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Nomex vs rutland

miscjamesmiscjames Posts: 78
edited September 2012 in EggHead Forum
Well its time for me to put a gasket on. I have looked at both the nomex and the rutland. But I cannot deside which one is better. Both of them look pretty straight foward as far as installs and My egg is already apart. So I am looking for pros and cons for those that have used them. Or any advise on gaskets you might have.


  • Adding fuel to the fire, the Cotronics ceramic fibre gaskets also work very well according to one egghead who used it, the 395-81PS was referenced. I've never used it, it is self adhesive like the Nomex. Going to find out more about this one. 

    OEM felt is safe, but doesn't work that well (or at all in some folk's opinion). New ones for <$10
    Rutland works very well, but always seems to have a black cloud regarding safety around food. Are there any adverse effects, who knows? Purchase for <$25
    Similarly for the Cotronics, no specific claim of food safety, also rumoured to work very well. <$20, but hard to find as a dealer must act as reseller.
    Nomex, works and seems to have no issue of food safety. Given it will last, the added cost of $10 or $15 over a Rutland isn't much considered over a year or two. Purchase for <$35. I noted that if you buy a High-Que grate and Nomex gasket, HQ ships for free. 
    Good luck and share your thoughts and findings. 
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  • I replaced my original gasket on Friday 9-7-2012.  The BGE is about 5 months old and needed a new gasket.  I went with a High-Que gasket.  Using Acetone to get any residue off was pretty easy, I used one of those 7-1 paint tools and a rag with the Acetone.

    Cooked a 16 lb packer brisket on Saturday night.  No problems obviously so far.  

    I would do it again and the gasket looks very good... will have to get the egg up to a 700-800 temp to really test it out.

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    Tulsa, OK

  • noid1037 said:

    I replaced my original gasket on Friday 9-7-2012.  The BGE is about 5 months old and needed a new gasket.  I went with a High-Que gasket.  Using Acetone to get any residue off was pretty easy, I used one of those 7-1 paint tools and a rag with the Acetone.

    Cooked a 16 lb packer brisket on Saturday night.  No problems obviously so far.  

    I would do it again and the gasket looks very good... will have to get the egg up to a 700-800 temp to really test it out.

    Did you do the top and bottom or just one side?
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  • BobSBobS Posts: 2,485

    I am a big fan of the Rutland.  Mine are holding up well after about three years and lots of hot cooks (700+) for pizza and blackened fish. 

    When I got my new small Egg (now two years old), I changed gasket before the first fire, because it was easy to get off and reinstall when everything was clean. 

    One big advantage is that you only have to install it on one side.

    For what it's worth, my original gasket lasted 2 years and technically it was working fine -- it was just pressed so thin that there was no cushion.  I installed a Nomex(R) first and it only lasted a few months.  Also, I thought it was kind of a PIA to install with the spray adhesive.

  • chrisnjennchrisnjenn Posts: 534
    edited September 2012

    I installed the High Que Nomex one (you just peel and stick) about 6 months ago and it has done awesome.  I have gotten the Egg up to 1000 plus degrees and the gasket has done well.  Easy to install also.

    Oh.  I just installed it on the bottom.  I still got half of it left when I need to replace it.  I have had no problems with just having the gasket on the bottom.

    I also got the Rutland kit.  I was just too lazy to do it last time.  The peel and stick is just too easy and works.


  • I've used both.  Nomex is a Lexus, Rutland is a Lamborghini.  the Rutland was actually cheaper.  I believed I paid around $23 on Amazon for the Rutland Gasket and the Copper Permatex. Don't use the glue that comes with the Rutland. 

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  • I've installed the Nomex on my large about a month ago, no issues so far.   I did have to buy the Super 77 to get the top to stick.  I have done 2 or 3 high heat cooks and no issuess. Paid about $25 total with shipping.
  • Although it may further complicate things:  What has been the experience of those who have formed a gasket out of Permatex gasket maker?
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  • Love the rutland.  Absolutely no issues since I put it on 6 month or so after I bought my egg.  Just put it on either the top OR bottom and make sure you use Permatex Ultra Copper ($6 at an auto supply store).
    Packerland, Wisconsin

  • I do a lot of 650 degree pizza cooks so I am hard on a gasket.

    I just pulled the Rutland off and installed a Nomex on the bottom last weekend.  I had installed the Rutland with the black high-heat cement that comes with it and it was coming loose and the cement was all crumbly.  The Rutland did well for 7 months and might still be on if I had used the Permatex Ultra Copper.  I just lifted the whole thing off the other night and scraped the Egg rim with a putty knife and sandpaper and finally acetone.

    I just installed the Nomex using the Permatex.  I took a wooden shim and notched it to fit the rim of the Egg to make a Permatex spreader.  Then squirted a 1/4" bead around rim of the Egg and used notched spreader to make a nice, even coat of adhesive.  I then installed the Nomex gasket on top of the Permatex and let it cure overnight.  Piece of cake.  Then "used dollar bill test" (see YouTube) to adjust top for proper seal. 

    The Nomex gasket was much easier to install.  It is easy to center on the rim and follow the contour.  The Rutland gasket is a pain because you have to be careful not to stretch/distort the Rutland gasket.

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  • I put a Rutland on mine with Permatex a few months ago and have been very pleased. I do a fair amount of pizzas and the heat has no effect on it at all. Only reason I chose it over Nomex - did some Googling and read somewhere that Nomex doesn't like water. Since my Egg sits out uncovered, I opted for the Rutland. Lots of people here running Nomex with no problems though. I think either would be a good choice and certainly better than the felt.
  • Put the old style Nomex on my LBGE about 2 yrs ago. The one without the adhesive. No problems so far, however I will, when the time comes, replace it with a rutland. 

    Alexander City,Al
  • With Nomex is everyone lining the bottom and top or only one side?  I replaced both sides and have had problems aligning the dome since (slight underbite when facing the egg).  
  • A BGE rep told me bottom only with the Nomex for that very reason. Haven't had to as yet but in time it's a given.

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  • Well thanks everyone for the advise. I went with the Nomex and super 77. When I got to the store that is is all thy had besides the felt. And I had to buy the kit for the XL at that. I didn't think of just doing one side. O well we will see how it goes. I just put the dome on top of the base to let it cure. As I probably will not have a chance to get back to it till next weekend. (don't worry I still got  a Medium to cook with :)

    Thanks again everyone!
  • Recently did a Hi Que and bottom. Have had no issues since replacing it a few weeks ago. After replacing the gasket, I aligned the dome all the way around as best as possible. Have had the Egg up to over 800° with no issues.
  • nolaeggheadnolaegghead Posts: 15,448
    NOMEX!!!  noooooes....Rutland Rules!  OH YEAH!?  Yeah!  Take this (punch KICK swatch slap)....  awww...lets make up.  YEAH!  Best friends.  Forever.  

    They both work way better than that felt OEM crap.  Glad to see BGE upgraded.

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  • tazcrashtazcrash Posts: 1,851
    edited September 2012
    Lol @nola

    @miscjames: I did the same as you with Nomex and Super 77. After the first cook there was a 2" place where it was loose. On the second cook I must have dripped some BBQ sauce on the gasket. The next time I opened it, the bottom pulled about a foot, and the top about 3". I bought the Permatex copper, applied as adhesive where the gasket was loose, and repeated over the next several cooks to places as the Super 77 failed. A popsicle stick works wonders for getting it "in there". Everything holding tight now.
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    All to get cheaper brisket! 
  • Thanks Taz. That is a great Idea. I probably just ripped it off and started over...
  • In response to JERK CHICKEN.... I replaced both top and bottom.  The High-QUE comes in a roll for both top and bottom sections.  I just pulled the old gasket off and then used the acetone to get the residue off of the egg.  Took me about 15-20 minutes to throughly clean and install the new one.  

    BGE Large... Go get 'em! "Cant means you haven't tried."

    Tulsa, OK

  • Hungry JoeHungry Joe Posts: 1,186
    The last time I replaced my gasket I used nomex and sprayed the Super 77 into a cup and brushed it on the egg with a small brush. Then I sprayed the gasket and applied it. It has been good for 2 years now. I plan to do my other egg the same way.
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