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First Pulled Pork in a LOOOONG time

volntitanvolntitan Posts: 95
edited May 2012 in EggHead Forum
So even though still looking for the right charcoal (I am an obsessor), ordered my ET-732, so thought would ask for tips on making great pulled pork.  I was going to get a couple of normal sized boston butts, but what is the best way to prep the butt (can't believe I said that)?  Put rub on set overnight?  Do I mix the rub to form a paste?  Cook with any kind of liquid?

I am a big craft beer buy and have a huge beer selection, so any suggestions on using beer in a marinade or anything would be a plus.


  • jjmillsjjmills Posts: 75
    I would use the beer to marinade yourself.  You can coat the butt with yellow mustard then put on rub or just put on the rub, no difference in my mind.  I then wrap in cling wrap and throw in the fridge sometimes for 4-5 hours other times overnight.  I personally don't put any liquids in the drip pan bet have heard many people do it.  Good luck with the cook, it's a hard one to mess up.
  • DuganboyDuganboy Posts: 1,118
    Here is what I do.  Others will tell you differently and we are all right.

    Rub regular mustard all over the butt.  Cover with your favorite butt rub (that is a personal choice and there are many, many choices).

    If I have time I leave it overnight in the fridge, wrapped in cellophane.  If not, I just put it on the grill.  I honestly cannot say that I can tell a big difference.

    I smoke with hickory and at a temp of 250.  After the first four or five hours, I will spray with apple juice about every hour.

    I take it off the egg when the IT is 200.  Some people put them in foil after the IT gets over 140.

    Let it cool and pull it and enjoy it.

    Good luck.

  • lousubcaplousubcap Posts: 5,466

    Much of what you ask is personal preference and as jjmills says, best for the beer on you.  Here's link with lots of info that may help you, but try it one way (keep notes) next try a change up of one variable and give it another go.  Just estimate long for the cook-time as each hunk is different. And enjoy the journey. 

  • volntitanvolntitan Posts: 95 was going to cook it tomorrow for eating on Monday.  Is that "ok" to do that?  Tomorrow really the only open day I have this weekend.

    Mustard sound interesting!  Does a stronger mustard like spicy make a difference?  Also see different opinions on trimming fat.  Some say leave it on and let the "top fat" keep meat juicy, while others say trim most off...thoughts?  I did see where I could get both Byrons and Dizzy's here locally for rub.

    Sorry for the stream of conciseness maverick was just delivered ;)
  • lousubcaplousubcap Posts: 5,466

    Cook when you can and then pull while hot.  You can reheat with a little sauce in a crock pot for Monday and you will get other options.  Same with the fat...personal choice...Don't know about stronger and spicy mustard as I use el cheapo as a binder.  Check out the following link about pulled pork, the stall and lots of other useful info- 

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