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Bad News For Those Who Suffer With Asthma!


  • bitslammerbitslammer Posts: 818
    I have asthma. Primatene mist sucks anyway. There are far better and effective prescriptions that are actually cheaper and safer to use.

    It's the manufacturers fault for being slow in submitting their paperwork for their new formulation which uses a non CFC propellant. They should have seen this coming years ago. If the FDA did prod them they would have never made the change. Once this passes FDA certification it will be back on store shelves.

    Typical example of a news article picking & choosing their facts to make a poitical point.
  • RascalRascal Posts: 3,348
    I don't use it either, but I'm sure that there are many outside of your tiny sphere of existance who rely on it..
  • bitslammerbitslammer Posts: 818
    If people do rely on it then it's simple for them to get an Rx for a cheaper, safer more effective drug. No reason for anyone to have to suffer or to rely on it at all. Some of the people who use it may never have gone to see a Dr. which could mean they are using it in an adverse way.

    I fail to see the news here. Drugs get taken off the market all the time for various reasons. Now I have to sign my name 3 times and show ID for some simple pseudophedrine just because some meth heads abused it and the the government felt the need to play nanny and put it behind the counter.

    Has happened with administrations before, is happening with the one now and will continue to happen with all the rest. Nothing new or special.

    As for saying I have a tiny sphere of existence I don't know how you feel qualified to make that statement. I've traveled the world and have seen and learned enough to know not to get my "news" from some lopsided blog.
  • RascalRascal Posts: 3,348
    And laughter is still the best medicine!! 8 - )
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