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Meat right out of the package???



  • dhuffjrdhuffjr Posts: 3,182
    Not when your injecting through the cryovac. Never done it but I hear people talking about it.
  • dhuffjrdhuffjr Posts: 3,182
    I do to wash off any blood and bone residue if present. I also do not use mustard for things like ribs or butts. I find that washing the meat off and the water left on gives plenty of moisture for the rub to adhere to.
  • rockytopscrockytopsc Posts: 856
    I'll try to answer but she's out of town w/ the rest of the Food Policia at some meeting.

    We don't wash meat unless I drop it on the ground or something. But like others have said its more of personal thing and not making it bacteria free.

    She gets more concerned w/ the TV shows not washing hands or washing for a few seconds.
  • vidalia1vidalia1 Posts: 7,081
    So not only do you drop platesetters you also drop meat...I definitely have to keep my eye on you... ;) :P :woohoo: :lol:
  • rockytopscrockytopsc Posts: 856
    i don't drop platesetters but have been known to kick one over. :lol:
  • elzbthelzbth Posts: 2,075
    I absolutely, ALWAYS rinse chicken, pork, beef cuts, fish, shrimp - but I don't rinse sausage or weiners. (I might start rinsing them too after reading this thread - I just never thought about it). I am quite particular about this - and really it doesn't matter what I'm rinsing. I have a process to turn on the water, open the package and place waste into a waiting sack, rinse the meat and place in colander. My contaminated hands never touch handles until I'm finished. Even then I wipe down everything with a clorox solution. My husband gripes - I don't care. I still do it. I work in a hospital and get in-serviced often on how to wash my hands (imagine at 53 someone has to tell me how to wash my hands). I know there is risk of contamination from splashes, etc., but feel pretty safe as I know when it's over I've done my best to sanitize my sink and countertops. I'm really not crazy, I promise!!!! :woohoo: :laugh: :silly:
  • BigABigA Posts: 1,157
    Good question, i rinse poultry, mainly to get the crud out of the cavaity, i rinse my fresh fish i catch, i dont rinse and beef or pork.
  • BENTEBENTE Posts: 8,337
    just remember ninja skills ;)

    happy eggin


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  • davehempdavehemp Posts: 109
    I rinse my chicken for dry rub, but don't for brine or wet only un-breakable rule is always expose to fire... :laugh: :cheer:
  • Egg JujuEgg Juju Posts: 657
    It always sort of surprises me when these types of posts get the variety of responses they do. Personally... If I was worried about the "need" to wash the meat I would find a different source. I doubt that a cold water rinse has much effect on the bacteria level of any meat surface. Second... Jacque Pepin said he never rinsed chicken because if there was something on that bird that could survive a 400 degree oven it deserved a shot at him. I couldn't agree more. :)

    I buy air chilled chicken to start with, but I will allow it to dry in the fridge for a bit after I take it from the package if I want crispy skin. Otherwise I have rinsed and not rinsed and found little difference.

    Hope that helps...
    Large and Small BGE *
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