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Egg Temp Guage and ET-732 temps way off!

Buckeye FanBuckeye Fan Posts: 50
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What is with the huge difference in temperature! I am using my new ET-732 for the first time. I started my first brisket at 5 am this morning. Now the Egg Gauge says it is a perfect 250 degrees but the Maverick says the temp is 322 degrees! I do have the grill probe attached to the grate with the clip that came with the Maverick could that be the difference? No I did not boil test my egg gauge maybe I should have done that already.


  • SmokeyPittSmokeyPitt Posts: 4,092
    I would boil some water and give both probes a quick check. Are you using the plate setter? If so, make sure the probe is not hanging out over the plate setter. Usually it is a lower temp at the grate, but if you lump level is high then it can be higher. Once I had a situation where my grate temp was much higher at first and I think it is because I used fire starters and set the plate setter on. The starters made a pretty high flame so the plate setter was getting licked by flames for 10 minutes or so. I think it heated up and held on to that heat for a while. Eventually my dome temp went higher than my grate temp.

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  • I don't know why but now the ET-732 is reading about 270 degrees which is a about 20 degrees higher than the egg temp gauge. All I did was open the egg and moved the meat probe to a different part of the brisket. The temp dropped when I opened the lid when it came back to 250 degrees the Maverick is now at 270 degrees. Oh well I guess all is well. What I don't get is the meat temp probe says the brisket flat is 158 and it's only been on for 3 hours? Is the plateau temp of 160 or so gonna sit there for 5 hours ? The flat is 6.5 pounds.
  • tacodawgtacodawg Posts: 335
    I would suggest that after your cook you check the temp ob the egg gauge. Mine was off when new. I think the maverick reads much faster and depending on where you place it, on the grill or down the top it will read different. All you are looking for is a consistent temp. Trust the maverick for now. But calibrate soon.
  • PjoePjoe Posts: 221
    I had the same issue with my 732 last weekend. I finally noticed that the grate probe was over one of the openings at the edge of the plate setter. I moved it more to middle so it was shielded from the direct heat and it settled in about 25 degrees from the dome temp. I had checked them both in boiling water because this was the first cook with 732.

    Good luck with it.

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