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Too much effort to post a comment to a post

lousubcaplousubcap Posts: 8,159
edited August 2011 in EggHead Forum
Why is posting a comment so difficult-save a draft then recover to post after scrolling half way to China to find the post tab...
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  • LDDLDD Posts: 1,225
    context is important :)
  • geegee Posts: 71
    X2 HUH?
    Who cares I'll post where I want
  • SmokeyPittSmokeyPitt Posts: 7,860
    This belongs in forum feedback.  Maybe it is browser related, but the [Post Comment] button is just below the box where I am typing this.

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  • Ok, let's see what he's talking about.  There is now a save draft tab, so let's click on it.

    Yeah, I'm not sure what you are saying Lou.  I typed some text, clicked on save draft, then went of to another thread.  When I came back to this thread, the page was positioned at the top of the comment box with the saved text in the box.  The Post Comment button was right there.  I didn't do any scrolling.  What are we missing?
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  • Misippi EggerMisippi Egger Posts: 5,095
    I have the same problem he does when using my iPad. I start to type a comment, then the comment section turns yellowish and i am unable to type anything. I tap the screen again and it returns to a white screen, allowing me to resume typing but when finished I have this 2 page long white comment box and have to scroll down a long way to find the "Post Comment" button.  Frustrating.

    It doesn't do this on my lap top that I use when at home.

    Also impossible (on iPad) to delete a partially completed post when you decide not to post it. I have signed out, then back in and the partially typed comment is still there!  I have to backspace (delete) the whole thing one letter at a time!  Bummer...

    Tonight (on laptop) I spent several minutes composing a long descriptive post to the guy who was frustrated about his egg, clicked on "Post Comment" and it never appeared. Not a draft/ nothing - just vanished!  huh?
  • Ok, I was using a desktop, not a mobile device.  See, that mobile stuff is looney stuff. :)) Give me a tower anyday!
    The Naked Whiz
  • 4Runner4Runner Posts: 2,487
    Ok, I was using a desktop, not a mobile device.  See, that mobile stuff is looney stuff. :)) Give me a tower anyday!

    Maybe....but try carrying that tower outside with you and then lets talk.  :D

    I have a similar experience on the iPad.  I simply recycle the page and then it works.  Laptop/Desktop do not have this least, not for me.


    ME - can't you select the section you want to remove and then use the "cut" feature on the iPad?

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  • Egg JujuEgg Juju Posts: 658
    Maybe it's flash support related! :-))
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  • Misippi EggerMisippi Egger Posts: 5,095
    Couldn't get it to 'Select' at that point.
  • boston_stokerboston_stoker Posts: 794
    edited December 2011
  • SpoonSpoon Posts: 328
    I do most of my postinh here from my iPad and find it hit and miss. Sometimes I don/t have any problems and sometimes it gives me fits.

    I just want things consistant across all platforms. I can seebut can't use the toolbar on my iPad in mobile Safari, I don't have the toolbar at all on my HP computer at work using IE, and I can see and get full use of the toolbar on my Macbook Pro using Safari. Huh? What gives?
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  • I have the same problem with my desk top plus my scrolling is slow and jerky. To much trouble to post here. I keep watching for improvements here but they do not come. I have to close the forum window and come back in before I can get a reply to post. The software on this site is totally incompatible with my computer.
  • Hmm.... Mine seems to work OK...
  • Miss the "edit post" and "return to index" buttons, though.  Have to use the "back" button on my browser... or am I missing something?
  • 4Runner4Runner Posts: 2,487

    Edit is right next the "quote" for those posts that are yours.  Return to index all you need to do is click either "Back to Discussions" at the bottom of the screen or Egghead Forum in the upper right of any thread.


    I have no issues using IE9 on a Windows machine or Safari on my Mac.  Inconsistent on the iPad but it works there too.  Just not ideal. 

    Joe - I'm a reformed gasser-holic aka 4Runner Columbia, SC Wonderful BGE Resource Site: and  and
    What am I drinking now?   Woodford....neat
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