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Tri Tip Steak

boozer707boozer707 Posts: 1
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I was at the EggFest in Orlando a month ago and one of the Cookers grilled Tri-Tip Steak.
It was amazing and i wanted to know if anyone had a the Temp and Time used to cook the Tri Tips.
Good recipes are always welcome too


  • LitLit Posts: 2,638
    I don't slow cook lean meat. I season my tri tip and put it in a gallon zip lock and get all the air out and then put it in a tub of 100-110 degree water for an hour. Add hot water several times to keep the temp up. This will get the internal temp of the meat up to about 80 degrees so you don't have to dry out the outside to get the internal temp where you want it. A smaller tri tip like 1.5 to 2 pounds I usually just cook direct at 500 or so until the internal temp hits 125 but bigger tri tips I will cook direct at 500 or so for 5 minutes a side and then raise to felt level and finish direct until it hits 125.
  • LitLit Posts: 2,638

    Here is a 3.5 pound tri tip I cooked last weekend. This one had a fat cap on it still but most tri tips I have seen don't come this way. This was cooked to 130 cause I was inside messing with the biscuits and was a minute late but was still good. The last picture is a smaller tri tip I did in the past.



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  • ribnrunribnrun Posts: 174
    Were you asking about cooking the tri tip steaks or the whole roast? I reccently did a roast indirect, which took several hours. For the steaks I think direct at about 400 to 500 after an initial sear is a more appropriate set-up. Don't cook by time, cook to doneness, use a thermometer if you need.
  • cshaw21cshaw21 Posts: 1
    I have recently been "egging" some tri tips as well. My wife believes it's the best thing I grill on the egg. While I have tried the suggestions above our favorite is to do a rub of course ground pepper and course ground sea salt (to taste). I bring the egg to about 600 get a good sear on it then take it off. Once it's off the grill I close the grill some and take it down to about 200 throw some soaked pecan chips on the fire. While the temp is dropping and before the chips I slice the trip tip across the grain in half inch slices. Once the egg is close to 200 I throw the chips in and lay the slices on the grill and let smoke for about 10 minutes for mine or about 20 for my wife. Incredibly good meat for the cost!!!!
  • BudgeezerBudgeezer Posts: 455

    This is my tri tip from last weekend.  I rubbed the tri tip with Dizzy Pig cow lick and left in the frig for a couple of hours.  I got the egg up to 800+ degrees and seared for 1 minute, rotated 45 degrees and seared for another minute, turned and seared for 1 more minute.  Removed and tented and let egg come down to 400 and roasted indirect until IT was 125.  Perfect.

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  • bvanma28bvanma28 Posts: 46
    15 mins a side around 400 is medium rare, without the fat cap
  • bvanma28bvanma28 Posts: 46
    Just a guide. Learn to touch ur meat and figure out texture for the way u like it.
  • BYS1981BYS1981 Posts: 1,551
    Check gte1 s prifile, he has a tgread about tri tip. I roast mine and then sear, favorite way ti eat tri tip - i am in ca, and have tried several ways lol.
  • inkyoninkyon Posts: 88
    Try dry white wine like pinot grigio, italian dressing, bunch of crushed garlics, and little of lime zest to marinate it for three days. Each day when marinating, turn the meat to get the fullness of the marinating. On the cook day, sear it at high heat with dome open to give it a nice crust then take it off to get the egg down to 350. Finish the meat to your preference of doneness. Amazing. 
  • inkyoninkyon Posts: 88
    And I prefer to get fat cap because it is what makes tri tip so juicy.
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