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How to reply to someone

Hillbilly-HightechHillbilly-Hightech Posts: 966
edited August 2011 in Forum List
I think some people are having anxiety over the loss of the "classic" view, where they could click "reply" to a specific person's post, and it would show up underneath that post (and indented).  While that allowed folks to quickly see who replied to whom, it also made a mess when there were a lot of replies (each reply would consequently indent further to the right).  I have seen some posts where the replies stretched all the way over to the far right side of the screen!! 

Anyway, in this new format, if you just type "@username" (without the quotes) and then type your reply - that is how many other forums & comment boards do their replies. 

In fact, if you highlight & then copy that person's username & then paste it into your response, it will actually "hyperlink" the name for you (you can click it & it will take you to their profile). 

For example, if I were to reply to myself by manually typing all or part of my username, I might do something like this:

@Hillbilly - blah, blah, blah...

But, if I were to reply to myself by copying my username, it would look like this:

@Hillbilly-Hightech - blah, blah, blah

So, I hope this helps!!!! :-)

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