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Pastrami Information

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Morning Eggers,[p]This two part note will have some information on how I do this wonderful treat. I have pastramied meat for many years and this is just some ideas that have worked for me over the years. While I won't give out my exact recipe as I use it in competition, I sure hope this will give you some ideas of how to improve your meat. My recipe has won a taste test against the two most well known deli's in NYC and I am proud of this. [p]Pastrami is a verb!!! In the US, when folks talk about pastrami, they usually mean brisket although it is a method and has nothing to do with the meat. Worldwide, there is probably more poultry or game pastramied over beef. This method of preserving meat has been around for several hundred years. There are many methods of doing this and I really love this treat and have done it with many different meats but I usually like it better with some type of beef. While I don't prefer brisket, I will give you information on this meat as this is what I think most folks use for this treat. [p]Great pastramied beef in my opinion must start with the corning process as it should be prepared much different than corned beef. Think GARLIC!!!!! Garlic used in your corning process makes this meat so much better as after you smoke it, you want this taste left in your meat. Again, think Garlic!!! If you don't like garlic, eat a burger. I do my pastramied meat is several steps and will include some pictures. [p]06MVC-013E.jpg[p]The above picture shows some of the spices I use for the corning process if I plan to smoke it for beef pastrami. Again, think GARLIC. [p]6MVC-014E.jpg[p]This picture shows my brine along with the heavy first rub I use for this treat. The brine is injected and the rub is put on real heavy as I feel pastramied meat needs a corned product that is prepared for the pastramid meat. Again, think Garlic![p]6MVC-015E.jpg[p]This picture shows the injection process with the meat. It is always best in my opinion to use smaller pieces of meat for this process. I usually never pastrami any chunk of meat over about 3 pounds. Again, think garlic!![p]6MVC-016E.jpg[p]This picture shows my lady packing on the first rub after the meat has been injected. We always put tons of fresh garlic on the meat before the rub, and this first rub is also put on very heavy. I am not sure I mentioned this but think garlic. [p]6MVC-017E.jpg[p]This picture shows the meat ready to go into the fridge for the corning process. I like to use a food saver for this as I am not only corning but marinading at the same time for smoking for my pastramied meat. Works well for my recipe. [p]Part two coming,[p]Dave [p][p]


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