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Two Big Butts...and a few questions

gooddogjudgegooddogjudge Posts: 91
edited May 2012 in EggHead Forum
I'm planning on cooking 2 butts, 9 lbs each tonight.  Should I remove these from the fridge ahead of time to let their temperature drop before putting in egg.  I'm planning on 250 dome temp for about 16 hours, though I have the maverick to tell me internal temp (assuming this maverick is not a lemon, like the first one I had). 

Planning to apply dry rub about 6 hours before they go in BGE.  Should I apply earlier, later? 

any other advice?  I've only done this once before.


  • bigguy136bigguy136 Posts: 877
    I like a temp gage in each as one might be done before the other. I like to put on a cold butt as I think it takes in more smoke flavor. 250° dome and 16 hours sounds good. I do the rub just before starting the fire but if you have time, 6 hours before should work (maybe add a little more flavor??).

    Big Lake, Minnesota

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  • ajridge35ajridge35 Posts: 52

    After having done two porks this past weekend, I can tell you 16 hours is a safe estimate. However, it's only that - an estimate. I put both butts (8.5# each) in the at 9:30, and they were done (200*) at 11:30, and that's with increasing the egg temp to about 300 for an hour AND wrapping in foil. My history with applying the rub right before I throw them in the egg as opposed to hours on end prior to putting them in, no difference. That's my opinion, others will swear by making sure its marinated in the rub for like a whole day... but for me, I have not experienced difference in taste what-so-ever. As for removing them from the fridge, its up to you... It may add an additional half hour to an hour of cook time if you put the butts in the egg RIGHT outta the fridge, but in my opinion not utterly necessary. If you forget that step of bringing the butts to room temp before going in the egg, they'll still turn out awesome.


    Thats my two cents, and I'm positive others will disagree to some degree, but have fun and play with it.

  • lousubcaplousubcap Posts: 5,524
    A potential benefit to going straight from the fridge is that the smoke ring only forms when the meat temperature is below around 140*F-so you get more time for that with a colder hunk of meat. FWIW-other than that-be liberal with your lump load-don't want to lose the fire during the cook.  Enjoy-
  • BOWHUNRBOWHUNR Posts: 1,392
    I'm with bigguy136.  The colder the butts when they go on the better.  They will only take smoke up to 140* internal so by having them cold you will increase your window and form a beautiful smoke ring.


    I'm ashamed what I did for a Klondike Bar!!

    Omaha, NE
  • thanks fellas!  they'll be cold when they go on and tender when they come off!
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