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Hey Stike !!

StumpBabyStumpBaby Posts: 55
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Seems like some folks got their panties in a wad bout somethin what you done rote. I aint even findin what you done what was so bad but so b it. I no this. Some peeple aint got nuttin to do but wate for things what they can git all mad bout an whatnot. let them spout out what they wanna. I do know this..these folks is in the miinority...oh and they prolly have tiny weiners too. Not that there's anything rong with that...mostly cuz they prolly have tiny hands and tiny sticks of butta two.

I worked with a folks what was like couldn't say nuttin what was funny lest they fine somethin rong with it and get there undies wet by gettin you in trubbble. Won time we all of us at work all done ordered chinese food for lunch..and there was one women what ordered that wonton soup...we all ate our foods an whatnot and we wuz all readin our fortune cookies at the end.and somewon.. done asked my what mine said and I said this..
" Mine says, I pissed in the wonton soup"

there was 15 folks there...not countin me..and 14 of them laffed until they stopped...the 15th won walked away...and complained to his manager and got me in trubble for usin the word pissed...

The manager what had to tell me was laffin when he done it but he hadda tell me nohow.

I could care less ...folks what can't laff at shit can stay home with their x-rated movies and stacks of cheese curls turnin their hoohah brite orange..

folks what are like that will get to their lass days and wonder why it is they spent so much time being mad at the world, stead of livin an laffin and pissin in soup. Heck with them.

Me..I spend every single damned day of mine life in really god awful eggscrutiatin pain like you read aboout..had both hips replaced, doing my knees soon hopefully, and after that every single joint in mine body will still hurt cept for my new metal ones. I still go to work every single weekday, the fuzzy little misses stump brings me there and back every day since I can't drive no more.

I could stay home an look at mine x-rays and all mine MRI's and cry woa's me bout mine bones and bone joints what are dead or dyin..or I could just be glad mine weiner was already boneless and move on in life

Am I mad an I sit round bein angry at every folk what says somethin I don't is too short..heck last year I went to the zipline in the white mountains, full dubble armcruthes an everything..hurt liek hell an I paid for it for a full week after it was done..nbut it was funna then i did it with my daughter and a bunch of my brothers, neices and nephews in whatnot...i prolly did some kinda damage what will need some fixin..don't really movin and thats fine with me...let them pick the pieces up behine me an rty to slap em back on...

can't post nearly much as I want to..typin hhurts like you cannot believe..haven't cooked in a long time on accounta i have a god-awful time carryin stuff out to the smoker, liftin the lid..and carryin it all back in. i still do it sometimes least ...when the weather is fine. I can't stan the cole though it makes my bones hurt pretty bad...takes me two hours to get up in the morning and get my hands and feet to move enough so's i can go to work and function..sorta gottta pick my battles i spose...

Gotta go ...get heat on my fingers afore they freeze up on me for the night....too early for that...

keep at it Stike...funny as all get out...



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