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Need advice for big steaks in shifts...

BlueRidgeBlueRidge Posts: 84
edited July 2012 in EggHead Forum
Good Morning!
It's been a long time since I have spent much time on the forum and over the last couple of months I have really enjoyed reading the posts and thinking about all the glorious food out there!  (Just discovered the joy of meatloaf on a grill....will never do a meatloaf in the oven again :-})
I have 9 people coming tonight for a good friends birthday dinner.  He specifically asked my wife if I would consider cooking for the party as our birthday gift for him!  What an honor; it speaks to what the grill can do!
I have 9 NY strips at just shy of 2" thick.  Only this morning did I realize that they won't all fit on the grid at the same time, but I REALLY want to plate and serve together.  I think I can sear in two shifts of 5 then 4 and then finish in the oven at 350 or 400.  
I am also considering searing in the two shifts as above, putting in the second elevated grid and shutting her down and finishing on the egg.  I have yet to see if there is enough room on the two grids for will be really tight.
I am tempted to try to finish on the egg as it's the only way I have cooked a steak in the last 7 or 8 years but I worry that I won't be able to control the finish of all the meat properly.  On the other hand, finishing in the oven gives me more control but how much yumminess will be lost off of the egg?
How have you superstars dealt with this scenario in your back yards?
As always, glad to have the forum and would love to hear from you!


  • lousubcaplousubcap Posts: 5,948
    No superstar here but an observation-when you mention "putting in the second elevated grid and shutting her down and finishing on the egg" my experience (only happened once then never will happen again) is that the shutdown evolution will yield a very sooty flavor to the steaks due to the sealed environment caused by shutting all the vents.  FWIW-and good luck.  I will be following the responses.
  • BlueRidgeBlueRidge Posts: 84
    Thanks Lousubcap

    I will open the vents back up once the temp is down and will stabilize it at 350 - 400 deg's.  Thankfully, I've not had issues yet with a sooty finish!
  • Can you Trex them? Sear all of them quickly at very high temp close to the coals. Let them rest while you set up your two layer rack (if you have the gear for that) and then return to grill at 400 to roast all of them the rest of the way to your desired temp.

    Seems like it should work....

  • BlueRidgeBlueRidge Posts: 84
    that's exactly what I was thinking.  Only, with that many steaks on the grill and with two layers that are hard to get to, I was afraid that I would have some overcooked and less importantly some undercooked.  I can't get a finger to them to test their doneness and if one down low is finished I have to move all the above meat to get to it.  That's why I was thinking the oven might be a better choice...

    I suppose no risks no rewards...

  • Phoenix824Phoenix824 Posts: 243
    You should call the people coming over and see how they like their steak.     If you get a good mix of well and med rare to rare .    You may fix the problem of two tiers.    If my wife and I were there she would want well done (I can not overcook her steak) and I would want rare to med rare.  
    Steve Van Wert, Ohio XL BGE
  • BlueRidgeBlueRidge Posts: 84
    Thanks for the help....  Seared in groups of three, rested and brought temp to 375, put them all on the two grids.  Placed the steaks that looked the biggest on the lower and all was well.  Worked just fine.
  • MikeP624MikeP624 Posts: 292
    U could hot tub them all, then sear in groups.
  • smokesniffersmokesniffer Posts: 1,705
    The only solution that I see here is... another Egg!!!
    +1 hapster
  • MrCookingNurseMrCookingNurse Posts: 3,908
    Glad to hear it turned out good... let's face it. Most people are going to enjoy being cooked for, plus having steaks off the flame as the meal... Unless they are writing for Zagat you will always be fine.
    Trust me, if you are anything like me you are your own worst critic and everyone else is saying its the best ever! Glad it turned out good!


    LBGE & SBGE (big momma and pat)
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