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BGE Gasket, to replace or to ride the lightning?

Mud PigMud Pig Posts: 464
edited 10:36PM in EggHead Forum
Its been about 15 months since I got my XL BGE. My gasket burned off about a month after I started using my XL and I've never replaced it. I've done everything from 9 racks of ribs at a time, 30 pounds of pork butt, two briskets during a single low and slow cook with no ill affects. Everything came out beautifully. In fact, during my pork butt cook the butts went 16 hours and I had people over about 20 hours after I lit the charcoal, opened the vents and did some burgers for everyone without a problem.

Now sometimes I think I should replace it, but I can't imagine my BBQ coming out any better. I'm actually starting to get a reputation in the neighborhood as the house that if invited to a BBQ you most definitely want to come to it.

So I ask you Eggheads, why replace the gasket? Sincerely, convince me to do it, cause if I am missing something by not having one I certainly want to correct the issue.


  • NC-CDNNC-CDN Posts: 703
    I've been riding bare back for about 4 years now. Maybe 5. So far so good. I may put one on down the road. We shall see. I too have had no issues without it. I think I would gain a bit more efficiency with it though.
  • Mud PigMud Pig Posts: 464
    That's pretty much my take on it. Although, I have thought about possibly getting a rutland gasket since the nomex ones have issues, but I can't seem to find a place online that sells ones for the XL. Likewise, I not 100% sure I want a fiberglass gasket near my food.
  • RGBHVRGBHV Posts: 1,317
    Commando on two eggs for several years now. Even bought replacement gaskets and never quite got around to replacing them.

  • The gasket on my large has been gone for at least a few years with no ill effect. I've been meaning to readjust the dome a bit to tighten the fit, but it works fine in the meantime. I wouldn't waste the time or money myself.

  • Grandpas GrubGrandpas Grub Posts: 14,226
    Not sure why you are wanting convincing...

    It has been well documented by post after post that many forum members do not have or want to use a gasket.

    My 2¢ is that with an XL the dome is heavy and a gasket 'may' help any potential chipping if the dome closes hard. With the mini the hinge is a folding type hinge and the dome does slam shut, again, the gasket 'may' help those occasional hard closes.

    A gasket will help keep the smoke in the egg and exit out the dome which may or may not be of benefit.


    A gasket may help is closing quenching the lump burn quicker. On a mini that isn't all that important as there is usually only a cup or two of lump. On an XL fully loaded I would guess that could be some savings.

    To gasket or not is a combination of personal preference and frustration with BGE not having the ability or willingness to come up with an adhesive that actually doesn't fail with sustained higher temperatures. Nevertheless, the adhesive frustration is a topic that will most likely never be resolved (by BGE anyway).

    I choose to gasket.

  • Grandpas GrubGrandpas Grub Posts: 14,226
    Commando ?????

  • RGBHVRGBHV Posts: 1,317
    My eggs like being naked - commando. (Something about feeling free.) Ha ha!

    The biggest challenge is projecting how much lump to use as I tend (in the shut down process) to burn more lump without gaskets.

  • RRPRRP Posts: 16,412
    I agree - and I wish I could go without a gasket on my large, but the dome is wavy and so is the base BUT the waves don't match! I HAVE to have a gasket!
    Dunlap, IL
  • RRPRRP Posts: 16,412
    you can always buy the gasket from someone who buys it in bulk reels and sells what length is needed...just an idea... ;)
    Dunlap, IL
  • dubahdubah Posts: 60
    In our house "going commando" means no undergarments. Our 13 yr old son says it all the time.
  • Bear 007Bear 007 Posts: 343
    If its working good and you don't think your going to drop the top don't sweat it. I just put silicone around mine this weekend.


  • Mud PigMud Pig Posts: 464
    I do have to say that it is pretty lame that BGE can't come up with a gasket that is better quality. I know some will argue that with the right use it will last a long time, but I did wait a month before I did a high temp cook. I did my best to season it with several lower temp cooks. First time i did a pizza my gasket burnt itself to a crisp. All I could think of was wow, I spent $1000 for a piece of junk. Got over that pretty quick since I figured out I didn't really need one. Still, considering the price of a BGE you'd think it would come with a gasket that works well.

    Its like buying a brand new sports car with bald tires on it. They can be replaced, but really, I mean really, come on mothership.
  • Grandpas GrubGrandpas Grub Posts: 14,226
    I was wondering if a different cooker brand...

    It is real speculation about the shut down usage with or without a gasket.

    My mini was getting a lot of creosote and grease on the inside so I loaded it heavy, I have to laugh when I say that as I doubt I could get in more than 3 or 4 cups of lump in there. Anyway loaded it as much as possible and got it going. The gasket is sealed 360°.

  • Grandpas GrubGrandpas Grub Posts: 14,226
    Those waves in the surface if not done by grinding are (or were) a warranty replacement issue. Personal experience.

  • RRPRRP Posts: 16,412
    I know that now Kent, but I've put up with the problem for 11 years and since gaskets take care of it I have let it go - I say let it go, but every time I read people saying their edges are perfect I bite my tongue for a while but finally blurt out since I'm dead positive I'm not the only egger in this world with wavy planes!
    Dunlap, IL
  • Grandpas GrubGrandpas Grub Posts: 14,226
    "Seasoning" the gasket/adhesive doesn't do much. I ran a test on my large with regard to seasoning the gasket. I kept the cooks below 400° dome and the lump level well below the gasket area for 40 cooks. The first cook I took to 600° the adhesive melted and then the gasket failed. I put another felt gasket on and bought a Adjustable Rib and Spider from tjv, now ceramic grill store. From that point in I have never had to take the large much above 450° dome for any cook other than pizza.

    I too had to get over the poor adhesive issue with BGE gaskets. My mini has has hundreds of cooks on it. Last night I decided to do a clean burn and the gasket had melted and the dome/base is sealed 360°.

  • Grandpas GrubGrandpas Grub Posts: 14,226
    I understand and the gaskets for the most part do cover up those flaws.

    back in '07 I talked with John at BGE and was told the factory has 'something' they use to true the base and dome for a 'perfect fit'. I was told the tolerance was in a thousandth of an inch. It was suggested I get a piece of glass to lay over the surfaces to check the 'wave(s)'. I had such big gaps that didn't using the glass was not needed.

    Without gaskets my egg had 1/4" gap (wave) in several places between base/dome. First the dome was replaced then the base was replaced.

    I have worked with smaller pieces of ceramics and porcelain. The truing of the surfaces before firing or after firing would be a tough task.

    In the real world I have to agree with you.

    On your wavy egg are you using rutland on the base only?

  • Bear 007Bear 007 Posts: 343
    Your not the only one, on my small I had to rotate the top so I could take care of the overbite, and my large is not perfectly flat either. I am kinda fussy though.
  • 2Fategghead2Fategghead Posts: 9,623
    He didn't bite. :ohmy:
  • My gasket burned off a few months ago, and although it seems to be working fine w/out it, eventually (and I stress the word "EVENTUALLY") I'll get around to replacing it - reason being, I have WAAAAY too many other "honey-do's" on the list right now to worry about it. :blush:

    It seems to work pretty well as is - I did notice that sometimes a bit of smoke escapes out of the "seam" between the dome & base when closed, but it has never really kept the Egg from getting up to the temps I want, nor has it kept the Egg from shutting down when I'm done w/ it. :)

    I used to be very meticulous & precise w/ everything about the Egg (cooking times, temps, everything had to be cleaned & "perfect") - that is, till I realized it took WAAAAYYY too much time & effort, and it didn't seem to make that much of a difference anyway.

    For me, it's more of a "warm & fuzzy" to have a gasket, so yes, EVENTUALLY I'll put one back on. :lol:
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  • golfguygolfguy Posts: 105
    On a previous thread, I saw sells upgrades of the fire grate and gasket for BGE. Naked Whiz did a review of the grate and said it was a good product. At first glance, it looks like this gasket could prove to be more durable. Has anyone tried this gasket before?? Heat Grill Gaskets
  • fasteddiemfasteddiem Posts: 212
    If you want a rutland for an XL contact eggheadforum member RRP... He sells all lengths of Rutland. I just purchased and installed today in a couple of hours...very easy!
  • 2Fategghead2Fategghead Posts: 9,623
    Rut Row! :ohmy:

    Need a reciprocating saw? :ermm:
  • I am riding commando with my large but have difficulty holding stable temps. With a gasket, I could count on my egg 100% to be stable. Now I get a temp swing that I don't like.

    I have never needed a stoker or equivalent but now it's put a new gasket on or get a stoker.....duh!

    New gasket it is. Im thinking just one though.

    Large BGE, Santa Maria Pit, Hasty-Bake Gourmet, MAK One Star Pellet Pooper,  26" Weber, 22" Weber Performer.  Most have custom handles made by me.

    "Just living from one cook to the next"

  • like most of the people have kind of mentioned already, the main benefits of the gasket are the cushioning, and the more air tight seal between the dome and the base. This holds in more of your smoke, which as stated earlier may or may not be a good thing, depending on your affinity for smoke flavor.
    The lack of air tight seal would also cause your lump to burn longer when shutting down.
    Also, more air would be able to enter during cooks, which could make things more difficult to do low and slow cooks, and dry your food out more with the increased air. Not sure how significant this would be probably depends on each egg and how big the gap is without the gasket.
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