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My first egg... BROKEN : ( Where to get a replacement?

ButtermakerButtermaker Posts: 5
edited March 2012 in Root
So I was pretty jazzed yesterday as I found a brand new Medium BGE for sale on Craigslist.
I met up with the woman who won it at a company function, but wanted a gas grill so she was selling it. Some people at her office assembled it for display and apparently they didn't do a very good job tightening the bolts on the ring assembly because as the woman's boyfriend was moving the assembled egg to my car the bottom half of the Egg slipped out of the ring and shattered.

After we all stood stunned for what seemed like forever, I offered her a few bucks for the rest of the parts (including a nest and shelves).

So... Is there anyplace to get a replacement bottom half of a Medium Egg?



  • 2spicy2spicy Posts: 18

    Wow that really really hurts.

    Any green egg dealer should be able to order all the needed parts for you.

  • MickeyMickey Posts: 16,266
    Not good, sorry for you.
    Salado TX Egg Family: 2 Large and a very well used Mini, just added a Mini Max (I'm good for now). 

  • CowdogsCowdogs Posts: 488
    Any dealer can order it. No big deal if you got the rest cheap.
  • stevesailsstevesails Posts: 969
    Oh yes. Bummer. Instructions say not to lift by the rings
    XL   Walled Lake, MI

  • cazzycazzy Posts: 7,719
    It sucks that it happened, but depending on what you paid for the leftovers, you may just end up spending a lil less.  

    How does warranty work in this scenario?  Should I reread the Costco thread to get the 411 on warranties?  :))
    Just a hack that makes some $hitty BBQ...
  • Go to your local dealer (any) and they can order any parts that you might need. Good luck
    Melbourne, Florida.
  • Warranty does not apply because you have to be the original owner for any warranty related claims. This would not apply anyway. Driver error!
    Melbourne, Florida.
  • Doc_EggertonDoc_Eggerton Posts: 4,301
    edited March 2012
    Wassi! The best place to buy an Egg in all of Florida.

    Hi Wassi.
    Pasquali Luciano
    Buon appetito to all the BGE family
    XLBGE, LBGE, MBGE and lots of toys

  • The Naked WhizThe Naked Whiz Posts: 7,780
    Cazzy, the warranty angle is pretty simple.  Warranty doesn't transfer.  Only the original purchaser has a warranty.  (There saved you 2 hours of reading, :)) )
    The Naked Whiz
  • GatoGordoGatoGordo Posts: 47
    If I read this correctly, the woman from whom you purchased the egg is the original owner (if she won a new egg) and should be able to make a warranty claim. Even so, I do not think any warranty covers dropping the egg.
    LBGE, Stoker WiFi, StokerConsole
  • ribmasterribmaster Posts: 209

    You will have a warranty on the part(bottom) that you purchase I would suspect.

    I think the reason BGE has a warranty is there is not much to break unless you drop it or knock it over.

    I grill therefore I am.....not hungy.
  • They broke it, I hope you didn't still pay the whole price for it.
  • I only gave them $60.
    • Nest
    • Side Shelves
    • Medium BGE Lid
    • Ring assembly
    • Cast iron cap
    • Ceramic and cast iron innards
    • Ceramic cap
    • Instruction manual

    Currently have a call in with a local distributor to order a new bottom half... I'll let you know what it cost when I get the quote.
    Anyone have any idea what the price SHOULD be so that I don't overpay?
  • DOCEDDOCED Posts: 69
    Can't say about the bottom but I launched the dome off my 2nd level cooking deck (a long sad/funny tale) and had to get a new one.First, drop and break it no warranty coverage but if you crack it overtightening the ring it is covered......go figure.The dome replacement cost $170 or so as I recall (I've blocked the whole experience from my waking memory!).Good luck,It is only a bump in the road.
  • Just spoke to a local BGE supplier and put my order in for the base.

    Total is $280ish with a 2-4 week delivery window.
  • The Naked WhizThe Naked Whiz Posts: 7,780
    DOCED, dropping isn't covered since, well, it should be obvious.  I think that over-tightening the bolt causing an issue is covered because they tell you that you can't over tighten the bolt.  Besides, assuming you can overtighten the bolt, there is no way for them to tell you precisely how tight to tighten the bolt.  I think they'd rather cover the very very few explosions from over-tightening the bolt than the very very many  lost bottoms and tops from people not tightening the bands enough. 
    The Naked Whiz
  • DOCEDDOCED Posts: 69
    Roger that. I had checked the band but it was my first pizza and the heat must have expanded the ring enough to let the dome go airborne.My wife said the look on my buddy's and my face as we looked over the railing was hilarious. I,myself,at the time,failed to see the humor.In retrospect it was kinda funny.One must learn...and pay for one's errors in judgment.
  • Just a footnote... I also contacted the BGE Retail Sales Dept. directly and the price was about the same after shipping.  And that was including a 10% sympathy discount.

    Without shipping, but with discount, I believe it was around $215

    Looking forward to getting my base so I can get cooking!
  • odie91odie91 Posts: 207
    I know it's too late, but you should've gotten in touch with this guy, haha:

  • SandBillySandBilly Posts: 224
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