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Wok for fathers day

cul-de-sac-ercul-de-sac-er Posts: 178
edited June 2012 in EggHead Forum
My wife just informed me she wants to order this lodge wok from amazon.
I want to start wokking and want to know if this will work in the egg.
I have a large egg
Village idiot had a round bottom carbon steel wok I believe - is this one better or worse.
Also need to know what size wok and spider and other accessories you recommend.
I really appreciate your help - I want to purchase what works best.


  • GriffinGriffin Posts: 7,308
    I'm no expert....those guys will chime in soon....but one of the great things about a carbon steel wok is that it heats up and cools off fast. CI will retain that heat. Not ideal for wokking, from what I understand. Ceramic Grill Store and teh Wok shop can get you one cheaper, as well.

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  • yellowdogbbqyellowdogbbq Posts: 379
    Griffin is right, carbon steel is better for wok cooking because of the quick heat transfer.  I bought my 16" wok from the Ceramic Grill Store and the spider at the same time.  The Wok Shop is great also (I've bought utensils from them).  You will need welders gloves & a long handle wok spatula.  VI has a great video on how to wok cook in a previous thread.  Have fun and the food that comes out of the wok is amazing.
  • Little StevenLittle Steven Posts: 27,885
    I have that wak and it works great. I normally use a carbon steel one though. Those things are heavy


    Caledon, ON


  • Richard FlRichard Fl Posts: 8,008
    I have several woks and believe that as previously said the cast iron is tooo heavy and retains heat for too long, unless you are deep frying in it. 
    A 14" or 16" with metal "D" rings are IMHO the best for Large BGE's.
    I actually prefer a 14" with a wood handle for my large as the top is always open and the handle gives me better control of the cooking process, but this is just my preference.
    I will use one with "D" handles when using a bamboo steamer as the rings allow the top to be closed.

    Most oriental commercial kitchens use woks with a
    metal handle as wood handles tend to burn .


    When setting the woks up for the BGE you can use a
    wok ring or spider from CGS or just rest a flat bottom wok on the grate or have
    a wok ring to rest the round bottom wok on  the grate.

    The type of wok and its bottom is partially
    dependent on the cooking surfaces you will be using.

     Stove top, BGE or other ceramic cookers or just a
    propane burner with rack in the backyard.


  • Typical "American Style" cast iron, like Lodge, is too thick in general for a good stir fry. I have some old (dare I say ancient) cast iron woks that I love. They're real thin and light. One actually shattered when I dropped it.

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  • Wow what great info thanks to all for the advice
  • Well, Hopefully @Mickey will chime in. It appears our resident wok expert VI got upset that the Sous Vide thread wasn't to his liking and deleted his account today.

    Sad, really but we move on.

  • Are you kidding me VI is gone?
  • Are you kidding me VI is gone?

    Sadly I am not

  • tazcrashtazcrash Posts: 1,851
    That is very sad news.
    Bx - > NJ ->TX!!! 
    All to get cheaper brisket! 
  • Yeah this stinks what happened? Just watched his wok video
  • Yeah this stinks what happened? Just watched his wok video

    I dunno the whole story

  • He got all sideways that a thread he started didn't go the way he wanted and got sideways. Really wasn't any big deal but he couldn't let it go. He got p@ssed and left in a huff.

  • So let me recap for lbge I need 16 inch round bottom wok, spider and what size spatula? Any other accessories?
  • Mighty_QuinnMighty_Quinn Posts: 1,878
    It's been building for a while with VI...
  • It's been building for a while with VI...


  • stikestike Posts: 15,597
    edited June 2012


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  • LowflyerLowflyer Posts: 780
    Yeah this stinks what happened? Just watched his wok video
    Hope he comes back soon, a lot of good info there...
  • tazcrashtazcrash Posts: 1,851
    I will miss VI, and i do hope he comes back. But, you know who I miss? This howdy-doodie guy. He had some skills as well.
    Bx - > NJ ->TX!!! 
    All to get cheaper brisket! 
  • stikestike Posts: 15,597
    zippy too.
    ed egli avea del cul fatto trombetta -Dante
  • XLBalcoXLBalco Posts: 583

    i thought that the only drama was on the other forumns i am on where guys delete accounts and threads.

    good stuff right here

  • yellowdogbbqyellowdogbbq Posts: 379
    @cul-de-sac-er, Yep 16" round bottom wok, spider, long handle spatula (Longer the better, I prefer wood) and welders gloves.
  • Thanks yellowdog
  • BayaradBayarad Posts: 305
    +1 on the wooden spatula.  Every time I use the carbon steel spatula we end up eating the wok's seasoning with the stir fry and having to start all over with reseasoning the wok.
  • JeffMJeffM Posts: 100
    I follow the techniques advocated by Grace Young both in her books and videos.  She prefers a flat bottom wok.  It works better on your stove as it more stable and does not need a ring. I like stir frying on the stove better than the egg as I am closer to all the ingredients and have more access to counter space.   I just turn on the gas  stove for 1 minute, heat up the wok for less than 1 minute and stir fry about 3 minutes.    ( It does take an hour or more to prepare and chop and mince  and mix all the ingredients :)
  • BjorgBjorg Posts: 239
    +1 on the wooden spatula.  Every time I use the carbon steel spatula we end up eating the wok's seasoning with the stir fry and having to start all over with reseasoning the wok.
    Makes sense. However, the first time I tryed that, my favorite wooden spatula burned and is now perma charred. 

    I am having issues with my wok seasoning as well though with my metal one. I guess I should use the wooden burnt one. 
    Quebec - Canada
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