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BGE vs Kamado Joe

napiazzanapiazza Posts: 3
edited September 2011 in EggHead Forum
So I'm in a bit of a predicament here - shopping around for a kamado and I was dead set on getting the Large BGE, but today was offered a Kamado Joe of comparable size and light use (smoked on 4 times)...and for half the price.  Logistics are pointing towards the Kamado Joe - but I want to make sure I'm getting a good smoker for my money.  I know there is probably a bit of bias here, and I am very biased myself since the only kamado I've cooked on has been a BGE - but has anyone had experience cooking/eating off a KJ ClassicJoe?  Is the quality of food difference (if any) and BGE warranty worth an extra few hundred bucks and a three hour drive?  Thanks for the advice guys and gals!


  • I think this may help.

    And when you say half the price, do you mean half the price of the egg or KJ?  There is no warranty with the KJ though which comes in handy.  Check this out:

    I think anyway you go you will be happy. 

  • LDDLDD Posts: 1,225
    I don't know what experiences people have had with dealing with warranty issues. but according to their website, their warranty coverage seems decent. It might be worth checking  forums with KJ owners.

    sounds like a good deal assuming it's not used. the warranty doesn't appear to be transferable. (like the BGE)
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  • napiazza, I'd go for the Joe at that price.  They have been really accommodating to their customers and I wouldn't be surprised that if something major did go wrong, they would at least help you out.  I really like my KJ as well as all my Eggs.  But that price would be hard to ignore. 

    The quality of the food is going to be equal as far as I can tell.  Everything I've cooked on the Joe has been just as good as anything I have cooked on the Egg.  Really, the only thing I don't like about the Joe is the side table mechanism.  The tables are of course bamboo and lovely, but the tables can come off if you don't raise them properly.  Just be careful and you'll be ok. I like their raised grid better and their heat deflector better, for what that's worth.

    Another thing to consider is what value you place on the Egg forums and Eggfests and the huge family of Egg owners.  Anyway, good luck.  Whatever you decide, you will be happy with either cooker.
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  • ShawnShawn Posts: 356
    I own a BGE and KJ. I like the KJ better for there gasket and temperature control. Also there customer service is A+. They are both very good BBQ!

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  • VolfoVolfo Posts: 31

    I also own a BGE and  KJ.  I believe they are very comparable.  The KJ has a better gasket and a better temp gauge.  I think I like the KJ "platesetter" better because it is more versatile.  The BGE is ever so slightly taller in the firebox area, which I think I like a little better.  The BGE comes with the daisy wheel and raincap, KJ has a better daisy wheel cap (it won't flip all open when you lift the top) but no rain cap.  I can't tell a bit of difference in the food off of either one.  They both require a little experimenting.

    The KJ tries to sell you on "thicker ceramics" but I don't think it matters a bit, except maybe keeping the outside a touch cooler if you put your hand on it. 

    They are both good products IMO.  To me, the main difference is that the KJ comes with a gasket that will last a reasonable length of time and you may have lots of trouble with the gasket on the BGE.  My advice, whatever you get, is to calibrate your temp guage before you cook anything to make sure it is accurate. 

  • It seems to me that, the KJ would be a better buy than the BGE, especially after reading Volfo's post.  Why pay all that money for a BGE when everything is "better" on the KJ? Go there. I write it.
  • I think the thicker ceramic in the KJ will help more with winter time cooking. It should provide more insulation from freezing temps.
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  • VolfoVolfo Posts: 31

    Well, I'm not sure the KJ is "better."  I think they are very, very comparable.  I have had bad luck with my BGE original felt gasket and the felt replacement I got, but the "mothership" has been good in dealing with me about it.  I also didn't know I needed to calibrate my thermometer originally and had some things overcooked because of it, but that could happen with either of them or both.  My KJ temp gauge was accurate out of the box, but that was luck of the draw because I think it is adjustable also.  I say it is better because it is bigger and easier to read.  I should say it is more convenient to read, I'm not sure which one is more accurate / substantively better.  If you are going to replace your BGE gasket with a true high heat gasket and don't mind doing that, and both the BGE and the KJ need their thermometers calibrated I think, then the "advantages" of one over the other seem negligible.

    I didn't mean to "down" the egg.  In fact, I just "sold" someone on one who is buying one for her husband for Christmas.  When she asked me which she would get, I told her to get the BGE because as a gift he didn't know it was coming, nad he probably would have heard of the BGE and would appreciate it more and there was a danger he might not know the KJ and might feel like he was getting a "knock off" with the KJ. 

    I think somebody could legitimately prefer either the BGE or the KJ, and they are both good products, especially if you replace the gasket on the BGE.  But if one is half price, I would buy it without hesitation.  I haven't measured it, but there does appear to be a slightly more room / volume in teh BGE firebox for more charcoal than in the KJ, but I just did a 15 hour pork butt in the KJ and had charcoal left over, so I don't think it matters.

    I do like the daisy wheel on the KJ better than the BGE because it has a lock on it such that when you open the top, the daisy wheel doesn't rotate and you keep your exact settings.  But I miss not having the rain cap to snuff out the fire quickly when I'm done cooking, which the BGE has.  To me, the main difference is the gasket is better on the KJ and you can get the KJ with the shelves and nest for about the same price as the egg without the nest or shelves.

  • Volfo,  I found that the KJ snuff-out time was a little longer, but comparable to a BGE with the ceramic rain cap.  I think I also found that while the BGE firebowl was taller, the KJ bowl was a bit wider, so I considered it a wash as to capacity.
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  • SqueezySqueezy Posts: 1,101
    I had problems with BGE daisy wheel until I read about making sure it is rotated so that when you lift the dome the bolt is line with gravity and it will hold it's position.
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  • drbbqdrbbq Posts: 1,152
    Well it's unlikely you'll EVER find a real Big Green Egg at half price. Take that however you like :)
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    Dr. BBQ
  • Exactly Squeezy. I figured that out on Day 1 with my BGE. I thought that was common sense. Anyway, for me being "in the club" plus the brand recognition is well worth the price difference. But some folks don't let that bother them. I sort of do feel that it's time for a BGE product refresh. Primo, KJ and BigSteelKeg are all innovating. But the BGE is a killer product that's hard to top. 
  • JLNCJLNC Posts: 73
    Two minor things that made the difference for me -- the stainless grates and the "pre-cut" (not cracked) firebox, could both be considered innovative (though I guess other folks had stainless grates before).  Without these two fairly recent changes, I may have gone in a different direction with my purchase.  With that said, here are a few of the things that should be addressed:

    -Nest has those rubber pieces that melt the first time you get high heat. They have to know this-- it should be changed.
    -Stainless hardware.  Other companies have stainless bands and other hardware standard.  BGE could even offer it as an option--- I'd pay more for it.
    - Plate setter should be standard equipment.
    - Wood mates should come with an outdoor varnish. 
    - Better gasket.  If they send you a "high heat" Nomex replacement when yours fries, it should be standard equipment.  

    If there had been a Joe dealer in town, I might have also gone in another direction--- though my dealer turned out to be a real dud.   
  • Question for those who own the Kamado Joe - Do they have a lifetime warranty on the ceramics?
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  • Hillbilly-HightechHillbilly-Hightech Posts: 966
    edited November 2011
    20 year on ceramics.
    JLNC - thanks for the info. I think things like warranty, customer service, reputation, price, available accessories, available "help" (forums, videos, customer service #s, etc) should all be considered when choosing one vs the other.

    Personally, I don't think a person can go wrong w/ either in terms of the quality of cooking results, as they are both kamado-style cookers, which are arguably superior & more versatile to what is deemed more "traditional" in our culture (though, ironically, kamados have been around for a LOT longer than stainless steel grills).
    Don't get set into one form, adapt it and build your own, and let it grow, be like water. Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless — like water. Now you put water in a cup, it becomes the cup... Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend. - Bruce Lee
  • I have both BGE's and a Kamado Joe. The Kamado Joe was my original ceramic cooker. I like both brands, and probably use them in equal amounts since they are different sizes. I think one important consideration is the local dealer and in the area where I live (Birmingham, AL), my KJ dealer is about as good as they get. I have never gotten the attention, respect or appreciation from the local BGE dealer that I have from the KJ dealer. I know that is a local thing and doesn't speak to the product, but frankly, other than the gasket thing, I find that the cookers themselves are equally outstanding cookers. I like the nest design better on the KJ, but I'm moving my BGE to a table so that won't be an issue. I do think, based on pricing, that the KJ is a better VALUE, you can get the cooker in red (which I think is really attractive) or black (classic) and I like the plate setter/pizza stone design a little better on the KJ, but that is a personal preference. You can't go wrong with either, but if I were given the opportunity to purchase one of them, I would do the KJ. I'm not dissing the BGE - I enjoy and use mine a few times each week - but that is my personal preference.
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  • The BGE is a great cooker; The KJ has a better fit and finish. Besides that, there does not appear to be much of a difference between the two.
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  • ChokeOnSmokeChokeOnSmoke Posts: 1,697
    edited November 2011
    - Plate setter should be standard equipment.
    - Better gasket.  If they send you a "high heat" Nomex replacement when yours fries, it should be standard equipment.  

    Agreed.  These are the big two issues with the BGE in my mind.

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