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OT - tough day to be son of mad max

mad max beyond eggdomemad max beyond eggdome Posts: 8,133
edited 9:51PM in EggHead Forum
well, just got back from 3 hours in the ER with young sam. .. he was playing basketball in PE just before noon, went up for a shot, got hacked, and fell down on his wrist... .long story short, broke a bone in his right wrist. ..he has a temporary splint on, wrapped up past his elbow.... poor little guy is really upset that his basketball season is over now, and he's worried about writing in school. ...[p]i told him, "the heck with all that, you're a right hander... you're gonna have to figure out how to hold your weenie with your left hand when you peee". he's REALLY concerned....i think the rest of us are gonna have to wear our shoes in the bathroom for a couple of weeks....


  • Bobby-QBobby-Q Posts: 1,993
    mad max beyond eggdome,
    Sorry he's in pain. I'm also sorry he hurt his wrist.[p]One day he'll be big enough (in this case a big enough smart ass like his old man, and he'll jab back)[p]lol

  • YazooYazoo Posts: 145
    mad max beyond eggdome,[p]#1 is the easy one. Doing left handed is the hard part.
  • Yazoo,
    LOL, i didn't even mention this to the lad yet. . .i figured i'd wait for him to discover that problem all on his own. ..

  • mad max beyond eggdome,
    Hope Sam is alright, that is a shame. What does the floor look like? lol[p]I thought about you and Sam today when they cancelled the hockey season, didn't you guys have tics?[p]Spawn better watch out if gets a cast those things can hurt. [p]Mike

  • Car Wash Mike,
    thanks, he'll be OK. ..its throbbing right now.. he is propped up on the couch and has an ice bag on it. .. he'll be milking this for all its worth. ..worse than getting hurt by a cast, spawn will be mad that she has to pick up a few of his chores for a couple of days at least. . . .and yep, we are all mourning the finality of the loss of hockey as well today, although we fully expected it. ...grrrrr . .. [p]just another bump in the road of life. . ..

  • Chef WilChef Wil Posts: 702
    mad max beyond eggdome,
    hope everything works out. My football son torn his shoulder in a minor auto accident, had surgery and still isn't healing. He went from lifting 400 pounds to trying to pick up a 3 lb weight for therapy, go figure. Glad he was wearing his seatbelt but pissed that its the seatbelt that caused the tear...sometimes I just gotta wonder.........LOL
    Tell your son he will do fine in school, DAD can help him right his book reports.

  • Chef Wil,
    thanks. . ..yep, i'll hold his pencil for him. . .not so sure about holding "other things" . .LOL . ..he'll be ok . .

  • mad max beyond eggdome,[p]
    So he'll pee like a stranger for a that that how it goes..yep..I think that's it...[p]StumpBaby

  • PakakPakak Posts: 523
    I found quite a bit of humor in my exwife breaking both wrists, attempting to learn to snowboard. Oh, not that she broke her wrists, I wouldn't wish that on anyone. BUT, it was funny she enlisted our daughter to help her with the "paper work" for some time. My daughter is scarred life, I'm sure.
  • mad max beyond eggdome,
    Mad Max, I am sorry to hear about Mini Max. I broke my right wrist a few years back and learing how to do paperwork and shave with my left hand was a trip. Hope he gets better real soon.

    Everyday is Saturday and tomorrow is always Sunday.
  • mad max beyond eggdome,
    Please tell young Sam I can relate. Last June one week before I was to go on a Carribbean Cruise I took a charge playing basketball which was a mistake for 2 reasons:[p]1.) I was 42 years old at the time( much too old to take a charge)
    2.) The "Charger" was 25 lbs heavier and 3 inches taller.[p]I fell backwards broke radius bone in multiple pieces in right arm. A cast makes it hard to scuba etc... Didnt hurt my on ship gambling however and the Maitre-D actually cut my food up for me at dinner.........[p]CP

  • DaddyoDaddyo Posts: 209
    mad max beyond eggdome,
    Make him practice for six weeks with his left hand. Dribbling. Shooting. Everything. I had a friend that had the same experience when he was young and he learned to use his left hand better than anyone else in our crowd.[p]

  • Daddyo,
    great piece of advice. . .an 11 year old who can dribble in both directions is a valuable asset. .. i just told sam, and that made him feel a little better about things. ...[p]thanks

  • WooDoggiesWooDoggies Posts: 2,390
    Yeeesh.[p]My best to Sam...... and his aim.[p]John

  • WooDoggies,
    thanks woo. . .you know, becoming ambidexterous may have its benefits in the long run. ..heeeee . .

  • mad max beyond eggdome,
    He can always challenge another kid to play checkers or some other board game left handed. Some kid will bite. LOL[p]Mike

  • Car Wash Mike,
    LOL. . .my dad just called and said "how about if we bring him over a new game boy game?". . .and i said "huh?? he can't use his right hand. ..that would be more like a punishment". . ..[p]not to worry though, he has already mastered the tv remote with his left hand. ..

  • i thought this was a bbq forum !!![p]reg
  • Mark BackerMark Backer Posts: 1,018
    reg,[p]it says OT. If you don't want to read non-bbq articles, then might I recommend you NOT click on posts that say OT in the subject line.
  • reg,
    of course it is, but sometimes folks post just to tell a little tale, look for a little moral support, etc. ..sam enjoyed hearing that folks out there were concerned with his well being and to have a little laugh at the same time.. . .[p]that's why it said OT.. .

  • Mark, sometime back i remember one of the posters saying he thought he missed some valuable information because there are so many OT posts. i know there are archives but the point still remains that this is suppose to be a bbq board not a place for everyday chitty chatter.[p]there are a few of you guys that should get a board going for yourselves, maybe something like " AS MY WORLD TURNS " information board and save the space here for bbq related discussions.[p]just a thought but it seems to make sense to me[p]reg

  • Mark BackerMark Backer Posts: 1,018
    reg,[p]Maybe we should change the subjects of OT threads to [p]OT *** Reg DON'T READ THIS!![p]You may have picked a bad day for this, reg.
  • " You may have picked a bad day for this, reg. "[p]Mark, is it that time of the month for you ?[p]reg[p]

  • Mark BackerMark Backer Posts: 1,018
    reg,[p]Nice reg. And you have a right to complain about anyone else.[p]
  • Mark, just showing you how this looks on a BBQ board[p]have a good one[p]reg

  • JamesJames Posts: 232
    mad max beyond eggdome,[p]I'm right handed, and I ALWAYS "hold my weenie" with my left hand... (when peeing)[p][p]
  • Mark BackerMark Backer Posts: 1,018
    reg,[p]I'd be happy to discuss this further off the board by way of email...[p]Oh, that's right. You don't post with an email address.[p]It's what I get for playing with trolls....
  • hey meathead look up a little further you will see my email address is attached. obviously the grill marks on your brain are affecting you judgement. if i was a troll i would have set the hook long ago.[p]reg [p]
  • BBQfan1BBQfan1 Posts: 562
    Mark Backer,
    If you check Reg's first post in this heading, it is, indeed, clickable and that IS his actually email address that pops up. You see, I know that because Reg is a friend of mine, a very knowledgeable bbq man who can tell you much about barbecuing, brining, curing, sausage making and all sorts of stuff that he'd probably love to share here. That is, if it weren't for the fact that the post that he took an hour and a half to peck out with his big ole French-Canadian fingers wasn't instantly lost amid the flurry of superfluous flotsam and jetsam that 'certain' posters seem to think is funny/relevent/inside-joke/jocular/mildy amusing or simple alcohol-induced blabber. Yes, there is a huge social element to this forum and the BGE owner forum is a big 'family' melting pot, but the essence of this place has to be on the use of the cooker, the recipes, and the information pertaining to barbecue.
    Mark, there is indeed room here for the fat, gristle and meat of everyday life, but if the 'backbone' of the forum is lost, there's no framework or support to keep it a true 'bbq forum' and guys who can supply 'the goods' like Reg, drbbq, Old Dave, Dr Chicken, etc, well, they are gone and you are just left with the hollow sound of your own inane laughter and a crusty grill.
    Do you get it? Do you? Really?
    Qfan (who posts here less and less, for better or worse)

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