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Brisket flat? Travis method question

MOvikingsfanMOvikingsfan Posts: 80
edited July 2012 in EggHead Forum

Hey guys, after ruining last weekends brisket thought i'd try this. I'm off to a pretty late start....(gonna be eating late i'm sure)any idea on what I can expect for time? Gonna cook to temp but don't want to use my maverick by all that liquid. Oh yea....gonna cook at 300 dome temp.(per travis)

Also any idea what grade these might be? Pretty sure its just flat but thats all i have the guts to buy. They come from wal-mart and thats the only sticker on them. They have full packers for about $35 but no grade on them either?

004.JPG 1.8M
005.JPG 1.6M


  • njlnjl Posts: 837
    Kind of hard to guess the grade if it doesn't say.  It didn't say anything on the cryopak?

    I put one on at 10:30am following this Travis method variation:
    and after 2 hours, the meat's at 150F.  Probably only a couple hours to go.  If yours is going to be in the liquid the entire time...I don't know what that'll do to the cook time.  The liquid is not going to be much hotter than 212F, but water is a much better conductor of heat than air.
  • DOCEDDOCED Posts: 69
    I did a 4# flat last weekend using Travis method (THANKS Trav) and pulled it at 205F. Took about 4 hrs. It was tender and moist and I probably could have pulled it at 195-200F but was fine at 205F. I have no idea on the grade of the Walmart flat.Good eating!
  • njlnjl Posts: 837
    Just noticed the weight...yours is tiny (3.3lbs).  I wouldn't worry about a late start...I'm guessing it'll only take around 4 hours give or take an hour to cook.
  • Yea mine is pretty Just looked and it did have another sticker on the back with nutrition facts, etc. says it's tyson brand so probably low grade. Guess i should ask there meat butcher everything they get is pre-packed. Thanks
  • It's most likely select. If it were choice, they would sticker it and charge more for it. Actually choice briskets are harder to find (even here sometimes) so I would assume it's select. That's OK for this method. the braise will add all the moisture you need 

  • Good because i tried one of these last weekend lo-n-slo and i dried it out.(very little was even edible). I think i need to try the whole packer. If the whole packers are not marked(I looked and didn't see any grade)should i try one asuming it is select?....or would I be better off shopping around for a better grade?
  • I would rather cook a select packer than a choice flat- hands down

    These small trimmed briskets are impossible to smoke low and slow. Travis' method is perfect for them. I'm going to try it soon just to play around with it. I think it's genius for small trimmed briskets and i'm sure it's great on packers too.

  • and if it's not marked, assume select. Most stores don't sell the grades below select and most of that goes into commercial foods anyway

    If it's choice or above, they will make sure you know it

  • Good thats what i'm hoping for(although it can't really be worse than my last attempt :( )
  • Will take finish pics and let you know how it turns out.....Thanks
  • ShiffShiff Posts: 1,411
    Meat doesn't have  to be graded, but Choice and above usually is.  That is a lot of money for such a small brisket.

    The country of origin isn't listed on the label you showed - was it listed on any other labels?

    The reason I ask is that a local market had some Mexican beef (Sukarne brand) a month or so ago. It wasn't graded and was extremely tough.  I spoke with the butcher and he said it was a budget line of meat and comes from very young cows and is sometimes called red veal.
    Barry Lancaster, PA
  • Here was the sticker on the back....product of USA. No grade anywhere tho.

    Yea I thought 4.58/lb was high, I'm not sure how much there whole packers are a pound but didn't want to ruin that much

    006.JPG 1.4M
  • ShiffShiff Posts: 1,411
    My last Packer Brisket purchased from Shady Maple was $2.79/pound  for USDA Choice.  The one I defrosted for tonight's dinner was $2.49/pound also Choice  and also from Shady Maple.
    Barry Lancaster, PA
  • AleBrewerAleBrewer Posts: 555
    I just bought an 11lb packer from Wally World yesterday. Had no grade markings anywhere on I assumed it was select. It was $2.58/lb. Hoping to get it on tomorrow or Tuesday.

    Our options for packers are pretty limited here. This is the first time I have seen them at this particular WalMart. I went in for six bags of Royal Oak and decided to check for a brisket on a whim. We'll see how it turns out.
  • No worries for me anymore on the packers....I can get the small flats all day(little high but probably can get them cheaper if i shop around). I ruined a couple of em but I tried the "travis method" today and it was awesome!!! Didn't know just the flat could be so juicy....tried the low-n-slo with these with no luck.
  • Turned out great!! Hit 210 on the Thermapen almost exactly at 4 hours. Egg ran 300 with almost no attention....Super easy and fast cook!! Softer bark than I like but the taste and tenderness was frickin unreal.
    008.JPG 1.7M
    010.JPG 1.6M
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