as the day caught.  When I give salmon to friends they tell me it was the best they have ever tasted so there is a huge difference. I sometimes shop for new rubs at local fish markete and always ask the owner how fresh does he think his fish is.  The answer is always that it doesn't get any fresher because he has it flown in.  Baloney!  I have talked to commercial fishing captains.  They do a very good job of quickly icing down the fish but it is sometimes several days on the boat before going ashore for shipping, then more days in shipping, etc.  Give it the smell test, if it smells fishy don't buy it.  Maybe I should put together an Alaskan fishing trip for eggheads.

  • DonWWDonWW Posts: 221
    You want to limit Atlantic salmon as well.
    Steven, I gotta tell ya that some of the best salmon I have had has come from the waters off BC.  Western shores of Vancouver Island.  I know that Pacific salmon gets a bad wrap because the waters are not as cold as Atlantic, but I have had fantastic fish from these parts.  Granted, most are caught and consumed within a couple of days - that helps! 

    From a fairly recent trip fishing in the Sooke area.
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