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You guys were right about ABTs...

CrazyHarryCrazyHarry Posts: 112
edited 7:22PM in EggHead Forum
I was really intrigued to try these until I found out that "ABT" stands for "Atomic Buffalo Turd". Then I read a few recipes and I remained pretty skeptical. Jalapenos, Little Smokies, cream cheese and bacon? Hmmm...

I told my wife about them and her reaction was "meh". But long story shorter I decided to make some anyway. Started my Egg at about 400, which was too hot, and I forgot to put down a drip pan so the bacon was melting directly onto the coals, causing a fair amount of white smoke that didn't smell too good.

After about 30 minutes on the grill I pulled them and let them sit for a bit to cool down. My plan was to take one bite and throw the batch out if they tasted bad -- but they were awesome!

My wife tried one and then announced: "Okay, I'm going to need more of these." A few minutes later she confirmed her earlier assessment, "Wow, these are so good!"

I assume everyone knows about ABTs but there are a lot of new Eggers on the forum, so here's the recipe:

ABT (Atomic Buffalo Turd)
- 2 large jalapenos
- some cream cheese (I used a garlic and herb cheese)
- 4 strips of cheap, thin bacon
- 4 Little Smokies (or some smoked sausage)

1. Chop the ends off the jalapenos and cut them in half lengthwise.

2. Remove all the seeds and membrane.

3. Fill the jalapenos with cream cheese and put a Little Smoky on top.

4. Wrap the stuffed jalapenos with a strip of bacon, covering the entire thing.

5. Put down a pie tin or some foil to catch the grease from the bacon.

6. Get your Egg up to about 350 and cook for roughly 30 minutes. (The bacon should be crispy.)

It's amazing how the flavors all meld together. It was smoky, crunchy, and at the end there was a little heat. (But it's not bad. My wife doesn't really like spicy food and as I said she loved these.)


  • tacodawgtacodawg Posts: 335
    I did some of these the other day for an appetizer before ribs. I used some left over pulled pork. A new Mexican market just opened up about 10 minutes from my house. I bought some fresh cheriso and 20 peppers. Some of these peppers were almost 4 inches long. Stufffed with cream cheese and pulled pork and cheriso, wrapped in bacon.. They were the bomb.. good stuff.
  • I made ABTs for years using shrimp before I knew they were called ABTs. You can get creative with ABTs and have a little fun with them. Put your favorite rub on the philly cheese or mix it in the philly cheese and then dust the bacon with the rub.

    With tamales

    With shrimp

    With pineapple and pulled pork

    With just the cream cheese and bacon - one of my bride's favorites

    Using red japs


    Grilled chicken breast and peach

    Pulled pork and nectarine

    Andoille and red japs

    Always a crowd pleaser
  • Misippi EggerMisippi Egger Posts: 5,095
    Way to go, Crazy Harry. Glad you gave it a try!

    I have also used duck breast, dove meat, pulled pork, etc. The list is endless.

    Have fun with it! Hey, if the lady approves, you're more than halfway there :woohoo:
  • MCRMCR Posts: 270
    Nice Posts!
  • Photo EggPhoto Egg Posts: 4,493
    Like a photo walk down ABT memory lane.
    Always a crowd pleaser.
    Thank you,

    Galveston Texas
  • BB1857BB1857 Posts: 131
    I concur here. I had tried stuffed poppers with zero success then I tried the traditional ABT this past weekend. Just used cream cheese with some Monterey Jack cubes and mixed into the cream cheese then wrapped with bacon. WOW they cam out awesome. Now looking forward to doing more and getting even more creative.
  • GriffinGriffin Posts: 7,308
    And you can even use different peppers. Here's some I did using Anaheim peppers


    I've got a bunch of habaneros that are about ready to be picked, wonder how those would taste? :evil:

    Richardson, Texas

    Griffin's Grub or you can find me on Facebook

    The Supreme Potentate, Sovereign Commander and Sultan of Wings


  • I call them jalepeno poppers. Frank sure has a great variety of ideas. I like the sweet component he uses - it goes great with the heat of the jalapeno. Leave some seeds in if you want to kick up the spice.
  • jimi1234jimi1234 Posts: 98
    I have noticed a lot of pics using half peppers for their ABTs. I have been using the whole pepper and find them pretty hot (even with all the seeds and membrane removed).

    I think I might try to halve them next time.
  • Spring ChickenSpring Chicken Posts: 9,776
    ABT's have been a favorite around the Chicken Ranch for years. We tried different concoctions and set-ups but finally came back to the original method: Little Smokey's, cream cheese, jalapenos halved and cleaned, etc.

    But we modified that method somewhat by freezing the Little Smokey's. Yes, they are already cooked and only need to be heated. But being frozen they will keep the cream cheese from oozing out while the bacon cooks.

    We also prefer thin sliced bacon on the smaller ABT's because thick sliced tends to overwhelm the flavors or the other ingredients. Balance of flavors is the key here.

    Finally, we use two toothpicks (sometimes three) when preparing the ABT. When finished cooking all we have to do is slice between the toothpicks thereby making a bite-size piece. It saves cream cheese from squirting out all over the place while trying to take a bite from a whole ABT.


    No doubt about it, ABT's are one of the best ideas to come along in a very long time.

    Spring "Another Idea Who's Time Has Come" Chicken
    Spring Texas USA
  • meat03manmeat03man Posts: 83
    I had been curious about the whole abt thing but never got around to finding out what they really were. But now that you all show what they are and how to make them I think I will have to whip some up tonight.
  • Wilco76Wilco76 Posts: 18
    Do you put the pie tin or foil directly on your lump or is it an indirect setup? They look great. Gonna try some soon.
  • field handfield hand Posts: 420
    I cook them raised direct at about 375* until the bacon is done and the peppers looked a little burnt (personal preference). Usually turn them once/twice during the cook.

    Marthasville, MO
  • horsefleshhorseflesh Posts: 204
    The Little Smokie filling isn't bad but someone in another thread said 'chorizo' and I never looked back. Now I mix chorizo and queso fresco for the filling. The exact proportions aren't important, just decide if you want 'em more meaty or more cheesy.

    I have put cotija cheese in there too but honestly among all the other ingredients I am not sure it's noticeable enough to keep doing that.
  • Woody69Woody69 Posts: 360
    Good tips. I'll have to try the freezing tip. B)
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