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sauce for pizza ideas.

mtaskermtasker Posts: 21
edited September 2012 in Baking
i have leftover chicken fajita meat and peppers and onions.  want to make a pizza, just not sure what kind of sauce to use.  red, white, or neither?  any ideas?


  • Funny you should ask, not really pizza, but a few weeks ago after some ABTs, my wife took a couple of 10" tortillas, covered one with mango/peach salsa, the other with regular medium hot salsa and then spread the leftover fajita fixings over the top, with some jack cheese. I threw them on indirect for about 10 minutes on a cold pizza stone, that way the tortilla didn't burn, two was about all we could do without cooling the stone. Served with a spoon of sour cream on top. Don't see why this wouldn't taste good with a real pizza crust and maybe mozza.......
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  • I think I'd spread a little enchilada sauce on the dough, layer on the meat, peppers and onions and then top with some cheddar cheese. 
  • bud812bud812 Posts: 1,076
    I use Kinders roasted garlic bbq sauce on my pizzas. Made one last night with some pulled pork, onions & hot peppers. Mmmm good.

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  • Can't remember the brand right now, but I bought an off the shelf roasted poblano Alfredo sauce and put it on a pizza with chicken and my own roasted poblanos and it was awesome.
  • I have used ranch dressing......
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  • My go-to "sauce" is minced garlic and olive oil.  I heat it up just a tiny bit to infuse the olive oil with the garlic.  I make enough to brush all over the dough, edges too.  If I don't use garlic and olive oil, I use a basil pesto.  

    I think the simple garlic and olive oil would be great with a chicken fajita pizza.  Add the cheese and then the fajita toppings... I want pizza for breakfast! 
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  • DonWWDonWW Posts: 253
    We had BGE pizza night a few weeks ago and my son made a BBQ chicken pizza topped with caramelized onions and some mozzarella.  Some considered it the best pie of the night.  He used a regular store bought BBQ sauce.
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  • HogHeavenHogHeaven Posts: 243
    Mtasker... This is the sauce I use on pizza. INGREDIENTS • 1 can (28 oz. / 828 g) crushed or ground to- matoes. You can also use canned whole Italian plum tomatoes, diced tomatoes, tomato puree, or tomato sauce. • 1⁄2 tablespoon (7.4 g) red wine vinegar • 1⁄4 (1.25 g) teaspoon ground black pepper • 1 teaspoon (5 g) dried basil (optional) • 1⁄2 teaspoon (2.5 g) dried oregano (optional) • 1⁄2 teaspoon (2.5 g) granulated garlic powder (optional) • water, as needed • salt, to taste PROCEDURE 1. If using crushed, ground, or tomato sauce or pu- ree, use a mixing bowl and whisk; if using whole or diced tomatoes, use a food processor. Add to- gether all the ingredients, except the water and salt, and whisk or process to make a smooth sauce. 2. Taste and adjust by adding enough water to make a slightly thick, easily spreadable sauce, as shown in the video. Adjust the salt, whisking it in, to taste. The sauce can be used immedi- ately, but it will thicken slightly as it sits. 3. Store any leftover sauce in a container with a lid. This sauce will keep for up to 10 days in the refrigerator or for three months in the freezer.
  • milesbrown4milesbrown4 Posts: 314
    I agree with @Hog Heaven (I use basic garlic/crushed tomato pizza sauce on everything) that tomato sauce is best.  One addition I would do is maybe a dash or two of cumin to taste (on the pizza itself) to get it into the flavor profile for chicken fajitas.  Bon Appetit!

  • BotchBotch Posts: 2,505
    For my summer pizzas I pour 1/4 cup olive oil into the mortar, add 2 cloves garlic, italian herbs, a pinch of chile flakes and sometimes an anchovy.  Beat it all up with your pestle, and drizzle on the pizza.
    I don't normally put chicken on my summer pies, but I don't think the above sauce would suck with it... 
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  • GrannyX4GrannyX4 Posts: 1,288
    I have used pesto sauce, goat cheese, Boursin cheese, spiced up mayo, olive oil and garlic, and barbecue sauce or anything else you might use on a sandwich. Variety is the spice of life. ;;)
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  • lousubcaplousubcap Posts: 5,080
    I use salsa quite a bit along with Q sauce on the toppings.  Olive oil and garlic as Kristi mentions if I'm doing a vegan cook-of course the veges are garlic, onion and jalapenos.  :)>-
  • mikeb9550mikeb9550 Posts: 95
    With chicken i only like bbq. My favorite is sweet baby rays. My go to pizza is ck sbr bbq sauce and red onion on a 50/50 whole wheat/bread flour mix. Little mozzarella cheese and good to go.
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