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Cast Iron Grate, Yes or No?

CullumCullum Posts: 214
edited March 2012 in EggHead Forum
Anyone used the cast iron grate for steaks or burgers, etc? Do you think it cooks a steak better on it?


  • Village IdiotVillage Idiot Posts: 6,951
    Nope, I think it's just for the burn marks.  I got one, used it once, and it's sitting in the cabinet.

    Dripping Springs, Texas.
    Just west of Austintatious

  • Mike8itMike8it Posts: 468
    edited March 2012
    I have one and I enjoy it. It puts on nice sear marks if you use the raised side and the flat side does well with fish and seafood. It seems that the twines are closer together so small food does not fall through as easy. I don't think it really cooks any better.
  • MickeyMickey Posts: 16,504
    edited March 2012
    Mine also is sitting in the cabinet. Like the SS so much better. But it is a toy and buy all of them once or twice or ........
    Salado TX Egg Family: 2 Large and a very well used Mini, just added a Mini Max (I'm good for now). 

  • joe@bgejoe@bge Posts: 394
    Nope, I think it's just for the burn marks.  I got one, used it once, and it's sitting in the cabinet.

    Agree on the taste aspect - no benefit there but...I bought the Ceramic Grill Works CI swing grate mainly for the elevated cooking surface and for the durability/longevity of CI. 

  • lwrehmlwrehm Posts: 205
    I like mine for steaks, but I prefer the SS for Brats and burgers. 
  • JMSetzlerJMSetzler Posts: 75
    I love cast iron grates so much that I bought one of the aftermarket ones for my Weber kettle.  It does not contribute to flavor.  It does make beautiful sear marks if you get it good and hot.  In my humble opinion, the appearance of the food is as important as the flavor and there ins't much that makes a steak or burger LOOK better than some nicely defined sear marks.
  • hogaholichogaholic Posts: 225
    Yes.  Great for fish
    Jackson, Tennessee. VFL (Vol for Life)
  • I do slightly disagree with the crowd here, I love my CI grid and use it for everything.  I just grilled some sturgeon on it last night (beveled side, not the flat side) and it turned out great.  I do think that it adds both flavor and presentation to a lot of meats.  The key is to make sure it's pre-heated really well, that way your meat and fish, while sticking initially, will release with beautiful grill marks.  
  • scooter759scooter759 Posts: 248

    I'm kinda partial to a product called Grill Grates. They are made of aircraft grade aluminum and sit on top of the regular grates. They are grooved and have raised panels that are designed to raise the surface temp of your grill for better searing. I have used them for steak, seafood, chicken, all with excellent results. Perfect sear marks (I am a big fan of presentation as well) every time. Another nice feature is no flare ups. I tend to use lots of marinades on chicken and fish, and have not had a single flareup. Since I use my gasser more often in the winter that's a big plus for me. Here's a look at a NY Strip and Curried Shrimp from a recent cook. It was pretty cold out so these were done on my gasser in the garage.

    My only concern with these is because they sit on top of the regular grates, they can be a little bit of a pain to brush clean.


    Extra Large, 2 Large, Medium, Mini Max, Weber Summit gasser, Weber Q. Mankato, MN
  • Hi54puttyHi54putty Posts: 1,626
    I really like the "flat side" of the CI grate for fish, shrimp, and other delicate cooks.
    Winston-Salem, NC 
  • SyrEggSyrEgg Posts: 6

    I am not expert, but i think part of the concept of a cast iron grate is that it can retain the heat better than a SS grate, which would apply for searing steaks.  I read somewhere that the when cast iron is desired for steaks and that when you flip are you supposed to flip to un used portion of the cast iron as it will be hotter than the section the meat was just used....again I am not an expert, and I don't know how much diff. you would notice either way... 

    Regardless, I have a cast iron grate and use it more than the ss grate.



  • EgtsEgts Posts: 27
    I wanted a cast iron grate, but currently have no problem with getting sear marks from my stainless steel grate.
  • Ragtop99Ragtop99 Posts: 1,368
    I use my cast iron for steaks with the CGS spider.  I do a double flip to get the grid look on the finished steak.  Sometimes I use it for burgers too.

    On my gas grill, I bought the CI and used it for everything. 
    Cooking on an XL and Medium in Bethesda, MD.
  • wolfsburg18wolfsburg18 Posts: 78
    edited March 2012
    Cast Iron
          Similar to cast iron pans, a cast iron grate will impart some iron into the food.  While minimal some people are able to taste the iron and either like or hate it.  There is nothing harmful about it, but it is a fact of cooking on cast iron.  It has also been shown, especially in woks that cast iron will hold heat longer and is easier to season.  The seasoning of the cast iron will help to limit the ability of food to stick to the surface and is more likely to release on a well seasoned grill.  

    Stainless Steel
          Stainless steel has somewhere around 12% or more of chromium which is what makes it stainless steel.  The Chromium forms a protective layer on the outside of the steel which aids in its corrosion resistance but does not make it impervious as some might believe.  Some believe it can impart a metallic taste into the food.

    My Views
          I use cast iron pans on a regular basis and have about a dozen small 6" pans which we use for all sorts of items.   The main downside is that they must be cleaned correctly right away then oiled and warmed before storing so they remain properly seasoned.  I still have only the stainless steel grate that came with my BGE and have no issues with it.  I typically cook high and fast with the BGE and don't feel the SS imposes a flavor on the food.  Caned food however bothers me and I feel like it just has a bad sour and bitter metallic flavor.   I am interested in a cast iron grate and griddle for my BGE and with a birthday around the corner am expecting one.

          My question to the form to bring the thread back on track is:
    1. If you use a cast iron grate which one do you have?  (Please provide a link and/or picture).  
    2. What do you feel of your cast iron grate compared to the SS which was provided?
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