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Help me grill great NY Strips

scottyintxscottyintx Posts: 13
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Having friends over tonight for steaks. I have grilled NY Strips once before and they turned out pretty good but tonight I want to make great steaks. My plan is to Trex em like I did last time. Do I put them on to sear as soon as egg reaches 650 or do I let egg stablize at 650?? last time i seared for 90 sec on each side and this time i think i will only sear for 70 seconds. last time i put EVOO on steaks and this time i will not..... steaks will be 1.75" thick if that helps.
How would you grill the me out!!  


  • JWBurnsJWBurns Posts: 334
    Here's how I do them

    Smoke only on sear. Sear 750 directly over coals. 90 seconds each side (depending on thickness), dome open. Pull, rest 20 minutes. Lower temp to 400. Back on for for 4 or so minutes per side. Pull at 130 (medium rare)
  • stikestike Posts: 15,597
    warm them up.  two hours on the counter, or in a ziploc (airless) under warm or hot water.

    those are thick steaks, and you can end up with charred exterior waiting for the middle to hit temp.  make sure there is no chill on them

    salt before hand too, kosher salt, as they sit out. throw a towel or paper napkin over them if need be
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  • bigphilbigphil Posts: 1,357
    i just did sirloin earlier this week i seared 3mins a side then raised grid at 475/500 for about 5/6mins turned out great i haven't tried the Trex method yet, mine also were about a 1 3/4 
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  • JeffMJeffM Posts: 96
    I  definitely am in the minority here, but I do not like to sear my steaks as I don't like a hard crust or any crust on the outside. I prefer to let them get to room temp, season with  salt and pepper and put on a 350 grill direct for a few minutes on either side and pull at about 130 degrees internal temp.  Steaks as a rule are only as good as the quality of meet you start out with.
  • cazzycazzy Posts: 5,483
    edited August 2012
    Get your egg hot...650 should be fine or a lil hotter.

    Oil doesn't help flavor and will burn at high temps. With that, lose the oil for good.

    Plenty of coarse salt (I use kosher salt). Salt enough to where you are completely coated...but not salt on top of salt (term stolen from trex instructions lol). Fresh ground pepper. I do this after the meat has sat on the counter for about 20 minutes and seasoning is done right before you toss on the grill. Some will say the resting on the counter don't matter and others will say they get better results with salting long before they grill it. More than one way to skin a cat.

    Searing will be more successful this time around as you won't have the oil charring your ny strip. Get as low in the egg that's possible. I use a spider and small CI grill.
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    I usually sear for about 90-120 secs until I get the meat color I'm looking for.
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    After searing, pull meat and get your temp down as quick as possible. After which, roast high in the dome until you reach 5 degrees before your desired temp.

    Rest for no less than 5 minutes so juices can redistribute to the meat. I put a garlic butter ball under a foil tent.

    I don't follow the trex method completely cause I don't get my egg atomically hot because I use a spider. I also don't pull meat to get the temp down. I move it to my small bge.

    This is the way I hack it and I consistently get superb results.
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  • tazcrashtazcrash Posts: 1,747
    +1 on Trex. It has been said before but I'm feeling verbose today and want to avoid gardening
    Did one last night.
    Kosher Salt & let sit to get to room temp.
    Get a nice even fire going. I stirred my coals a few times to even things out.
    Seared 45 seconds rotate 90 degrees sear 45 seconds flip and repeat.
    Once seared, remove. Put in close egg down to get temp to 350. Then put steak back on till done.

    Great eats.
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  • pasoeggpasoegg Posts: 220


    you cook steaks on large BGE and finish them on small BGE...correct???  I was thinking about getting a small to do steaks only...any thoughts???

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  • lousubcaplousubcap Posts: 4,853
    @ pasoegg-if you can pull that deal off -great on ya.  I would never get it past SWMBO-but points all around for taking the shot.
  • cazzycazzy Posts: 5,483
    pasoegg said:


    you cook steaks on large BGE and finish them on small BGE...correct???  I was thinking about getting a small to do steaks only...any thoughts???

    Correct. Sear on LBGE with spider and roast on SBGE.

    Why just use the SBGE for steaks though? That would be a waste of a very fun egg to cook on. :)

  • pasoeggpasoegg Posts: 220

    @lousubcap @cazzy

    just a rat looking for another hole to crawl in....have large BGE but going through X-mas in August....trying to get my story straight so I can tell it the same way every time....need the BGE bunny to come one night!

    "it is never too early to drink, but it may be too early to be seen drinking"

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  • Wife just got back from meat market...steaks are only 1" thick. Do I just Shorten my sear/grill time?? 
  • cazzycazzy Posts: 5,483
    I honestly wouldn't get caught up in time too much as there are alot of variables. The main one being temp. Seat till the color looks right. If it's grayish, you need to sear a lol more.

    What internal temp are you shooting for?

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